Radio Currents Online - Ju1 16 - Jul 22, 2007

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Radio Currents Online - Ju1 16 - Jul 22, 2007

Jul 17, 2007 11:00 AM


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NAB Announces 2007 Marconi Radio Award Finalists
Washington - Jul 16, 2007 - The National Association of Broadcasters announced the finalists for the NAB Marconi Radio Awards honoring radio stations and on-air personalities for excellence in broadcasting. The winners will be announced on Sept. 27 at the NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show held during the NAB Radio Show at the Charlotte Convention Center.

  • Legendary Station
    -KIRO-AM Seattle
    -KKOB-AM Albuquerque, NM
    -WMMR-FM Philadelphia
    -WRVA-AM Richmond, VA
    -WWL-AM New Orleans

  • Network Syndicated Personality of the Year
    -Delilah, Premiere Radio Networks
    -Kidd Kraddick, Yea Network
    -Neal Boortz, Jones Radio Networks
    -Sean Hannity, ABC Radio Network
    -Steve Harvey, Premiere Radio Networks

  • Major Market Station of the Year
    -KHKS-FM Dallas
    -KIIS-FM Los Angeles
    -WBLS-FM New York
    -WGN-AM Chicago
    -WSB-AM Atlanta

  • Large Market Station of the Year
    -KBCO-FM Denver
    -KIRO-AM Seattle
    -KSTP-FM Minneapolis
    -WDVE-FM Pittsburgh
    -WUBE-FM Cincinnati

  • Medium Market Station of the Year
    -KGSR-FM Austin, TX
    -KTTS-FM Springfield, MO
    -WDEL-AM Wilmington, DE
    -WFMS-FM Indianapolis
    -WWL-AM New Orleans

  • Small Market Station of the Year
    -KMRY-AM Cedar Rapids, IA
    -KOGA-AM Ogallala, NE
    -KTLO-FM Mountain Home, AR
    -WAXX-FM Eau Claire, WI
    -WKDZ-FM Cadiz, KY

  • Major Market Personality of the Year
    -Big Boy, KPWR-FM Los Angeles
    -Eric Ferguson & Kathy Hart, WTMX-FM Chicago
    -Grandy & Andy, WMAL-AM Washington
    -Preston & Steve, WMMR-FM Philadelphia
    -Joe "Butterball" Tamburro, WDAS-FM Philadelphia

  • Large Market Personality of the Year
    -Chuck Collier, WGAR-FM Cleveland
    -Ellen Jaffe, WLYF-FM Miami
    -Glenn Ordway, WEEI-AM Boston
    -Matt Siegel, WXKS-FM Boston
    -Mike Trivisonno, WTAM-AM Cleveland

  • Medium Market Personality of the Year
    -Buzz Adams, KLAQ-FM El Paso, TX
    -Al Caldwell, KLVI-AM Beaumont, TX
    -Dudley & Bob, KLBJ-FM Austin, TX
    -Mark & Danielle, WOKQ-FM Portsmouth, NH
    -Van & Bonnie, WHO-AM Des Moines, IA

  • Small Market Personality of the Year
    -Mark Clark, KRCH-FM Rochester, MN
    -Kate Hayes, KOZT-FM Fort Bragg, CA
    -Mike McNamara, KNOX-AM Grand Forks, ND
    -John Mons, KDUZ-AM Hutchinson, MN
    -Will Payne, Barry Diamond & Van Man, KITX-FM Hugo, OK

  • Spanish Format Personality of the Year
    -Luz Maria Briseno, KTNQ-AM Los Angeles
    -El Chulo, KHHL-FM Austin, TX
    -Rafael Pulido "El Pistolero," WOJO-FM Chicago
    -Javier Salas, WRTO-AM Chicago
    -Rocio Sandoval "La Peligrosa," KSCA-FM Los Angeles

  • AC Station of the Year
    -KSTP-FM Minneapolis
    -WBEB-FM Philadelphia
    -WLEN-FM Adrian, MI
    -WLYF-FM Miami
    -WTCB-FM Columbia, SC

  • CHR Station of the Year
    -KHKS-FM Dallas
    -KPWR-FM Los Angeles
    -KQKS-FM Denver
    -WNCI-FM Columbus, OH
    -WVAQ-FM Morgantown, WV

  • Country Station of the Year
    -KSON-FM San Diego
    -KTST-FM Oklahoma City
    -KYKX-FM Longview, TX
    -WFMS-FM Indianapolis
    -WIVK-FM Knoxville, TN

  • News/Talk Station of the Year
    KLBJ-AM Austin, TX
    -KSL-AM Salt Lake City
    -WBEN-AM Buffalo, NY
    -WMAL-AM Washington
    -WWL-AM New Orleans

  • Oldies Station of the Year
    -KBSG-FM Seattle
    -WCIZ-FM Watertown, NY
    -WCRE-AM Cheraw, SC
    -WMXJ-FM Miami
    -WWSW-FM Pittsburgh

  • Religious Station of the Year
    -KFSH-FM Los Angeles
    -KLTY-FM Dallas
    -WFMV-FM Columbia, SC
    -WTLC-AM Indianapolis
    -WVEL-AM Peoria, IL

  • Rock Station of the Year
    -KLBJ-FM Austin, TX
    -KTCZ-FM Minneapolis
    -WDVE-FM Pittsburgh
    -WIXO-FM Peoria, IL
    -WMMR-FM Philadelphia

  • Spanish Station of the Year
    -KHHL-FM Austin, TX
    -KLVE-FM Los Angeles
    -KOND-FM Fresno, CA
    -KSOL-FM San Francisco
    -WAMR-FM Miami

  • Sports Station of the Year
    -KFAN-AM Minneapolis
    -KGME-AM Phoenix
    -KTCK-AM Dallas
    -KWEB-AM Rochester, MN
    -WWLS-AM Oklahoma City

  • Urban Station of the Year
    -KMEL-FM San Francisco
    -WBLS-FM New York
    -WHUR-FM Washington
    -WOWI-FM Norfolk, VA
    -WVKL-FM Virginia Beach, VA

The awards were established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi. The NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show will be hosted by talk radio personality Glenn Beck.

Collective Soul to Perform at Marconi Radio Awards Dinner
Washington - Jul 18, 2007 - The NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner and Show will feature a performance by Collective Soul. The awards dinner will take place on Sept. 27 during The NAB Radio Show in Charlotte, NC. Glenn Beck will host the event.


Targetspot Partners with Ando Media for Online Ad Sales
New York - Jul 17, 2007 - Targetspot has partnered with Ando Media to enable Ando's Ad Injector clients to use Targetspot's advertiser marketplace. Ando Media will release a turn-key solution for stations already using its Ad Injector platform to plug in to the Targetspot marketplace to accept advertising campaigns to run on their streams.

In tandem with Ando Media's technology, Targetspot is able to detect when inventory is available to insert in-stream geographic and demographically targeted audio ads for its client stations.

Omnia has delivered audio processors to KNPR Las Vegas (Omnia ONE Multicast), KEOK Tahlequah, OK (Omnia-3AM), WAXX Eau Claire, WI (Omnia-3FM) and WNIJ Dekalb, IL (Omnia-6EXi HD+FM Digital). In addition, Telos broadcast phone systems are now in use at the Voice of America (Twox12 and 2101), KBAZ Hamilton/Missoula, MT (One+One Dual Digital Hybrid), WOWF Crossville, TN (Onex6), WQHT/WRKS New York (Twox12).

Studer has supplied four new On Air 3000 digital broadcast audio consoles for use at BBC Scotland's Queen Margaret Drive studios in Glasgow. They will be used for production of radio news as well as part of a dedicated training program to prepare the staff for its move to a new digital broadcast headquarters at Pacific Quay, which will be fully operational later this year.Logitek has sold four Mosaic control surfaces and five Audio Engine routers to Texas Public Radio in San Antonio. Logitek has also provided Remora, Mosaic and V Mix control surfaces to WSJM in St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, MI to expand an existing Logitek console system. Other deals include four Audio Engines and four Remora-10 control surfaces to ISP Sports (Winston-Salem, NC), an Artisan-32 console system for an HD production room for original HBO programming to HBO (New York), and an Artisan-20 console system for a back-up on-air studio to WISC-TV (Madison, WI).


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Al Jason Joins Harris
Cincinnati - Jul 16, 2007 - Al Jason has joined the Harris radio sales team as the district sales manager for the Northwestern U.S. region. In his new position, Jason is responsible for an eight-state territory including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and Alaska.

Jason has more than 33 years of broadcasting and RF engineering experience. He previously served as western regional sales manager of radio products for Dielectric Communications, western regional sales manager for ERI and domestic sales manager for Jampro Antennas.


RCS Releases RCS News Version 3.0
White Plains, NY - Jul 19, 2007 - RCS released the latest version of RCS News to implement improvements requested by users. Enhancements include:

  • Creation of custom fields in the Story and Rundown libraries.
  • Ability to drag and drop columns into new positions.
  • Fully integrated single-track audio editor.
  • International language support.
  • Enhanced Spell Check.
  • Ingest of RSS and FTP feeds.
  • Access to hyperlinks embedded in Stories in an internal browser.

RCS Enhances Audio File Converter
White Plains, NY - Jul 20, 2007 - RCS has released an updated version of Audio File Converter (AFC) that includes the ability to write embedded tags for WMA files. Tag values no longer take precedence over DAT template values. Highlights of the enhancements include:

  • Broadcast Wave format (BWF) support to read the BWF embedded tag from the audio file during the conversion process.
  • Enhanced internal CPU throttling to prevent the AFC from consuming additional memory.
  • Support for more than eight groups to handle more folders during auto-processing.
  • Improved schema for handling the embedded ID3 and Cart Chunk tags.
  • Inno setup for the installation.

JK Audio Ships Remote Mix 4
Sandwich, IL - Jul 19, 2007 - JK Audio unveiled the Remote Mix 4 portable mixer at NAB2007, and at that time announced a delivery date in mid-July. The company has announced that it met this deadline.

The unit is a four-mic, four-headphone field mixer that features a phone line hybrid and keypad, a PBX handset interface, and a wired cell phone interface. The Remote Mix 4 is also equipped with Bluetooth to connect to cell phones and other portable devices.

Lynx Ships Aurora Firewire Interface
Costa Mesa, CA - Jul 13, 2007 - Lynx Studio Technology is now shipping the LT-FW Lslot Firewire interface for Aurora. The interface allows up to 32 channels of analog and digital input and output at sample rates up to 96kHz. At 192kHz the user can access 16 channels of analog and digital I/O.

The LT-FW supports ASIO and WDM for Windows and Core Audio for Mac OSX. Its full WDM implementation allows multiple channel support of 5.1 and 7.1 surround playback formats. When the LT-FW is used with an Aurora converter, Aurora goes into remote control mode using the Lynx Aurora Remote Control application. All relevant settings, such as sample rate selection, sync source selection, channel routing and buffer size are enabled and controlled from the host computer. The two Firewire connectors allow daisy chaining of LT-FW equipped Aurora converters.

Eye on IBOC

Texas Car Dealer Provides HD Radio Receivers
Dallas - Jul 16, 2007 - Visteon and the David McDavid Auto Group have signed an agreement for the Texas-based auto retailer to offer the Visteon HD Jump transportable HD Radio receiver for a range of vehicles. The David McDavid Auto Group has seven import and domestic retail locations in the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston and Austin markets.

The HD Jump can be used with in-vehicle and home-based cradles, and will be offered through all McDavid dealerships. The McDavid dealerships will equip vehicles on its lots with the HD Jump and offer installation and optional home kits through its parts and accessories operations.

Internet Watch

Jetcast Launches Webinar on Streaming
New York - Jul 17, 2007 - Jetcast has launched a free, 20-minute webinar covering the basics of streaming. The Webinar will be presented throughout July.

Entitled Streaming Myth-busters!, the webinar is narrated by Tom Zarecki and Michael Dalfonzo of Jetcast. The seminar explains the basics of radio station streaming in one short session to be offered at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. ET on July 17, 24 and 31.

Webinar registration is open to anyone in radio, but limited to 200 seats at each session.To register, visit and click the Streaming Myth-Busters banner.

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