Radio Currents Online - Jan 27 - Feb 02, 2003

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Radio Currents Online - Jan 27 - Feb 02, 2003

Jan 1, 2003 12:00 PM

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Two Belgian Broadcasters AdoptPPM

New York - Jan 29, 2003 - Arbitron's electronic audience measurementsystem, the Portable People Meter (PPM), has been selected by twoBelgium broadcasting companies to measure the listening and viewinghabits of the Flemish community.

Vlaamse Radio en Televisie (VRT) and Vlaamse Audiovisuele Regie (VAR),the marketing arm of VRT, have awarded a five-year contract to TNSMedia, a member of the worldwide Taylor Nelsen Sofres group, to installa panel of 450 people equipped with Arbitron�s PPM systembeginning in the second quarter of 2003. VRT and VAR will use the panelto gathering continuous information on the listening and viewing habitsof VRT�s public broadcast audiences for the purpose of radio andtelevision cross media analysis. TNS Media will provide the PPM systemthrough a licensing and royalty agreement with Arbitron.

Arbitron�s Portable People Meter is a pager-sized device thatautomatically detects inaudible codes that are embedded in the audioportion of any electronic media. Its unique ability to measure radioand TV audiences from a single panel will enable VRT to identifyopportunities to cross promote its radio and TV programs.

Belgium becomes the third country to use the PPM technology. TheTelevision Corporation of Singapore has employed Arbitron�s audioencoding system in Taylor Nelson Sofres� set-top people meters toidentify what TV programs are being watched in 750 homes acrossSingapore since 2001. BBM Canada will begin measuring French-languageTV audiences in Montreal and Quebec with the PPM beginning in thefourth quarter of 2003.

VRT operates five radio stations and three TV channels.

Library of Congress Adds 50Recordings to National Recording Registry

New York - Jan 28, 2003 - On Jan. 27, Librarian of Congress James H.Billington announced his selection of the first 50 historic soundrecordings to be added to the National Recording Registry inWashington, DC. The National Recording Registry was established by theNational Recording Preservation Act of 2000 to draw attention to theneed to preserve and restore America's recorded sound heritage. Thisheritage is threatened by the deterioration of most of the recordingmedia invented in the last 100 years, including modern audiotape.

Congress has charged the Librarian of Congress with the responsibilityfor selecting recordings annually that are "culturally, historically oraesthetically significant." Nominations for the registry were garneredfrom members of the public and the National Recording PreservationBoard, which is composed of leaders in the fields of music, recordedsound and preservation. The board also helped with the review ofnominations.

Representing the AES on the board are Elizabeth Cohen, AES pastpresident, and George Massenburg, renowned recording engineer andproducer whose credits include Billy Joel, James Taylor, Randy Newman,Lyle Lovett, Aaron Neville, Little Feat and the Dixie Chicks. Cohen andMassenburg are members of AES Technical Committee on Archiving,Restoration and Digital Libraries and Cohen is founding chair of theAES Technical Committee on Network Audio Systems.

The selection of sound recordings that were chosen are significanteither culturally, historically or aesthetically and include a widerange of styles and forms. Some of the recordings selected includefamous broadcast events. A list of items from the 50 selectedfollows:

  • Edison Exhibition Recordings (Group of three cylinders): "Around theWorld on the Phonograph," "The Pattison Waltz;" "Fifth Regiment March"(1888-1889)
  • "Stars and Stripes Forever" Military Band, Berliner Gramophone discrecording (1897)
  • Scott Joplin ragtime compositions on piano rolls, Scott Joplin,piano (1900s)
  • "Vesti la giubba" from Pagliacci, Enrico Caruso (1907)
  • "Rhapsody in Blue," George Gershwin, piano; Paul Whiteman Orchestra(1924)
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt's radio "Fireside Chats"(1933-1944)
  • Description of the crash of the Hindenburg, Herbert Morrison,reporting (1937)
  • "Who's on First," Abbott and Costello's first radio broadcastversion (1938)
  • "War of the Worlds," Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater (1938)
  • "God Bless America," Kate Smith, Radio broadcast premiere (1938)
  • "White Christmas," Bing Crosby (1942)
  • "This Land Is Your Land," Woody Guthrie (1944)
  • General Dwight D. Eisenhower's D-Day radio address to the AlliedNations (1944)
  • "I Have a Dream," Speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1963)
  • Crescent City Living Legends Collection (WWOZ radio, New Orleans)(1973-1990)
  • "The Message," Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five (1982)

    A full list with complete annotations for each recording andinformation on the National Recording Preservation Board can be foundat

WGAB Evansville for Sale on Ebay

Jan 27, 2003 - The online auction site has made it possible toconnect buyers and sellers for almost anything you can imagine. Thelatest unique item posted for bid is WGAB-AM, Evansville, IN.

The AM daytimer currently carries talk programming throughout the day.The bidding for the station started at $50,000 on Jan. 13. The biddingcloses on Feb. 14 at 9:05 p.m. EST. The current bid is just over$100,000. An interested buyer can always select the Buy it Now optionand pay an even $2,000,000.

To track the status of this sale, go to the Ebay bid site at this link.


TC Works and TC Electronic toCombine Brands

Hamburg, Germany and Risskov, Denmark - Jan 29, 2003 - The recordingmarkets have changed rapidly in the last couple of years, with thecomputer assuming the key role in most production environments. Inorder to recognize this integration trend, the TC Group has decided tounderline its dedication to this market by combining the TC Works andTC Electronic brands and assigning the main brand TC Electronic to thismarket segment.

As a result, Powercore and future TC Works products will be marketedunder TC Electronic, with TC Works maintaining its key role as atechnology and product development team.

All new products and joint projects developed by TC Works and TCElectronic will be marketed under the TC Electronic brand name, whileexisting ones will be rebranded over time. The development andmanagement resources will remain at TC Works headquarters in Hamburg,while all distribution, support and marketing will be transferred toDenmark, the headquarters of TC Electronic effective March 1.


Ibiquity Adds Dan Mason toTeam

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Columbia, MD and Warren NJ - Jan 30, 2003 - Ibiquity Digital hasretained Dan Mason as a consultant to the digital radio developer'smanagement team. Dan Mason, a veteran of the radio broadcastingindustry with nearly 30 years experience and former Infinity Radiopresident, will work with the broadcast industry to promote adoption ofIbiquity's HD Radio technology.

After retiring from Infinity Radio last September, Mason has been aconsultant to companies in the radio broadcasting industry. ForIbiquity, he will consult with the management team in promoting thevalue of HD Radio technology and building broader relationships withbroadcasters to drive HD Radio technology rollout.

Mason has a long and tenured track record of success in the radioindustry. Besides Infinity, he has also served as past president of CBSRadio, Group W Radio and Cook Inlet Radio. A native of Louisville, KY,he holds a B.S. degree in broadcasting from Eastern KentuckyUniversity.

TC Electronic U.S. RestructuresStaff

Westlake Village, CA - Jan 27, 2003 - In a move designed to positionthe company for future growth, Mads Peter Lubeck, COO of TC ElectronicWorldwide, announced that the company has named John Maier to the newlycreated post of vice president of sales, North America. Also announcedas part of this new company structure, long-time TC Electronic U.S.managing director, Ed Simeone, has been appointed to the Board ofDirectors and now holds the title of president.
Maier is an 18-year veteran of the pro audio industry, and mostrecently was pro audio buyer for Guitar Center Management. Before thathe held several positions at Alesis Studio Electronics includingdirector of marketing communication and national accounts manager. Theprior 14 years were spent as a retailer and an independentrepresentative. Maier will be in charge of all operations of the and will be responsible for sales results in the United Statesand Canada.

Ed Simeone founded TC's U.S. distribution company and is a 30-yearveteran of the audio and music industries. He has toured with suchgroups as Journey, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt and Toto.

Also adding to the TC U.S. staff, Dave DeLeon joins the company aslive/install market manager with a special focus on launching theLab.gruppen line of power amps. DeLeon brings a wealth of industryexperience to Lab.gruppen/TC-US, having served more than 15 years inthe pro audio manufacturing industry in technical supervision, salesengineering, marketing, training and consultancy capacities. In his newposition, DeLeon will be oversee all aspects of the sales, marketingand product development of Lab.gruppen branded products in NorthAmerican markets.

Prior to joining Lab.gruppen/TC-US, credits to DeLeons' audio careerinclude positions as sales/applications engineer for QSC Audio Productsfor the past 11 years, and technical supervisor for JBL Professional.In addition, DeLeon has an electrical engineering background, hasnational touring credits working as FOH sound mix engineer, stagemonitor mix engineer, technician and roadie.

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Broadcast Electronics Expands Onan'sResponsibilities

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Quincy, IL - Jan 27, 2003 - Broadcast Electronics has expanded theresponsibilities of Criss Onan to a position of key accounts manager.Onan will represent Broadcast Electronics� digital studioproducts that store, manage and play back audio, text and data. Theseinclude the company�s AudioVAULT, AV2 and VaultXpress, AirBoss,NewsBoss, WebVAULT, eStream and SoniXtream products.

Onan will continue his association with Technet Systems Group, whichrepresents Broadcast Electronics HD and analog transmitters andassociated products, as well as provides turnkey systeminstallations.

As one of Broadcast Electronics� first AudioVAULT salespeople,Onan returned to terrestrial broadcast sales following his work indeveloping strategic Internet products and services. Prior to BroadcastElectronics, he was the sales manager for Northeast Broadcast Lab andworked in a variety of radio engineering and managementpositions.

A resident of the Rochester, NY area, Onan is a graduate of the StateUniversity of NY.

Arbitron Appoints McDonald toVP and CSO

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New York - Jan 27, 2003 - Arbitron has appointed Dr. WilliamMcDonald to the new position of vice president and chief statisticalofficer. In this role, McDonald will support Arbitron�s corebusiness and initiatives in new and value-added services. He will beresponsible for establishing and maintaining policies relating tostatistics and data integrity within Arbitron, including new strategicinitiatives for expanding and enhancing Arbitron�s measurementtools, such as the Portable People Meter (PPM) and its radio andoutdoor audience services. McDonald reports to David Lapovsky,executive vice president, Worldwide Research, Arbitron.

Most recently, McDonald was the director of statistical consulting atDun and Bradstreet. Previously, he served as the director of researchand analysis at Winston Associates. McDonald has also taught marketing,advertising, research, statistics and computer science courses atHofstra University, the University of Illinois and the University ofSan Francisco. He is also the author of three textbooks about marketingmanagement, direct marketing and international business.

McDonald received his Ph.D. and M.A. in behavioral science from theUniversity of Chicago and his M.B.A. in marketing from NorthwesternUniversity.

Audio-Technica Names Shannon asVP Sales

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NAMM, Anaheim, CA - Jan 16, 2003 - Audio-Technica U.S. has appointedMarc Lee Shannon to the position of vice president, sales. Shannon hasbeen with Audio-Technica since 1994, when he joined the company asregional sales manager. He went on to become A-T�s national salesmanager in 1997.


Philips Intros New Car RadioChip

San Jose, CA - Jan 28, 2003 - Royal Philips Electronics hasintroduced a car-radio enhanced-selectivity tuner called the TEF6860.The new chip reportedly alleviates many of the reception problemsassociated with car radios, such as adjacent-channel interference, AMsignal fading, background interference and erratic channel-locking inpoor reception areas.

The TEF6860 is the latest product in Philips' PACS (Precision AdjacentChannel Selectivity) family. Despite the development of digitaltransmission, companies such as Philips are inroducing improvements oncurrent receiver designs. In a similar move, Motorola introduced itsradio-receiver chipset called Symphony last year.

Terrasonde Ships Terralinkver 1.1

Boulder, CO - Jan 29, 2003 - Terrasonde is now shipping theTerralink software, the company's first software application for AudioToolbox users. Terralink creates a link between the Audio Toolbox andany Mac or PC laptop or computer.

Terralink has two functions: Real-time display and enhanced dataanalysis. Data streams from the real-time analyzer, the FFT analyzerand the energy-time graph in the Audio Toolbox can be monitoreddynamically as the measurements are being conducted. These can be runin a window or using the entire screen on any computer platform,allowing for excellent visibility and readability. The streamed resultscan be analyzed in real-time as well using a simple sweeping cursorinterface.

This data, and all of the Toolbox memories, can be captured and savedinstantly as individual Project Files, for comparison and additionalcalculations. The resulting reports can then be formatted with thetechnician's name and contact information to create a professionallyformatted document for their clients.

All Terralink 1.1 users will be eligible for free software upgrades forone year from date of purchase. Contractors software version 3.18 isrequired, which is available for download along with Terralink on theTerrasonde website at

HBC San Francisco Picks NeumannTLM103s

San Francisco - Jan 29, 2003 - During Raul Velez's career as a radioand TV live broadcast sound engineer, he has regularly relied onNeumann microphones. In his new position as chief engineer for HispanicBroadcasting Corporation in San Francisco, he is active in the upgradesto the studios ofKSOL/KSQL and KEMR. Velez purchased seven new TLM 103microphones, bringing the number of 103s the station now has on line to14.

Velez, previously relied on Neumann KMS 105s when he worked with theSan Francisco Giants radio broadcasts.

Radio magazine recently awarded awarded a Neumann TLM103 as thefirst prize in out annual Find the Mic Sweepstakes.

Digidesign Plans Pro Tools 6.0Tour

Daly City, CA - Jan 24, 2002 - Digidesign is preparing a nationwidetour called the Pro Tools 6.0 Ultimate Production Tour, which is afree, one-day educational event slated to be held in dealer locationsthroughout the United States and Canada. The tour featuresDigidesign�s Pro Tools 6.0 and the Pro Tools|HD digital audioworkstation.

Attendees will learn how get the most from the latest features of ProTools 6.0. Course highlights include the system's support for OS10.2.3, support for dual-processor Macintosh G4 computers, improvedorganizational file management with Digibase Pro, expanded MIDI andBeat Detective capabilities, session import flexibilities and increasedmixing options and control.

Specific tour dates and locations, and a registration form areavailable on the Digidesign website at or by calling Digidesign at800-333-2137 or 650-731-6102 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:30p.m. PST.