Radio Currents Online - Jul 30 - Aug 5, 2007

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Radio Currents Online - Jul 30 - Aug 5, 2007

Jul 30, 2007 9:30 AM


123rd AES Sets Master Classes
New York - Aug 2, 2007 - Originally introduced in 2005, the AES Master Class Program was begun to recognize a select group of masters in their fields and to provide convention attendees with in-depth, focused master classes in each of the invited disciplines. In his second turn as master class committee chairman, Alan Silverman has developed a series of events for the 123rd AES Convention.

Topics for the 123rd AES convention include:

  • The Art And Science of Making and Playing Great Recordings
    Keith O. Johnson, Reference Recordings
  • Hard Earned Design Secrets
    Bruno Putzeys, Hypex Electronics
  • From Rough Mix To Yogi
    Michael Brauer
  • Vintage Microphone Mystique
    Klaus Heyne, German Masterworks; Oliver Archut, TAB-Funkenwerk
  • Audio Interconnections
    Henry Ott, Henry Ott Consultants

The AES 123rd Convention will be held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York, Oct. 5-8, 2007.

FCC Seeks Comment on Media Ownership Studies
Washington - Jul 31, 2007 - The Federal Communications Commission has released 10 research studies on media ownership as part of MB Docket 06-121. The studies, which were conducted by outside researchers and by the commission staff, examine a range of issues that affect diversity, competition and localism. The Commission seeks public comment on the studies, which are available on the Commission's website at

Comments are due Oct. 1, 2007, and reply comment are due Oct. 16, 2007). All filings must be submitted in MB Docket No. 06-121.

MB Docket No. 02-277, MM Docket Nos. 01-235, 01-317, 00-244

FCC Releases White Space Interference Report
Washington - Jul 31, 2007 - On Oct. 12, 2006, the Federal Communications Commission adopted a first report and order and further notice of proposed rule making in ET Docket Nos. 04-186 and 02-380, 21 FCC Rcd 12266 (2006) authorizing the operation of new low power devices in the TV broadcast spectrum at locations where individual channels/frequencies are not being used for authorized services. These supposedly unused frequency areas are commonly referred to as TV white spaces. In that action, the Commission stated that its laboratory would conduct a testing program to assess the potential for interference from low-power devices. On Dec. 21, 2006, the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) issued a public notice (DA 06-2571) asking interested parties to submit prototype TV white space devices for testing. Two parties provided prototype personal/portable white space devices to the FCC Laboratory for testing.

The OET has released two technical reports on initial measurement studies relating to the above devices that were performed by its laboratory: Initial Evaluation of the Performance of Prototype TV-Band White Space Devices (OET Report FCC/OET 07-TR-1006 Prototype Devices Report) and Direct-Pickup Interference Tests of Three Consumer Digital Cable Television Receivers Available in 2005 (OET Report FCC/OET 07-TR-1005 Direct Pickup Report). The two reports are available through the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) at

While this issue appears to only affect TV reception, it is a concern for radio broadcasters as well. The theory that an unused TV channel in a market is wasted spectrum is false because broadcasters routinely use these unused TV channels for wireless mics and other communications. This is especially true during any kind of media event where multiple itinerant RF users converge in a single location, such as a sporting event or during news coverage. TV broadcasters also cite that allowing unlicensed devices will wreak havoc with the DTV transition already underway.

The FCC proposal stipulated that the new unlicensed wireless devices must first scan the spectrum to ensure that they do not interfere with another device. Again, this concept is flawed because even if an unlicensed device senses no activity at one moment, new authorized users could appear at any moment.

The FCC's lab tests on devices submitted by Microsoft and Philips showed that they do not consistently sense or detect TV broadcast or wireless mic signals. Even when strong TV signals existed, the unlicensed devices under test failed to accurately detect the TV signal 40 to 75 percent of the time.

Interested parties may file comments on these reports no later than Aug. 15, 2007. Reply comments are due no later than Aug. 27, 2007. All filings should reference ET Docket No. 04-186.


D.A.V.I.D. Moves to New Offices
Centreville, VA - Jul 27, 2007 - D.A.V.I.D. Systems has moved to new offices for its U.S. operation. The new address is
5875 Trinity Pkwy, Ste 105
Centreville, VA 20120-1971

The company's phone numbers and Web information are unchanged. The company notes that the move was made to accommodate the increased staff and to be closer to Washington Dulles Airport.

Comrex Provides Portable Access to Courthouse Remote
Richmond, VA - Jul 26, 2007 - Following allegations of illegal dog fighting, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick made a scheduled appearance for his arraignment on federal charges at a courthouse in Richmond, VA. The media covered the court appearance, including Sludge and the Morning Sludge from Cox Radio's WDYL, Y101 New Rock.

Dressed in dog suits, the morning show made its presence known as it broadcast its four-hour morning show from the scene while roaming through the crowd talking to protesters and passersby. The broadcast was relayed to the studio using the Comrex Access Portable BRIC IP stereo codec.

The morning show used the Access Portable with EVDO wireless service to transmit bi-directional, low-delay audio back to the station. The Access Portable can use a variety of wireless IP services, including Wi-fi, DSL, 3G wireless and satellite in addition to connections via a POTS line.

Neural-THX Surround, Classical Public Radio Network Team on Surround Broadcast
Kirkland, WA, and Aspen, CO - Jul 31, 2007 - Neural Audio and THX will provide their Neural-THX Surround sound technology for the first surround broadcast from the Aspen Music Festival and School. This exclusive classical concert will be produced as a two-hour special on the Classical Public Radio Network (CPRN), with its first broadcast on Aug. 16, 2007, at 8 p.m. MT.

Conductor James Conlon leads the Aspen Chamber Orchestra in an exciting concert featuring three cornerstone Beethoven works: the Leonore Overture No. 3, op. 72b; the Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, op. 37; and the Symphony No. 5 in C minor, op. 67. Sharing the Aspen stage with Conlon will be pianist Andreas Haefliger. National radio personality Monika Vischer will host the concert presentation of the performance and interviews with Conlon and Haefliger.

The surround presentation will be rebroadcast several times during the year over the Classical Public Radio Network's 60-station national network. The Aspen Music Festival and School presents more than 350 events during its nine-week summer season. The Festival's 58th season runs June 21 to Aug. 19, 2007.

Open Gear Expands with Sonifex
Iroquois, ON - Aug 2, 2007 - Ross Video and Sonifex have partnered to expand the Open Gear platform with the addition of Sonifex products. The Open Gear terminal equipment platform is based on an open-architecture, 2RU modular frame designed to accommodate up to 10 cards. A variety of cards are available from equipment manufacturers that support the platform. Open Gear also provides the platform with a control system that can be used to monitor and control frames and modules on the network.

Sonifex has not yet determined which products will be available for the Open Gear system.

GSS, 3N Partner on Emergency Comms
Jackson, MS - Aug 2, 2007 - Global Security Systems (GSS) and the National Notification Network (3N) have partnered to integrate 3N's mass notification system with GSS's Alert FM digital alert and messaging system. The joint effort was launched to provide state and local government agencies with a single solution for community emergency notification.

Alert FM uses RBDS to send digital information via FM radio stations. Targeted alerts and messages are delivered by satellite to FM sites. Customers of the joint GSS and 3N system will also receive weather alerts and updates through a direct feed from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Jampro Antennas has been awarded a contract by the Kuwait Ministry of Information for a Jampro JADP 12-Bay FM broadband panel antenna, a four-frequency Jampro combiner unit, a Jampro motorized output patching-splitting system and Jampro�s Proline dual-feed rigid transmission line. The equipment will be used as part of an upgrade to improve coverage of Kuwait�s KABD, the largest of the country�s three radio networks. KABD has 20 FM and SW transmitters broadcasting in English and Arabic, covering Kuwait and the Gulf region.

WGBH-FM, Boston, has acquired a Solid State Logic C200 Digital Production Console for its new, 1,800 square-foot performance studio. The new studio is part of a consolidation under one roof of WGBH's television and radio broadcasting infrastructure. The C224 replaces an SSL 4000 E Series console installed in 1987.


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Airshift Adds Sales Manager
Helsinki, Finland - Jul 30, 2007 - Airshift Media, the manufacturer of the Airshift Radio program suite for automation, traffic scheduling and production, has hired Maria Lindberg as its area sales manager. Lindberg will take on all sales and marketing functions and is currently establishing a worldwide distribution network.

Lindberg's Sales experience includes work for Electrolux and other technology-based companies in Europe. A Swedish native and now a Finnish citizen, she speaks German, Italian, English, French, some Spanish, Finnish and Swedish.

She can be reached through Airshift's European office at +358 50 529 06 35 and at

ERI's Kemman Dies
Newburgh, IN - Jul 25, 2007 - James H. Kemman of ERI died of cancer on July 25. He was 70 years old.

He was born Jan. 24, 1937, in Altoona, PA. Previously, he worked for Silliman, Moffett and Kowolski and later Silliman and Silliman in Washington, DC, and Silver Spring, MD, for 23 years. His career started as a chief engineer of radio station WLAN in Lancaster, PA.

Kemmen joined Silliman, Moffett and Kowalski in 1964. He was a field engineer specializing in AM field measurements and later began performing FM measurements. In 1970 he joined ERI as the only engineer on staff at the Newburgh, IN, manufacturing facility. Kemmen continued to work for Silliman and Silliman as a senior broadcast consulting engineer. In 1987, he joined ERI full-time and worked there until July 1, 2007, when he took a medical leave of absence.

While at ERI, Kemmen's duties included director of the ERI laboratory, involvement with the ERI antenna array software development, FM system designs for multiplex FM systems, field service and in-house engineering operations. Kemmen was also a member of the ERI board of directors.

Dielectric Appoints VanAtta as General Manager
Raymond, ME - Jul 31, 2007 - Garrett VanAtta has been appointed as Dielectric Communications' vice president and general manager. In his new role, VanAtta will oversee Dielectric's development and manufacture of systems for radio, mobile media and television broadcasting. VanAtta, who has held upper management positions within SPX, the parent company of Dielectric, since 2001, was previously the vice president of operations for Dielectric.

In his new position of vice president and general manager, VanAtta will report directly to Lee Powell, SPX segment president for industrial products and services. VanAtta also has served as director of supply chain management for Dielectric and as North American director of operations for SPX's Radio detection. Prior to joining SPX, VanAtta held a variety of senior-level production management and engineering management positions.

David Wilson, Dielectric's former president, has been promoted to the role of vice president of global aftermarket sales and marketing for SPX Service Solutions.

Netia Adds Three to Technical Team
Claret, France - Aug 1, 2007 - Netia has added technical people in technical support and development roles. Sebastian Torres, a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) with computer science training and experience in network administration and server management, will work with Netia project managers to ensure proactive service throughout the specification, installation, and ongoing maintenance and support of Netia software products. Prior to joining Netia, Torres was responsible for testing P Series server systems at IBM's Montpellier, France, facility.

Frederick Monge has been appointed to the role of developer in charge of Netia's Multitrack XT editing tool. Earlier, he was a developer at Faith Technologies, where he was responsible for developing the company's MXMF Tool, a real-time application that creates Mobile DLS and Mobile XMF content. Previously, while at Intuitive Works, he oversaw the development of the company's multitrack sequencer, Intuitive MX. Monge has a bachelor's and a master's degree in computer science, along with a post-graduate diploma in computer science and multimedia.

After working as an intern with Netia for the past three years, Yoann Keiflin has assumed the role of developer in charge of Netia's Nodal Master and Media Logging systems. Since his arrival at Netia, Keiflin has successfully deployed numerous, customized installations and continues to work closely with Netia customers throughout Europe. Keiflin's background includes studies in electronics and training in computer science, and he also held a lengthy internship for Cirad in Montpellier, France.

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Loud Names Mael as Business Director
Woodinville, WA - Aug 1, 2007 - Loud Technologies has promoted Christopher Mael to business director of its Mackie and Tapco brand group. As business director, Mael will manage sales forecasting, demand planning, inventory management, product pricing and sales programs for both brands worldwide.

Prior to his promotion, Mael held business management and account management positions at Loud. A live-sound engineer, he continues to work in medium and large venues in the greater Seattle area. Before coming to work for Loud, Mael worked in sales, management consulting and executive management in the financial services and healthcare industries.

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