RAB's Haley: More Radio Receivers in Five Years

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RAB's Haley: More Radio Receivers in Five Years

Feb 14, 2008 9:44 AM

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Atlanta - Feb 12, 2008 - At the 2008 Radio Advertising Bureau convention, Jeff Haley, president and CEO of the RAB, outlined his idea of a mission for radio broadcasters to embrace new delivery methods and strive to include a radio receiver in every portable within five years. In his keynote speech, Haley noted that, "Audio content is expanding everywhere you look."

During his speech, Haley demonstrated several newer technologies that delivered various types of audio streams.

  • RAB Radio was played from a laptop to demonstrate online streaming.
  • An Atlanta radio station was accessed using an IP radio from Assus.
  • He displayed a radio remote accessory for an Ipod, noting that it is the most popular Ipod accessory.
  • The Microsoft Zune includes an FM tuner, and Haley cited a Microsoft study that shows 46 percent of Zune owners use the radio feature at least once per week.
  • Location-based messages and GPS services are included in the Dual radio that features MSN Direct HD.
  • A Nokia mobile phone with a built-in FM radio receiver was demonstrated.

Haley went on to note that all these distribution channels provide additional revenue opportunities for radio stations. If half of all Americans used the radio function of a mobile phone or MP3 players for 30 minutes per day, it would provide 3.5 million incremental average quarter hours nationally (a 10 percent increase). This translates to about $3 billion incremental dollars in radio revenue opportunity.

The conclusion of this portion of his speech included this call to broadcasters: "Let's agree here and now that our goal will be to have radio on every mobile phone, PDA and MP3 player in the next five years. Radio must be anywhere and everywhere there is a speaker or headphones."