RAB: Auto Radio Ads Have Greatest Influence Closest to Purchase

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RAB: Auto Radio Ads Have Greatest Influence Closest to Purchase

May 14, 2013 4:32 PM

New York, NY - May 14, 2013 - According to data from the Radio Advertising Bureau, radio plays a dominant role, whether people are considering a vehicle purchase, or spending time in a vehicle. The closer listeners get to purchasing or leasing a vehicle, the more important a part radio advertising plays. And radio is a top "must-have" for automotive buyers of every age.

The Radio Advertising Bureau has a new service to help radio stations sell locally and highlight the buying power of radio listeners. Developed in partnership with Presslaff Interactive Revenue, and offered as a benefit of membership, Finding Consumer Trends (F.C.T) Reports are turnkey online surveys of a station's audience that provide salable insights and qualified leads on purchase interests in top advertising categories.

The first F.C.T Report survey was conducted from March 12 to April 2, 2013, and attracted more than 28,000 respondents aged 18+. Respondents were asked about vehicle and brand preferences along with advertising and dealership influencers. Of those respondents surveyed, 44 percent currently own a vehicle that is more than eight years old and nearly one in three (32 percent) of the total respondents will be in the market to purchase/lease a vehicle within the next year.

Vehicle cost and gas mileage are the top two items respondents chose as important in their vehicle selection. Interestingly enough, given the price of gas, SUVs top the list of type of vehicles for consideration, followed by sedans. And Chevy, Ford and Toyota topped the charts as the three brands most considered for purchase or lease.

When it comes to in-dash options and entertainment while driving, radio ranks #1. Among all age groups, AM/FM radio was the top "must-have" in any new vehicle they may buy/lease. Radio listening also dominated all other entertainment options for respondents while driving.

So what medium has the greatest influence when it comes to which dealership they'll visit? Radio advertising was the top medium to influence their selection. Website ads and TV/cable ads were noted as second and third influences.

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