Pittsburgh Clear Channel Stations Rollout Active Access

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Pittsburgh Clear Channel Stations Rollout Active Access

Mar 3, 2008 10:49 AM

Chantilly, VA - Feb 27, 2008 - Clear Channel's Pittsburgh radio stations have begun to rollout BIA Financial Network's Active Access desktop application for listeners. WXDX-FM and WKST-FM are the first of the stations to offer their listeners the Active Access program. By visiting the station's websites WXDX and WKST and downloading a widget, the stations' audiences can participate in the daily broadcasts through interactive contests, promotions, printable coupons and music requests.

In the case of WKST, the Bob Cam continuously streams live video of their popular DJ directly on the desktop of any computer that has downloaded the application. Other station information and sponsor advertising is prominently available for the listener to personalize their experience at any time. WXDX is using their application to connect with their audience off-air and is using the channel to promote the Pittsburgh Penguins, providing podcasts, player and team headlines, videos and a direct link to the Pens page that offers news, information, pictures, site archive and the team's schedule.