Radio Currents Online - Jul 7- Jul 13, 2008

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Radio Currents Online - Jul 7- Jul 13, 2008

Jul 7, 2008 10:36 AM


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New HD Radio Receivers Break $100 Barrier
Columbia, MD - Jul 9, 2008 - The $100 price point for HD Radio receivers has been reached. The new under $100 HD Radio devices from Coby, Iluv, JVC, Pioneer, Radiosophy and Sony cost 30 percent less than one year ago. Many of the same manufacturers are offering receivers for less than $200.

Coby, Dual, Iluv, Insignia, Jensen and Sony have new receivers priced between $119 and $179.95, some of which include Itunes tagging, Ipod docks and Iphone compatibility. These and other HD Radio receivers are listed in a buyer's guide at There are now more than 60 unique models available from manufacturers.

Less than $100
Here are some of the new home receivers priced for less than $100.

  • The Coby HDR-650 is a palm-sized, tube-shaped model with a brushed-aluminum chassis and RCA outputs to existing stereo systems that will be released this summer. Cost: $99
  • The Iluv i168 features a digital clock and date display with dual alarm function. Cost $99.99
  • The Radiosophy HD100 features an MP3 input, standard clock radio functions and HD Radio-exclusive scanning option. Cost: $99
  • The Sony XDR-F1HD includes a wireless remote control and is available now. Cost: $99.99

Here are some of the automotive receivers priced for less than $100.

  • The JVC KT-HD300 is compatible within the new lineup of in-dash units and adds HD Radio tuning to all JVC HD Radio-ready receivers. Cost: $99
  • The Pioneer GEX-P10HD is a hideaway module that connects through the Pioneer head unit's IP-BUS interface. Cost: $99
  • The Sony XT-100HD automotive tuner module will work with most Sony car stereo units. Cost: $99

Additional receivers in the works include the Coby HDR-700, a battery-powered, portable tabletop unit that provides up to five hours of play time, a remote and a splash-proof case ($149, summer); the Iluv i169 incorporates a digital clock display with dual alarm function and an Ipod dock ($169.99); the Jensen JIMS-525i will feature video-out functionality, Itunes tagging and Iphone/Ipod compatibility ($149.99); and the Sony XDR-S10HDIP that will include Itunes tagging ($179.95). Several new automotive receivers will also be unveiled from Dual and Insignia.

Radio Shack Recalls 13.8Vdc Power Supplies
Washington, DC - Jul 2, 2008 - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Radio Shack issued a voluntary recall of two models of the retailer's dc power supplies. Users are warned to stop using the recalled products immediately. Radio Shack notes that there are about 160,000 affected units in the recall.

Radio Shack's part numbers are 22-507, a 3A supply with an automotive lighter jack and binding posts, and 22-508, a 15A supply with binding posts, with date codes from 08A04 through 01A08. The date code format is MMAYY where MM is the month and YY is the year. The catalog number and date code are located on the back of the power supply. The supplies were sold at Radio Shack stores from October 2004 through January 2008. Power supplies with a green dot on the product and the product's packaging have already been repaired and are not included in the recall. The recalled power supplies are wired incorrectly, posing electrocution and fire hazards. No injuries have been reported yet.

Owners of recalled supplies can return them to any Radio Shack store for a free repair. Registered owners of the recalled power supplies will be mailed a notice. Additional information is available through Radio Shack at 800-843-7422 or

FCC to Host Pandemic Preparedness Summit
Washington, DC - Jul 8, 2008 - The Federal Communications Commission's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau will host a Summit on Pandemic Preparedness: Enhancing Communications Response for Health Care and First Responders, to be held on Sept. 16, 2008. The Summit will focus on communications and coordination between the health care sector, first responders, government and industry in preparation for a pandemic. The panel discussions will also highlight ways that communications may be expanded and enhanced in response to a pandemic and how the communications industry will serve an instrumental role in such a response.

The Summit will be open to the public with limited seating. To attend, preregister online at The deadline for preregistration is Sept. 12, 2008. The summit will also be streamed online at


Bus Radio Receives Arbitron Verification
Boston - Jul 8, 2008 - Bus Radio, a national radio network for school busses in 26 states, has received Arbitron's verification of Bus Radio's audience measurement methodology. Average Five Minute Audience Delivery (AFMAD) measures the average number of students that can be expected to be listening to Bus Radio during any five-minute segment in a daypart, defined as the entire bus trip to school in the morning or from school in the evening.

Arbitron also verified a compliance rate (turn on) of 99.1 percent across the Bus Radio Network. Using numbers and factors such as absenteeism and after school activities, Arbitron confirmed the rider numbers provided by federal funding guidelines and school districts are a valid representation of bussed students.

Bus Radio is a unique media platform and thus the application of traditional methods to measure audience exposures to Bus Radio has some limitations. The AFMAD calculation takes the school bus listening situation into account.

Bus Radio provides schools with programming that is separated into three age-specific daily programs for elementary, middle and high school children. Bus Radio content is edited for language and subject matter., Dave and Dave Provide Working Studio for Voice 2008
Bend, OR - Jul 8, 2008 - will provide a working voice-over studio at Voice 2008. The company joins Dave and Dave in offering the convenience to attendees that need to complete deadline-sensitive work while attending the trade show. The studio will be available in the Westwood Room of the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel. Dave and Dave will furnish the audio equipment and its staff will manage the use of the studio during the course of the event. manufactures modular sound isolation booths and enclosures. They feature single- or double-wall systems with active ventilation, lighting, cable passage and optional windows. Standard sizes range from 4' x 4' up to 16' x 16'. also provides pentagonal-shaped booths for corner placement.

Voice 2008 is an event for voice talent and is being held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza from Aug. 8-11 in Los Angeles.

Arbitron Adds PPM VIP Service
New York - Jul 8, 2008 - Arbitron now offers a free, customized concierge service targeted to Portable People Meter (PPM) survey participants between the ages of 18 and 34. The user-controlled, Web-based, telephone wakeup and reminder service is designed to improve compliance by increasing the day-to-day contacts between the PPM respondents and Arbitron's ongoing panel relations efforts.

Called the PPM VIP Service, PPM panelists in New York, Houston and Philadelphia who live in households with a person age 18-34 in residence can use the personal digital calendar service to help keep track of their schedules. Users can visit their password-protected panelist Web page and register any phone number to receive customized alerts for any personal event.

Once a panelist activates the service, he can receive alerts and reminders on as up to five different numbers. The website lets a panelist modify messages for each phone number, time of alert and personalize the content with exact text for every message he enters into the system. Later, when the PPM VIP Service calls back at the designated day and time, an automated voice reads the same message the panelist input into the website.

Arbitron will consider adding to the options offered and expanding the service to additional PPM markets after an evaluation of panelist adoption rates and long-term usage patterns.

Media Monitors Obtains Technology Patent
White Plains, NY - Jul 10, 2008 - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent #US 7,386,047 B2 for Media Monitors' method for determining likelihood of matches between source data and reference data, which was filed Aug. 19, 2003. This patent covers the data gathering and research firm's fingerprinting technology. In this process, retrieved audio samples are analyzed by the patented algorithm that enables Media Monitors to accurately identify additional occurrences. This unique technology helps Media Monitors process millions of pieces of data and deliver an accurate picture of what was aired on radio, TV and cable TV.

APT Opens Brazil Office
Rio de Janeiro - Jul 10, 2008 - APT has opened a new office in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jon McClintock, president worldwide sales for APT said, notes that APT has seen an increase in business in South America over the last 18 months, which prompted the business decision.

The new office in Rio will serve as a base for APT to deliver sales and support to the continent. The Brazilian office will be headed by Jonathan Corkey, a new appointment for APT. Corkey has resided in Rio de Janeiro for several years. He previously held a position as managing director of Myriad Media.

RadioTime Added to Kodak Theatre HD Player
Rochester, NY - Jul 10, 2008 - Eastman Kodak unveiled a set of partnerships that tools and resources for consumers with Kodak Digital Display Devices, including Wireless Digital Frames and the Kodak Theatre HD Player.

Radio Time is an Internet radio aggregator. Kodak's relationship with Radio Time grants Kodak users access to an array of contemporary audio programming so users can tune to various radio stations. The service provides an on-screen navigation to radio streams that can be sorted in various ways.

Sales Call

The World Net Milano was recently used to transport audio over ISDN for a rather unique radio advertisement from Outlaw Sound Studios in Hollywood California, to Quiet, Please! Studios, in Milan, Italy.

Loudspeaker manufacturer Martin Audio has invested in two Prism Sound Dscope Series III audio analyzers, which are being used to develop new products and test the audio performance of existing products as they pass through the production process. Subcity Radio at the University of Glasgow ordered a Sonifex 25-frame S2 digital I/O analog radio broadcast mixer. The mixer was ordered with three mic/line channels, five stereo channels with EQ and a 10-channel wide script space to a standard PC keyboard could be used. Three Roman broadcasters -- CHR Radio Globo, talk station Radio Radio, and sports station Radio Centro Suono Sport -- have chosen Axia Element consoles and routing equipment as the basis for new rebuilds of their studios in Rome. This follows the Axia installation at Funkhaus Suedtirol for Radio Suedtirol 1 in Bolzano, Italy, earlier this year. Axia representative Feel will provide integration and installation services for these projects. The New York Giants have signed a contract for the Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) custom radio ratings services in New York. The PPM data will provide the team with game-by-game insight about its listening audience. Logitek Electronic Systems has fulfilled several router and control surface orders throughout the world.

In the USA, Cache Valley Radio expanded its Logitek system with an additional Remora control surface; Texas Public Radio in San Antonio expanded its Logitek system with an additional Mosaic control surface; ISP Sports (Winston-Salem, NC) expanded its Logitek system with an additional Remora control surface; KBIA (University of Missouri) ordered a new Remora console system and WTOC-TV ordered an Artisan console system.

Internationally, Chongqing Radio in China ordered several Logitek console systems including nine Audio Engines, seven Mosaic surfaces, a variety of router controllers and the Vscreen GUI; Hsing Broadcasting Station in Taiwan ordered five Audio Engines and nine Mosaic control surfaces; Universidad Puebla in Mexico ordered a Mosaic console system; Today FM in Dublin Ireland ordered two Mosaic console systems; and GCAP (Capital Radio) in London ordered a Remora console system.


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Larry Cervon Dies at 86
Quincy, IL - Jul 10, 2008 - Known for his work as a past president of Broadcast Electronics, Lawrence Cervon died on July 5, 2008, at his home in Laurel, NY. He was 86 and suffered from pulmonary fibrosis.

"Larry was a large presence in this industry. All of us who had the fortune to know him remember him with great fondness," said BE Vice President of RF Systems Tim Bealor, who worked with Cervon until his retirement from BE in 1991.

Cervon is being remembered this week for his leadership role at Broadcast Electronics and in the industry as a whole. He was president of Broadcast Electronics from 1976 to 1991. His service to the industry dates back to his days with RCA International, Westinghouse Electric and Gates Radio Company; Cervon succeeded Parker Gates as vice president and general manager of Gates Radio in 1967. In 1991, the National Association of Broadcasters recognized Cervon for his 45 years of vision and leadership in the development of high technology broadcast equipment.

In October 2007, Broadcast Electronics employees honored Cervon with a lifetime achievement award during a ceremony at the company's headquarters in Quincy. Cervon did not attend the event because of health reasons, but he participated through teleconferencing from his home in New York. Friends and former colleagues posted testimonials in an online site ( the time of the ceremony. This week, many of these same people as well as others are remembering Cervon for his contribution to the industry and to BE.

Broadcast Electronics employees remember Cervon as a caring leader. "He knew all the employees by name, and I think he was one that really cared about the employees and their happiness and welfare," said Kim Winking, marketing services manager for BE who also worked with Cervon.

Friends and former colleagues of Cervon are invited to share anecdotal stories and condolences online at

Foneshow Hires Bourke for Business Development
Portland, ME - Jul 9, 2008 - Foneshow, a provider of short-form audio content for mobile phones, has hired Weleskie Bourke to augment the Foneshow business development team as the director of business development. Bourke has more than 13 years of experience in radio.

She joins Foneshow from Green Stone Media, a radio and media network where she served as operations manager for the 24-hour, all-women radio network's New York market. Previously she spent 11 years at WOR-AM. There she served in various capacities, including producer and program coordinator. She also oversaw the station's internship program.

Bourke has a BA degree in broadcast journalism from Long Island University.