Quu Interactive, Jump2Go Partner on RDS and HD Radio Revenue Offering

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Quu Interactive, Jump2Go Partner on RDS and HD Radio Revenue Offering

Jan 9, 2012 3:37 PM

Seattle, WA, and Philadelphia - Jan 9, 2012 - Quu has obtained the exclusive license to Jump2Go's JumpGate RDS and HD Radio systems. Quu has also become an investor in Jump2Go.

Quu and Jump2Go have developed a messaging system for radio that enables music, program messages and advertising on RDS- and HD Radio-enabled receivers. Quu's Radio Text (QuuRT) technology allows specialized advertising messages to be presented on the radio displays during music, commercials or jock talk creating a new advertising platform and revenue stream for radio.

In addition, Quu's Advertiser Experience adds corresponding images to the advertising text on the ever-increasing graphic HD Radio displays. Beasley Broadcast Group is the first radio company to integrate QuuRT on its FM stations and is currently testing and will be the first to implement the HD Radio Advertiser Experience.

Quu and Jump2Go launched the HD Radio Artist Experience on Beasley's WXTU-HD2, Philadelphia and soon to follow on all Beasley HD Radio stations. With HD Radio Artist Experience, album art and station logos display on HD Radio-enabled car stereos and other HD Radio-equipped radio devices. Complementing this technology Quu's implementation of Advertiser Experience allows images to accompany corresponding messages on compatible HD Radio receivers and mobile devices.

Beasley Adds Quu Advertiser Experience to Stations

The technology allows listeners to view cover art on compatible HD Radio-equipped radios while listening to a song, and listeners will be able to see advertiser images and messages....