Post-Show Reflections and Summer Projections

Another NAB Show has come and gone, but we're not done learning
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Another NAB Show has come and gone. I enjoy attending the convention, and it was great to meet so many people this year. But even with four full days, I didn�t see everything or everyone I wanted to; it can be quite overwhelming, to tell the truth.

But now we�ve had a chance to recover and to assemble some 2016 post-show coverage, including our Best of Show Award winners featured this month.

The Broadcast Engineering Conference opened before the exhibition floor opened; there were innumerable topics and techniques covered in Las Vegas this year. Alan Jurison is a nationally known expert on HD Radio, and we�re sharing his subject of choice, modified from his paper presentation. Look for more topics from the BEC soon.

Chris Wygal has reported from the floor in Las Vegas on behalf of Radio for many years, and 2016 was no different. He says every show seems to have a dominant theme. Check out his article to discover this year�s.

Right before the show, a now-infamous �hack� attacked a radio station using the public internet for audio transmission (and, perhaps, also taking less than appropriate precautions). In this issue, IT expert Chris Cottingham offers simple techniques to prevent that kind of breach, as well as how to keep your station safe from ransomware attacks.

Lee Petro uses his soapbox to bring you up to date on a couple of important FCC items. First, if you are in a top-50 market and have more than five full-timers (if you have fewer employees than that, we want to hear from you), then you need to know about the new online public file system. Lee will also clue you in on the EAS Test Reporting System. You know there�s another nationwide test scheduled for September, right? (If not, read FCC Update.)

We all know they love their football down in Texas. Well, KEOM(FM)�s tower is practically in the end-zone! This student radio station is featured in our Facility Showcase. And if you�re looking to hire some new blood, this is the kind of feeder program you should know about.

At first, the problem addressed in this month�s Field Report may appear minor; then, you�ll start to think about how any different times and different ways you�ve tried to do this. You may have deployed a kludge or two in the course of your quest. Those days are over, thanks to technology!

The Wandering Engineer is at it again this month � this time pining for the days of more FCC regulation! Are you old enough to remember what it was like way back when? (Actually, it wasn�t that long ago, and I, too, agree that some of the rules meant to benefit broadcasting haven�t necessarily worked out that way.) The law of unintended consequences certainly applies to broadcasting.

Thanks for picking up Radio � and don�t forget to visit our website,, for more content to hold you over until the July issue.

Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB� | Technical Editor


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