Radio Currents Online - Jan 01 - Jan 12, 2003

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Radio Currents Online - Jan 01 - Jan 12, 2003

Jan 1, 2003 12:00 PM

Radio technology news updated as it happens.

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IBOC Gets Large StationPush

Las Vegas, CES - Jan 10, 2003 - Ibiquity Digital Corporation announced that IBOC will be launched at 40 stations in 26 states in early 2003. The stations are in the following markets:

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Boston, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, Baltimore, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Cleveland, Cincinnati, San Jose, Milwaukee, Middlesex-Somerset-Union NJ, New Orleans, Raleigh, West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Monmouth-Ocean NJ, Louisville, Richmond, Birmingham, Greenville-Spartanburg SC, Syracuse, Ft. Wayne IN, Roanoke-Lynchburg, Morristown NJ, Jackson MS, Charleston WV, Morgantown WV, Cedar Rapids and Lafayette IN, Forest VA, Price UT, Raymond VA and White Oak GA. The stations that will adopt the technology span more than 20 formats.

The stations are owned by several different groups, including Infinity Broadcasting, Clear Channel Radio, Cox Radio, Entercom, Radio One, Hispanic Broadcasting, Susquehanna Radio, Bonneville International, Greater Media, Spanish Broadcasting System, Beasley Broadcast Group, Journal Broadcast Group, Buckley Broadcasting, Capitol Broadcasting Company, Chicago Public Radio, Cleveland Classical Radio, WCGA-AM, Cram Communications, Inc., Crawford Broadcasting Company, Crystal Boynton Beach, Eastern Utah Broadcasting, Elyria-Lorain Broadcasting Company, Federated Media, Fenix Broadcasting, Gee Communications, Hunter Broadcast Group, Kaspar Broadcasting, KZIA, Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Group, New World Broadcasting, OneCom, Perception Media Group, Renaissance Radio, Richardson Broadcasting Company, Sellers Broadcasting-KMRY, South Sound Broadcasting, Spanish Media Broadcasting, WWNO-FM - University of New Orleans, University of South Florida, W&B Broadcasting, West Virginia Radio, WRHC Management, WOLF Radio, Wood Broadcasting Company and WWOZ.

Greater Media to Convert All Stationsto HD Radio

Las Vegas, CES - Jan 10, 2003 - Greater Media, which owns 19 radio stations in six markets, will convert all of its stations to HD Radio technology in early 2003. The six markets are Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Middlesex-Somerset-Union NJ, Monmouth-Ocean NJ and Morristown NJ.


CES Slated for IBOC Showcase

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Las Vegas - Jan 8, 2003 - The 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2003), which begins on Jan. 9 and runs through Jan. 12, is a showcase event for the consumer technology industry. The exhibition includes 2,000 manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content media, technology delivery systems and related products, many of which will unveil new consumer products. This year, Ibiquity Digital hopes that its digital radio technology gains the acceptance of the convention's attendees. Ibiquity has exhibited at the show in previous years, but this will be the first large-scale appearance for the technology since the FCC approved the technology for AM daytime and FM use in the United States.

Several manufacturers have already signed agreements with Ibiquity to license the technology in consumer receivers. New to this list is the Victor Company of Japan (JVC), who is also exhibiting at CES.

One added component to HD Radio is the ability to transmit data with the audio. Ibiquity and Dmarc Networks, a radio frequency subcarrier management and wireless data distribution firm, announced that they will jointly market Dmarc Networks� Dmarc Flow to radio stations. Dmarc already markets its DRDS technology for RBDS-equipped radios. Dmarc Networks partners with some of the largest radio groups, including Clear Channel Communications and Radio One.

Ibiquity Digital and Dmarc Networks will demonstrate their services throughout 2003 with a focus on the NAB Radio show in Philadelphia next fall.

In a further effort to promote the data capability of HD Radio, Ibiquity has also reached an agreement with Yes Networks, a developer of interactive radio services, to jointly develop and promote interactive services.

Yes Networks will develop a back channel compatible for HD Radio and offer that service to radio stations. Yes aggregates data from its retail partners, such as and Ebay, to show price, name of seller, description, picture, seller logo and other information that will be offered to broadcasters for inclusion in their HD Radio broadcast. This information will then be displayed on an HD Radio-ready receiver providing consumers with valuable purchasing and advertising details. To enable easy consumer interaction, Yes correlates, maintains and delivers this information to its access points (phone, websites, WAP) where listeners can interact with advertisements or purchase the music in which they�re interested. Yes will provide a turnkey system for broadcasters to take advantage of the HD Radio data services, such as CD purchasing and advertiser information displays.

One highlight event at CES is Ibiquity Digital�s Fourth HD Radio Forum, which will be held Jan. 8 at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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R.U.V. Iceland Connects WithNetwork Electronics

Sandefjord, Norway - Jan 7, 2002 - R.U.V., Iceland's National Broadcaster, has taken delivery of a Network Electronics Audio router system to connect its four radio stations. Each of the radio stations - East, West, South and North - is connected to the new system via computer, which is controlled by THOR, Network Electronics' management software. The hardware portion of the system includes five THOR.CP control panels and the P-UNI-ProXY control panel as well as the audio router. The standard THOR Basic software package was installed on five computers with Thor Feature Packs 1,2,3,5. All computers are connected through a local area network (LAN) and can be controlled from each station. Additionally, the THOR.CP panels are connected via RS-232 from all the radio stations. The RS-232 signal is transmited via Capella RS-232, which is converting the signal to 2Mb/s signals.

Jampro Completes Salt LakeProject

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Sacramento, CA - Jan 6, 2003 - In November 2002, Jampro Antennas completed a major FM master antenna project at Farnsworth Peak near Salt Lake City. The antenna, combiner and filter system were engineered by Jampro Antennas in cooperation with the stations that use the new facility. These stations include KSL (Bonneville International), KBZN (Capitol Broadcasting), KKAT and KISN (Clear Channel Communications), KUBL and KBER (Citadel Communications), KRCL (Listeners Community Radio of Utah), KSOP, KXRK/KRSP/KQMB/SKFI/KDYL (Simmons Group) and KOSY (Mercury Broadcasting).

The existing Jampro antenna combiner did not have enough port to support the 13 stations that are now housed there. In all, the system carries about 325kW of power from all the stations. Jampro noted that this power level is seen regularly in systems manufactured for overseas use.

Televisa/Radiopolis ChoosesBurk

Littleton, MA - Jan 2, 2003 - Televisa/Radiopolis chose Burk Technology to provide 35 GSC3000 transmitter remote control systems for the radio station operator's broadcast sites throughout Mexico. The media group will install the equipment this winter as part of a comprehensive remote site management project at 17 AM and FM stations in Mexico City, Veracruz, Mexicales, Monterrey and San Luis Potosi. Televisa is the largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world. The sale was coordinated with broadcast supplier AURI.

Enco Announces Support for HD RadioData Standards

Southfield, MI - Jan 2, 2003 - Enco Systems has announced that its DADpro32 digital audio delivery system supports the wireless data standards for Ibiquity's HD Radio. The standards, known as the Main Program Service Data Specification (MPS), were jointly developed by Ibiquity and its industry partners, including Enco Systems.

The MPS specification is based on the accepted ID3 V.2 standard, which is already widely deployed. Enco Systems first showed a compliant version of DADpro32 at the Consumer Electronic Show in January 2002, which was based on the preliminary protocol specification. The MPS identifies how certain data elements, such as a song's title, artist and CD name is to be structured to ensure synchronized transmission and reception using the HD Radio digital radio system.

Two of the first radio stations to begin broadcasting HD Radio on a non-test basis - Buckley Broadcasting's WOR on New York and Susquehanna's WYGY in Cincinnati - use Enco's DADpro32.

On Jan. 8, 2003, Ibiquity will hold its 4th HD Radio Wireless Data Conference at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, coinciding with the Consumer Electronic Show. Enco Systems president, Eugene Novacek will be participating as a panelist at the event.


Ellison Joins BroadcastConnection

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Bellvue, CO, and Richmond, IN - Jan 2, 2003 - Broadcast Connection, a supplier of broadcast equipment that specializes in custom-tailored equipment packages, has added a second sales office in Richmond, IN. The new office is headed by Harris/Allied veteran Steve Ellison, who will serve the Eastern half of the United States. Contact Ellison at 765-847-2143 or

Ellison's experience includes 13 years in broadcasting with Allied Broadcast Equipment and Harris Broadcast.

Motel Rejoins BSS Audio

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Nashville - Dec 30, 2002 - BSS Audio USA has rehired Joel Motel to serve as the distributor's eastern regional sales manager. He reports to Kim Templeman-Holmes, Harman Pro North America (HPNA) vice president and general manager.

Based in Nashville, Motel is now responsible for overseeing the BSS-related activities of six independent manufacturers' rep firms handling 20 eastern U.S. states. He is also being called on to provide personal support for consultants, contractors and dealers, as well as conduct DSP product training in the field.

Prior to his return, Motel most recently held a sales position with Sabine.

Robbins Returns to Crown

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Elkhart, IN - Dec 30, 2002 - Scott Robbins has rejoined Crown International to once again serve as the company's vice president of sales. The announcement was made by Blake Augsburger, Crown International president, to whom Robbins reports.

Robbins is once again responsible for leading the manufacturer's entire sales operation with regard to amplifiers, microphones and IQ products. Aside from overseeing the United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA ), and Pacific Rim sales directors, he will also be acting as the interim sales director for Crown's Intercontinental territory of Canada and Central/South America.

Internet Watch


Sirius Demos Video Transmission atCES

CES, Las Vegas - Jan 8, 2003 - Sirius demonstrated a live video broadcast over its satellite radio system. The demonstration of this new video transmission capability took place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas during a Sirius press conference.

The demonstration featured a clip from a Nickelodeon cartoon. Larry Pesce, vice-president of product marketing and strategic planning for Sirius, stated that it was real video in real time without buffering. Pesce went on to say that Sirius estimates that as many as 3.5 million consumers would like to receive live video in their cars, an idea based on CEA surveys that indicate a consumer intent to purchase an in-car entertainment product, such as a video display and DVD player. According to the surveys, 12 percent of American consumers have expressed this interest.

The Sirius system is capable of a data rate of only 4Mb/s, so the system will not likely rival satellite TV systems any time soon.

Patriot Antenna Systems 1.8mVSAT Gets Approval

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Albion, MI - Jan 3, 2003 - Patriot Antenna Systems has received Standard Intelsat type-approval for its new 1.8 meter Ku-band transmit/receive antenna. The single-piece stamped metal antenna has achieved K3 and Standard G Intelsat type approval. The type-approved 1.8 meter product is available as a stock item and has a variety of RF bracket and ground mounting options.

The company's goal is to achieve Intelsat type approval on all of its antennas in the Ku-band and C-band frequencies. The official Intelsat type-approval number is IA091A00.

Patriot plans to bundle this type-approved 1.8 meter antenna with a range of RF transmitters and LNBs for complete outdoor unit (ODU) systems.

Mackie Releases d8b Version5.0

Woodinville, WA - Jan 2, 2003 - Mackie Designs has released a software upgrade for its Digital 8�Bus (d8b) recording console with the release of Version 5.0. The software includes an updated graphical user interface (GUI) for improved navigation, a HUI emulation layer, surround monitoring control and other new features:

  • A HUI (Human User Interface) layer allows the d8b to function as a high-quality automated control surface with I/O for popular digital audio workstation platforms.
  • Updated dynamics algorithms
  • New production tools, such as on-screen help, track sheets and channel notes, can be exported as html files.
  • Independent surround monitoring level controls and on-surface surround monitor control.
  • An updated GUI provides new views for all EQ and dynamics in a graphical format along with complete metering control
  • New plug-in chaining capability permits up to four plug-ins to be daisy-chained for one send.

    Version 5.0 began shipping with all new d8b consoles on Dec. 16, 2002. It can also be purchased for downloaded from Version 5.0 is a free upgrade to anyone that purchased an d8b after Nov. 15, 2002.

KPVL Links with APT

Postville, IA - Jan 2, 2003 - Smarts Broadcast Systems recently installed a Smartcaster digital automation system at KPVL-FM in Postville, IA. The installation was unique in that the station is a community-operated, 250W station. KPVL is not an LPFM station, but it is operated by a committee of people from the local community.

Smarts Broadcast Systems of Emmetsburg, IA, was chosen to install the program automation system. Smarts also served in an increased role to work with the station in obtaining the additional equipment it needed to build its facility. Smarts completed most of the wiring within the facility.

The station uses the city's water tower for its antenna support, which is a short distance from the studio. One proposed STL path was an analog, equalized, stereo telephone-company circuit. The station operating committee looked for other options, and contacted Audio Processing Technology (APT), the company that also supplied the audio encoding technology (apt-X) to Smarts for use in its automation system.

APT suggested that a digital link would provide a robust signal link and use a digital telephone circuit instead of an analog one. KPVL chose to use the APT program channel access unit (PCAU) for its connection. The PCAU card transports 15kHz stereo audio via a 256kb/s link. The system uses the apt-X compression algorithm. The cards are terminated in a 2B 1Q format and configured in Campus mode for the STL link.

The PCAU card is the result of a joint venture between Pulsecom and APT. The two companies signed the agreement in March 2001. The PCAU card was developed to offer broadcasters a viable alternative to compression techniques such as Layer II or J.41 that are offered by local service providers.

The apt-X algorithm does not suffer from multiple encoding and decoding passes like some perceptual encoders.

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