OMT Technologies Releases iMediaTouch Radio Automation Version 4.2

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OMT Technologies Releases iMediaTouch Radio Automation Version 4.2

Apr 4, 2011 3:16 PM

Winnipeg, MB - Apr 4, 2011 - OMT Inc. (TSXV: OMT): OMT Technologies has released iMediaTouch version 4.2 for Windows 7 and XP Pro. The iV4.2 release includes technology advancements and client feedback requests.

In addition to support of 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, the iMediaTouch V4.2 release has several feature enhancements. iMediaTouch OnAir now provides quick links to a variety of social networking sites, auto ducking for Liner EOM adjust, and a new audio library screen added to the blade section. Other feature additions include a new quick access library view in Log tools, Info and Backsell tabs with social networking links added to Voice Tracking, and a Show Profiles feature for iMediaImport that allows fully automated ingest of Internet-delivered show content.

OMT has also introduced new features in its iMediaArchive product designed for large radio groups and NPR stations looking to house very large SQL based audio libraries. iMediaArchive provides browser-based enhanced customizable Boolean search capabilities within the database supporting such fields as composer(s), soloist(s), conductor(s), chorus, master genre and so on. iMediaTouchArchive users can now access audio content from within the iMediaArchive library screen and insert the files right into the MediaTouch OnAir log. Users can also create, edit, delete and save play lists within iMediaArchive and then insert those play lists to any position in the iMediaTouch OnAir log.