OMT Releases Imediatouch v3

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OMT Releases Imediatouch v3

Feb 26, 2008 3:14 PM

Winnipeg, MB - Feb 26, 2008 - OMT Technologies has unveiled the fifth generation release of Imediatouch, which includes 20 new features and user interface enhancements for touchscreen and drag 'n drop functionality. Some of the new On-Air v3 features include:

  • Audio backup at the tertiary level (operate off local hard drive or redundant server) with complete restoration of all configuration settings and database entries;
  • Sports broadcast affiliates can be fully automated in one daily log;
  • Automated hooks builder airs "coming up next" front sells and promos;
  • Cart-style screen display with static cart decks are user selectable within the on-air module;
  • User selectable, enhanced phone bit recorder and waveform editing features are shown within the on-air screen;
  • On-air screen audio library display allows for file drag 'n drop feature into the main on-air log;
  • Can Con feature (for Canadian broadcasters) automatically displays a play percentage of all Canadian content or emerging artists for CRTC requirements;
  • Enhanced dual LCD monitor on-air capability is provided for showlog hot buttons, audio library, copy on screen, production and on-air voice tracking with a second LCD monitor.