Public Media Platform Will Shift to NPR

API will make transition three years after initial launch
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WASHINGTON��In order to ensure that this important service is available as far into the digital future as anyone can see, PMP�s Board has made the decision to transition PMP to NPR,� the Public Media Platform Executive Director Kristin Calhoun announced�on the PMP website.

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PMP was launched in 2012 as joint effort from public media organizations NPR, PBS, PRI, American Public Media and the Public Radio Exchange �to build and deliver the first-ever digital interconnection system to the benefit of public media,� Calhoun writes in the blog post. PMP was born in the form of an application programming interface, intended to help build public media audiences and revenue streams.

After one year, more than 100 stations and producers have signed up to be a part of this system and 30+ are actively using the PMP digital distribution platform.

PMP innovations include Twin Cities Public Television, Turnip, SoundStir, My Two Cents, News & Then and Shortcut.

�We look back with pride at the body of work, the relationships that have been created with many of you, and the possibilities the PMP now presents,� Calhoun says. She adds that the team will work to ensure a smooth transition for PMP users.

The PMP team consists of Calhoun; Marc Pultuskier, director of product and marketing; Ryan Cavis, principal engineer; Jeff Nemic, product adoption and deployment lead; Erin Mishkin, marketing and communications lead; and Chase Sanders, assistant director.