Radio Currents Online - Apr 4 - Apr 10, 2005

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Radio Currents Online - Apr 4 - Apr 10, 2005

Apr 4, 2005 3:37 PM

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FCC Considers Widening its Reach
Washington - Apr 3, 2005 - Radio and TV are about to come under renewed attack over sex, violence and profanity in their programming, both in Congress and at the FCC, the New York Times reported last week.

Lawmakers and Kevin Martin, the new FCC chairman, have proposed a broad expansion of indecency rules, which were significantly toughened last year. They are also looking for significant fine increases and new procedures that could jeopardize the licenses of stations that repeatedly violate the rules.

Martin, along with some senior lawmakers, including Commerce Committee Senator leader Ted Stevens (R-AK), have suggested it may be time to extend the indecency and profanity rules to cable and satellite TV providers.

Organizations opposing what they consider indecent programming have joined forces with consumer groups that have been trying to tighten regulation over the cable industry and force it to offer consumers less expensive � la carte services.

Some of the anti-indecency groups see a la carte services as a way of helping consumers block out programming they consider indecent. Martin and Commissioner Michael Copps have consistently been among the most aggressive members of the agency on indecency issues.

Lawyers for cable companies told the Times that any effort to impose indecency standards on paid programming would violate the First Amendment.

Meanwhile, broadcasters have been slow to respond to the new climate. The TV networks and affiliates have filed papers with the commission seeking a rehearing on three major indecency cases: the Janet Jackson incident at the Super Bowl; Bono''s use of a profanity at the Golden Globe Awards; and a racy episode of Fox's "Married by America."

The agency however has sat on those appeals, and may not issue rulings anytime soon. As a practical matter, the inaction by the Commission has prevented the networks from taking the matter to court. And for now, at least, the courts are widely viewed as the last hope for the broadcasters.


Commonwealth Broadcasting Standardizes on Imediatouch
Winnipeg, MB, and Glasgow, KY - Apr 8, 2005 - Commonwealth Broadcasting Corporation has committed to standardizing its entire radio group on OMT's Imediatouch digital audio delivery system. Commonwealth Broadcasting of Glasgow, KY, will begin standardizing 24 stations on Imediatouch beginning May 2005.

Commonwealth Broadcasting operates eight radio clusters across Kentucky. The company uses a centralized audio distribution infrastructure and will be using the Imediatouch Remote Voicetrack application and the Imediaaccess WAN content sharing technologies to share audio and talent voice tracks across the group.

Commonwealth Broadcasting concentrates its operations in small markets across Kentucky.

Eimac Signs on as DRM Supporter
San Carlos, CA - Apr 4, 2005 - The Eimac division of CPI has joined DRM as a supporter. As such, it is now included on the DRM website.

The Eimac division of CPI is a producer of power grid tubes and IOTs for radio and TV broadcasting, semiconductor wafer processing, industrial heating, radar, medical and scientific applications. All products are manufactured in San Carlos, CA, at the company's ISO 9001:2000-certified facility.


Musikube Can Name That Tune
New York - Apr 5, 2005 - The Icapture Mobile Music Identification (MMID) service on cell phones allows consumers to quickly and easily identify music that they hear using their cell phones. The system also provides for a mobile portal that allows customers to reference their music collection from any Internet-accessible mobile device.

For music that is being heard, the consumer dials a number and holds the phone near the music source for about 15 seconds. A message is sent to the phone with the song title, artist and a sample of the song to listen to. MMID also allows the consumer to immediately purchase the song/album via his phone.

Pristine Systems Offers PRSS Content Depot Upgrade
Los Angeles - Apr 4, 2005 - Pristine Systems has announced support for PRSS Content Depot. Pristine's CDS version 3.0 includes support and new features that allow stations to integrate with PRSS Content Depot.

The newly introduced File Express will retrieve audio files from a Content Depot Storage Receiver and importing them into the station database using each file's Cart Chunk data. Additionally, the company is making a Content Depot Compatibility update available to all CDS32 customers, regardless of system age.

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