Promo Only MPE Becomes Play MPE

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Promo Only MPE Becomes Play MPE

Mar 9, 2007 9:54 AM

Vancouver, BC - Mar 8, 2007 - Destiny Media Technologies has ended its agreement with marketing arm Promo Only, and Destiny will rebrand the MPE system as Play MPE. This decision comes in conjunction with Universal Music Group signing a new contract with Destiny Media Technologies to use Play MPE as the primary distribution system across all of its labels.

The same executive staff heads the Play MPE project. Dean Ernst has left Promo Only to join Destiny as VP of MPE operations. Ernst will be responsible for building the Play MPE team, closing commercial agreements and expanding the Play MPE system outside of the United States.

The MPE system is fully automated so the transition to the new branding and team is expected to be seamless to users. Labels will continue using their existing encoders to manage recipient lists and create content; users will be able to use their existing player software and passwords.

"We came to a crossroads with our former marketing partner, Promo Only, and decided not to renew the contract," said Steve Vestergaard, CEO, Destiny Media Technologies.

Destiny Media Technologies recently expanded an agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG) to be UMG's primary method for online distribution of promotional music, video and other content and to be the only company-wide method for such distribution in the United States.

The MPE system is in use by 773 labels including UMG, EMI, Sony BMG and Warner Music Group. More than 34,000 songs have been sent to radio stations and other recipients since launch, representing 36,500,000 transactions.