Orban Releases 8400 v.1.0

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Orban Releases 8400 v.1.0

Aug 3, 2001 12:00 PM, BE Radio

San Leandro, CA - Aug 1, 2001 - Version 1.0 software for the 8400 is now available for free download at Orban's FTP site at ftp://ftp.orban.com/8400. Download only the updater called "Setup8400_1-0_update.exe". This contains everything 8400 owners will need including the new software for the 8400, Adobe Acrobat PDF documentation and installation software for remote control of 8400 via PC (8400PC).

The file is 4MB. To install the update, download the updater, run it on a Windows98 or Windows2000 PC, and then read the PDF manual. The installer will create a shortcut to the documentation in in Start\Orban\Optimod 8400.

Among other things, v.1.0 adds PC remote software, clock-based automation, minimum-delay presets and DSP improvements.