Radio Currents Online - Dec 3 - Dec 9, 2007

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Radio Currents Online - Dec 3 - Dec 9, 2007

Dec 3, 2007 1:07 PM


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FCC Releases 2007 EAS Handbooks
Washington - Dec 3, 2007 - The FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) has released the 2007 Emergency Alert System (EAS) Handbooks for EAS participants. This year's handbooks include newly developed guidance for satellite digital audio radio, direct broadcast satellite and wireline video service providers. In addition, the existing handbooks have been updated for analog and digital television and radio stations, as well as cable systems.

The handbooks provide guidance and instructions for national, state and local EAS activations and highlight appropriate testing procedures. The materials also include sample scripts that may be used by broadcasters and other participants during EAS activations and tests.

FCC rules require copies of the handbooks to be located at "normal duty positions or EAS equipment locations when an operator is required to be on duty and be immediately available to staff responsible for authenticating messages and initiating actions"

The new handbooks are available for download through the FCC website at

Copyright Royalty Board Sets Satellite Radio Performance Fees
Washington - Dec 3, 2007 - The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) issued its determination and order setting the royalty rate payable by XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio under the statutory license covering the performance of sound recordings over XM and Sirius for the six-year period starting Jan. 1, 2007 and ending Dec. 31, 2012. Under the terms of the CRB Satellite Radio Services, the satellite providers will pay a performance license rate of 6 percent of the gross revenues subject to the fees for 2007 and 2008, 6.5 percent for 2009, 7 percent for 2010, 7.5 percent for 2011 and 8 percent for 2012.

The revenue that is subject to royalty fees includes subscription revenue from subscribers and advertising revenues from channels other than those that use only incidental performances of music. Other exclusions and deductions from revenue subject to the statutory license fee include but are not limited to revenue from channels, programming and products or other services offered for a separate charge where such channels use only incidental performances of sound recordings, revenue from equipment sales, revenue from current and future data services, fulfillment service fees and bad debt expense.

The two providers have until Dec. 15 to move for rehearing.


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Tim Banner (center) of Crown leads AME attendees through one of the amplifier manufacturing cells.

Crown International Leads Tour for Manufacturing Excellence
Elkhart, IN - Dec 3, 2007 - Crown recently had the distinction of being a tour site for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) 2007 International Conference in Chicago. Founded in 1985, the AME annually holds an international conference, and one of the highlights is the opportunity to tour a variety of leading manufacturing and service facilities. Nearly three dozen attendees chose to travel two hours on a bus to Elkhart, IN, to see Crown.

Visitors included representatives from Boeing, Honeywell, Volvo, Hallmark, John Deere, Oral-B, Johnson and Johnson, Abbott Labs, Hon and Raytheon. The visitors noted six key manufacturing aspects that most impressed them: Computer displays of work instructions; preventative maintenance and drawings on press brakes; training videos at workstations for all shifts; the training center; the overall cleanliness of the factory; and the employee culture.

Harris Donates Transmitter to SAIT Broadcast Training School
Calgary and Cincinnati - Dec 3, 2007 - Harris has donated a high-power FM radio transmitter and digital exciter to the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary. The Harris Z-Series transmitter, to be installed this month, will be part of SAIT Polytechnic's Broadcast System Technology program curriculum for RF engineering beginning in 2008.

SAIT is the oldest publicly funded technical institute in Canada and offers a two-year program that is certified by the Society of Broadcast Engineers. The program provides education in all technical aspects of the broadcast industry including radio, television and post-production, with a focus on audio, video, RF and networking. The Harris donation marks the first time a high-power FM transmitter will be included in the curriculum.

The donation was arranged by David Haydu, director of engineering at CHUM Radio.

Audemat Makes Green Effort on CO2
Bordeaux-Merignac, France - Nov 28, 2007 - the Audemat Group has decided to expand its approach to environmental concerns that came about through ISO 14001 certification, the environmental management standards that exist to help organizations minimize the negative impact of their operations on the environment. Concrete actions aiming to offset production of greenhouse gas have started: Construction of a production plant with HQE (high environmental quality eco building) and design of new products with low energy consumption are two examples involving a large majority of the employees of the company. Despite these efforts, and as with many industrial activities, the Audemat group produces several hundred tons of CO2 each year (650 tons in 2007). Audemat is partnering with Good Planet to accomplish this goal.

Three programs have been identified by the company as priorities:

1. Reforestation of small properties belonging to the indigenous Mapuche communities in Chile. This reforestation project situated in the Auracanie region not only intends to capture and store carbon by growing trees, but also to restore heavily eroded soils and to provide some extra income for the inhabitants involved in the project.

2. Production of green charcoal in the Saint-Louis region in Senegal. The goal is to produce green charcoal from agricultural residues or from renewable biomass following a process known as pyrolysis. This domestic fuel stems the increase in deforestation and CO2 emissions. This project is estimating a reduction of approximately 5,000 tons of CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

3. Reforestation in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. The goal of this project is to enable the natural regeneration of land where forest has been burned or cut down, by buying those parcels and returning them to the native inhabitants. The Kogis Indians then cultivate the degraded land, thus restoring the ecological balance of the region. The carbon dioxide dissolved in the atmosphere is rapidly captured and stored by the lush vegetation that thrives by the excellent climate.

Targetspot has partnered with Nassau Broadcasting Partners, and FNX Radio. These three groups will utilize Targetspot's method of unlocking the monetary value of streaming media. These three Broadcast groups are just the latest broadcasters to partner with Targetspot, which went live in September 2007, and will soon be available on more than 450 stations nationwide. Targetspot is already working with three of the top five broadcasters in the nation, CBS Radio, Entercom Communications and Beasley Broadcasting Group, one of the founding companies of Internet radio, Warp Radio, and Web 2.0 music service innovator, Haystack Media.

Netia's Radio-Assist suite of digital audio software products is being used by public radio broadcaster Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) to streamline acquisition, editing, scheduling, broadcasting and archiving. Today HRT works with more than 100 production workstations in approximately 20 different departments at its main facility in Zagreb, Croatia. Radio-Assist is also installed at HRT regional sites across the country in cities such as Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.


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Harris Names Meleski as District Sales Manager
Cincinnati - Dec 4, 2007 - Harris has named Joe Meleski district sales manager for the Mid-Atlantic region for the company's Broadcast Communications radio business. The region includes Delaware; Maryland; Washington, DC; Virginia; West Virginia; North Carolina and South Carolina.

In his new role, Meleski will represent the entire Harris radio broadcast product line, including digital and analog transmission systems, studio systems and consoles, and Intraplex STL products. Meleski was previously with Electronics Research (ERI). During his 12-year tenure with ERI, Meleski was directly involved with some of the largest broadcast tower and antenna projects in North America. He served as director of the installations division, with responsibilities ranging from hiring and managing 12- to 14-broadcast tower and antenna construction crews; to overseeing broadcast installations and project management. He also supported ERI's sales force through design recommendations and turnkey project bids.

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Bush Nominates Adelstein for New FCC Term
Washington - Dec 3, 2007 - President George W. Bush has announced his intention to nominate Jonathan Adelstein to a new five-year term that would expire on June 30, 2013. Adelstein is one of the two Democrats on the five-member FCC. Adelstein was first sworn in as an FCC commissioner on Dec. 3, 2002.

The other Democrat seat on the Commission is held by Michael Copps, who has three years remaining on his second five-year appointment.


FM Commander Gets New Features
Cedar Falls, IA - Dec 5, 2007 - Build 18 of V-Soft's FM Commander features a new way of looking at contour overlap. Previous versions could only tell the amount of contour overlap on the straight line between the stations or that off azimuth overlap. Now with the "detail contours by greatest overlap" feature you can get a reading of the greatest overlap or the least amount of clear space. When the program is in this mode, the in and out columns will show the actual distance in kilometers between the point on the interfering contour that overlaps the protected contour the most. The program tells the user which mode is in use in the center text box on the screen header. The program no longer automatically checks for overlaps when you change power, ERP, HAAT, COR or make a change to the channel using the channel menu. However, this automatic checking feature will return if you select either "check all azimuths" or "detail contours" from the views menu shown below. All contour-to-contour printouts now reflect which mode you are using.

Also, several builds ago, V-Soft changed the way the program displays commercial stations when the program is in the interference mode. Now, if the reference station meets the FCC's minimum separations, the available contour clearance or overlap, shown in the in and out columns, it will not be displayed since the controlling factor is the fact the relationship meets the FCC's minimum spacings. Instead the FCC's required separation and the margin available will be shown.

Microwave Pro Now Shipping
Cedar Falls, IA - Dec 5, 2007 - V-Soft is now taking orders and shipping its latest software application, Microwave Pro. Use Microwave-Pro to do your own STL frequency searches and the prior coordination notifications. For more information on Microwave Pro click here.

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