Prepare Now for the Spring Thaw (and Show!)

It’s March. Spring is just around the corner, as is the NAB Show
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It�s March. Spring is just around the corner, as is the NAB Show. Our March edition is the �warm-up� for the big annual event.

(If you haven�t already put together your plans, it isn�t too late: You can get an exhibits-only pass for free from your favorite equipment vendor; and since the show is a little later in the month this year, you still have over a month to get your airline tickets and hotel reservations.)

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As part of our NAB Show preview, Chris Wygal has gone over the agenda of the 2017 Broadcast Engineering Conference and highlighted many of the sessions that are on the docket. There will be no other place on Earth that you can hear the likes of Philipp Schmid, Greg Shay, Paul Shulins, Mike Dosch, Jay Adrick, Robert Meuser, Ben Barber and others, all in one day. The BEC will be the place to be on Sunday, the day before the exhibit floor opens.

We normally cover new studio builds in our Facility Showcase series, but this month we�re featuring an extensive transmitter site build that was recently completed for KQED(FM) in San Francisco. There are several important lessons to be learned here. Sometimes, aspects of the project you expect to be the simplest end up being the most difficult and time-consuming. Any radio engineer who has built or moved a transmitter site will relate to this article, and I know you�ll find this interesting, especially if you�re about to embark on a similar build yourself.

About once per year, we cover the latest developments in AoIP technology as it relates to studio facilities. In this issue, we�re covering all the companies you would expect and then some. If you�re headed to Las Vegas so that you can study console systems, I suggest you start your research with this article. We�ve done a lot of the legwork for you.

AM synchronous boosters are in the news again, and Jeremy Ruck is back this month to explain just what they are and the fundamentals behind how they work. With a new Federal Communications Commission in place � one with a focus on the Senior Band � I think you�re going to hear more about synchronous boosters for AM. This is a good to read if you want to get up to speed on the topic.

In FCC Update, Lee Petro discusses recent rule changes for the placement of FM translators that rebroadcast AM stations, as well as some recent public file changes.

Like many of us, the Wandering Engineer has moved around the country to make a career. �Broadcast gypsies move but �Prairie Home Companion� always allowed me to catch up on the news back home,� he/she writes in this column. I�d bet you may feel the same way. I first heard PHC over 30 years ago on a station that, sad to say, has since gone silent. As people who know what goes on behind the scenes � how the sausage is made � shows like PHC, and �The Grand Ole Opry� and the Saturday matinee broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera � are that much more impressive and to me, exemplify what great radio is all about.

Thanks for reading Radio magazine � and don�t forget your NAB Show plans!


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Spring Fever

Even if you’re reading this in mid-March, you still have time to put together a plan to go to the NAB Show