Radio Currents Online - Feb 9 - Feb 15, 2004

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Radio Currents Online - Feb 9 - Feb 15, 2004

Feb 1, 2004 12:00 PM

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FCC Proposes Rules For BroadbandOver Power Lines

Washington, DC - Feb 12, 2004 - The FCC has proposed changes tocertain technical rules with the intent of fostering broadbanddeployment by permitting the use of broadband over power lines (BPL).The FCC considers the nation's power grid to have "significantlyuntapped capabilities." The FCC has also stated that it intends tosafeguard existing services against harmful interference.

The Part 15 rule changes, proposed in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking(NPRM), set forth procedures to measure the radio frequency (RF) energyemitted by equipment used to provide broadband service over power linesand establish particularized interference mitigation requirements. TheFCC news release announcing the NPRM has an optimistic view of BPL andstates that the FCC' effort "takes an important step toward increasingthe availability of broadband in rural and underserved areas becausepower lines reach virtually every home and community in thecountry."

The release goes on to say that "in areas in which consumers alreadyhave broadband access, BPL enhances competition by providing anotherbroadband alternative. These proposed changes will also facilitate theability of electric utilities to dynamically manage the power griditself, increasing network reliability."

The Commission proposes rules requiring BPL devices will use adaptiveinterference mitigation techniques to prevent harmful interference toexisting users, such as public safety and amateur radio operators.These techniques would enable BPL devices to cease operationsaltogether, dynamically reduce transmit power or avoid operating onspecific frequencies to prevent harmful interference. The proposal alsoincludes the goal of developing a public database of information withthe location, operational frequencies and modulation type of BPLdevices, which will facilitate the resolution of interference issues ina timely fashion.

The NPRM also seeks comment on specific RF measurement guidelines forBPL devices and other carrier current systems. These guidelines willensure that emission measurements for these systems are made in aconsistent manner. While the NPRM addresses RF measurement guidelines,it does not propose any changes to existing applicable emissionlimits.

AES Solicits Technical Papers

San Francisco - Feb 8, 2004 - The AES 117th Convention Committeeinvites submission of technical papers for presentation at the 2004October meeting in San Francisco. A proposed title, 60- to 120-wordabstract, and 500- to 750-word pr�cis of the paper should besubmitted via the Internet to the AES 117th paper-submission site by May 17, 2004. For more information andcomplete instructions visit the site anytime after Feb. 24, 2004.

The author�s information, title, abstract, pr�cis and choicebetween lecture or poster presentation should be all submitted online.Titles and abstracts should follow the guidelines in Information forAuthors at Abstracts of acceptedpapers will be published in the convention program.

The AES asks that writers choose their wording carefully. Thepr�cis should describe the work performed, methods employed,conclusion(s) and significance of the paper. All papers withdemonstrations must be in lecture sessions. Highly detailed papers arebest in poster sessions, which permit greater interaction betweenauthor and audience. Poster presentations and lectures have the samereview process and preprint requirements; the content will determinewhich type of presentation works best for author and audience. Writerswill be asked to specify a preference when you make your proposalonline.

Acceptance of papers will be determined by a review committee based onan assessment of the pr�cis. To present an accepted paper at theconvention, an author must submit a preprint manuscript by the Aug. 16,2004, deadline with content consistent with the pr�cis and with atechnical rather than a marketing orientation.

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Radian Acquires Assets of RohnIndustries

Toronto - In December 2003, Radian Communication Services, asubsidiary of Onex, received approval from the United States BankruptcyCourt for the Southern District of Indiana to acquire all of the assetsrelated to the tower and tower accessory manufacturing operations ofRohn Industries and its affiliated debtors for U.S.$7.9 million.

Radian also announced that David Brinker, the head of Rohn'sengineering group, has agreed to join the Radian team with theacquisition.

Radian Communication Services has provided communicationsinfrastructure, including network design, installation and management,and tower engineering and construction to the telecommunications andbroadcast industries. Radian operates from 20 offices across Canada andthe United States.

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Troje Joins DRS BroadcastTechnology

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Dallas - Feb 11, 2004 - DRS Broadcast Technology, formerlyContinental Electronics, has hired Michael Troje as a regional andvendor sales manager.

As owner of TDM Broadcast Services, Troje has represented theContinental Electronics transmitter line to clients throughout theupper Midwest. During his 25 years of experience he has served thebroadcast industry as a broadcast engineer, domestic sales manager forBroadcast Electronics and national sales manager for Shively Labstelevision products division.

Clear Channel's LittlejohnNamed to Ibiquity's Board of Directors

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Columbia, MD � Feb 10, 2004 � Jeff Littlejohn, seniorvice president of engineering for Clear Channel Broadcasting, has beenappointed to Ibiquity's Board of Directors.

In his role with Clear Channel, Littlejohn is responsible foroverseeing all technical aspects for the radio division. He is a memberof several industry committees including the National Radio SystemsCommittee and various groups within the NAB. Prior to joining ClearChannel, Littlejohn was the director of engineering for AMFM andChancellor Broadcasting.

The other members of the Ibiquity board are Frank A. Adams, managinggeneral partner, Grotech Capital Group; Daniel S. Ehrman Jr., vicepresident, planning and development, Gannett; Alfred C. Liggins III,president, Radio One; Jerry A. Poch, managing general partner, PequotCapital; Robert J. Struble, president, Ibiquity Digital; JacquesTortoroli, CFO, Infinity Broadcasting; Thomas M. Uhlman, president, NewVentures Group of Lucent Technologies; and Fred Wilson, managingpartner, Flatiron Partners.

Harris Appoints Gillon asBroadcast Center Manager

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Cincinnati - Feb 9, 2004 - Harris Corporation BroadcastCommunications Division (BCD) has appointed Matt Gillon as thecompany's broadcast center manager. Gillon will assume the positioneffective Feb. 16, and will be responsible for handling the day-to-dayoperations of Harris' ordering center for more than 360 broadcastequipment manufacturers and 30,000 products at the BCD headquarters inMason, OH.

Gillon moves into the Broadcast Center's manager position from hisprevious position as Harris Broadcast radio field sales manager, wherehe directed all of the BCD radio sales representatives in theirday-to-day sales activities in the United States.

Gillon is a 17-year radio broadcast veteran with experience in generaland sales management. He joined Harris in October 2002 fromKCOB-AM/FM/KRTI-FM, Newton, IA, where he was vice president of sales.Gillon also has served as general manager and director of sales for TwoRivers Broadcasting, the owner of KBGG-AM, KGGO-FM, KHKI-FM, KJJY-FMand KRKQ-FM. Additionally, he has worked in a number of salescapacities with Meredith Publications Crafts Group; WHO-AM and KRMD-FMin Des Moines, IA; KBOE-AM/KOSK- FM, Oskalossa, IA; and KLEE-AM/FM inOtumwa, IA.

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Internet Watch

Rycote Announces InteractiveWebsite

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom - Jan 20, 2004 - Rycote's MicrophoneData has created a comprehensive catalog of microphones forprofessional use at its new website With morethan 1,000 microphones and more than 80 manufacturers, the website issimilar to the catalog it produces.

The advantage of the website is that it allows quicker searches on anincreased number of parameters, and comparison between multiplemicrophones. The website also contains a library of articles on variousmicrophone-related subjects.

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