Radio Currents Online - Apr 26 - May 2, 2004

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Radio Currents Online - Apr 26 - May 2, 2004

Apr 1, 2004 12:00 PM

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RIAA Drops Amnesty Program

Apr 20, 2004 - The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)has ended its program that offered file sharers amnesty from thegroup's legal campaign to stop the unauthorized music-file swappingover the Internet. The announcement was quietly made on the RIAAwebsite, but it did not reach public awareness until April 20.

The program, called Clean Slate, made the promise that the RIAAwould not prosecute individuals who vowed to erase unauthorized contentfrom their computers, destroy hard copies of illegally obtainedcopyrighted materials and abstain from future file swapping, if theuser would send a notarized apology to the trade group.

The amnesty program debuted in September 2003, around the same timethat the RIAA announced its first round of lawsuits against illegalfile sharers. The offer came under attack from the public, citing thatit opened file sharers to action from potential lawsuits fromorganizations other than the RIAA. The RIAA was served with theCalifornia suit. In a legal memo filed April 20, the RIAA sought tohave the lawsuit dismissed because the group had ended the amnestyprogram.

In the court filing, the RIAA states that 1,108 individualsresponded to the initiative.

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Kiss FM 92.9 Chooses Harris forOlympics

Las Vegas - Apr 19, 2004 - Kiss FM 92.9, Greece's first DigitalAudio Broadcasting (DAB) radio station, has chosen the Harris BroadcastCommunications Division to help transmit information to the visitors ofthe 2004 Olympics in Athens. Harris is providing a complete audiohead-end for DAB transmission for as many as 20 audio channelscomprising 20 D-ACE DAB encoders, a D-EMUX ensemble multiplexer and thePC software for controlling the entire system.

The Harris equipment was sold through its local distributor, AnthonySpyropoulos, Electronic Applications and the project is being developedby the Olympic City of Amaroussion in Athens.

Kiss FM 92.9 will transmit programs on channel 13A, 13B and 13C in20 different languages, including Greek, English, French, Spanish,German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese.

Voice Actor Chooses Aphex MicProcessing Chain

Sun Valley, CA - Apr 26, 2004 - Veteran voice actor Billy West,whose cartoon character voices include Ren, Stimpy, Fry (ofFuturama) and dozens of others, uses the Aphex mic processingchain to capture the nuance of his many distinctive voices. West'sAphex mic processing chain includes the Model 207 Tube mic preamp, theModel 661 Expressor and the Model 204 Aural Exciter + Big Bottom.

West's list of credits includes some of the most popular animatedcartoon features and commercials. In addition to Stimpy and Ren, Westvoiced many characters from Fox's Futurama (including Fry, Dr.Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan and Zoidberg), Nickelodeon's Doug,and Disney�s movie Space Jam. Currently, he can be heardin new commercials as the Honeynut Cheerios Bee and The RedM&M.

Live365 Makes Deal with ASCAP,BMI and Sesac

Foster City, CA - Apr 21, 2004 - Live365 has made deals withperforming rights societies ASCAP, BMI and SESAC to offer discountedInternet licenses to select Live365 broadcasters. The agreement isdesigned to encourage Internet broadcasters to use the services ofLive365 for performing rights licensing that authorizes them to streamstations from their own websites. The total monthly fee for eligiblebroadcasters will be either $38 or $48 to cover licenses from all threesocieties.

Sirius Increases SubscriberBase

New York - Apr 21, 2004 - In its first quarter 2004 financial andoperating results, Sirius Satellite Radio noted that it had 351,663subscribers on March 31, 2004. This represents a net subscriberaddition of 90,602 during the quarter, a 138 percent increase over thenet subscriber additions reported by the company at March 31, 2003.

During the first quarter of 2004, Sirius announced several newdistribution and programming agreements, which are expected to makeSirius available through more than 20,000 locations.

BMG and Yes Partner on EcommerceSystem

New York - Apr 20, 2004 - BMG and Yes have launched a program thatallows listeners to discover more about songs being played on 2,315U.S. radio stations. Users can identify any song that played in thelast 24 hours by browsing to and selecting their radiostation and the time they heard the song. Customers are able to buy theCD, download ring tones from songs by BMG artists, stream video andaudio on compatible handsets, enter contests, play trivia games anddisplay pictures featuring the artists all through their mobilephone.

The new service can be accessed through the Music category ofAT&T Wireless' popular Mmode service and is also available onWAP-enabled mobile phones at The service works on allWML and XHTML phones that provide the Click2Music wireless channel asdeveloped by Crisp Wireless and integrated with Yes.

The new service was demonstrated at NAB2004 on April 20 during theEmerging Content, Emerging Devices, Emerging Business Modelspanel.


  • Cumulus Media, owner and operator of 301stations serving 61 U.S. markets, has implemented the Aphex micprocessing chain in its Nashville facility. The chains consist of theAphex Models 207, 661, 622 and 204.

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Harris Makes Mimic CapabilityStandard in NeuStar HD Radio

Las Vegas - Apr 19, 2004 - Mimic is a proprietary Neural technologythat can duplicate any sound signature in a matter of seconds and isnow a standard feature of Harris' Neustar HD Radio codec processors.Using advanced spectral image mapping techniques, Mimic eliminatesaudio analysis and manual tweaking that have been necessary toreplicate a sound signature in the past.

Neustar HD AM and FM are the first codec processors for HD Radio.Both units use unique audio cleaning, codec preconditioning andbit-reduction methods to help broadcasters make the most of HD Radio'sexisting new capabilities, despite channel constraints (AM channels arelimited to a data rate of 36 kilobits-per-second, and FM channels, to96 kilobits-per-second for FM).

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