Optima EPS Acquires Stantron, APW Mayville

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Optima EPS Acquires Stantron, APW Mayville

Mar 23, 2012 10:18 AM

Lawrenceville, GA - Mar 2012 - Elma has expanded its Optima EPS operations with the acquisition of Stantron broadcast cabinets and APW Mayville datacenter cabinets.

Optima EPS manufactures cabinets, desktop/wallmount enclosures, rackmount chassis,consoles/desks and specialty instrument carts. Stantron, including Pioneer cabinets, provides specialized enclosures for audio and video equipment, cables and servers for television, radio and other broadcast production. APW Mayville provides a variety of datacenter racks and enclosures including the 19" NexServ cabinets.

Current Stantron and APW Mayville customers won't notice an interruption of service or support while Elma assumes responsibility. New customers will get an opportunity to choose from an expanded line of choices as Optima EPS, Stantron and APW Mayville products are combined.