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Radio Currents Online - Mar 1 - Mar 7, 2004

Feb 1, 2004 12:00 PM

EAS Event (NWR-SAME) CodesWeather-RelatedEventsNWR-SAME CodeStatusBlizzardWarningBZWOperationalCoastal Flood WatchCFANWS implementation June 30,2004Coastal FloodWarningCFWNWS implementation June30, 2004Dust Storm WarningDSWNWS implementation June 30,2004Flash FloodWatchFFAOperationalFlash Flood WarningFFWOperationalFlash FloodStatementFFSOperationalFlood WatchFLAOperationalFloodWarningFLWOperationalFlood StatementFLSOperationalHigh WindWatchHWAOperationalHigh Wind WarningHWWOperationalHurricaneWatchHUAOperationalHurricane WarningHUWOperationalHurricaneStatementHLSOperationalSevere Thunderstorm WatchSVAOperationalSevere ThunderstormWarningSVROperationalSevere Weather StatementSVSOperationalSpecial MarineWarningSMWNWS implementation June30, 2004Special Weather StatementSPSOperationalTornadoWatchTOAOperationalTornado WarningTOROperationalTropical StormWatchTRANWS implementation June30, 2004Tropical Storm WarningTRWNWS implementation June 30,2004TsunamiWatchTSAOperationalTsunami WarningTSWOperationalWinter StormWatchWSAOperationalWinter Storm WarningWSWOperational
Non-Weather-RelatedEventsNWR-SAME CodeStatusNationalCodes-RequiredEmergency ActionNotificationEANOperationalEmergency Action TerminationEATOperationalNational InformationCenterNICOperationalStateand Local Codes-optionalAvalancheWatchAVANWS implementation June30, 2004Avalanche WarningAVWNWS implementation June 30,2004Child AbductionEmergencyCAENWS implementation June30, 2004Civil Danger WarningCDWNWS implementation June 30,2004Civil EmergencyMessageCEMOperationalEarthquake WarningEQWNWS implementation June 30,2004EvacuationImmediateEVIOperationalFire WarningFRWNWS implementation June 30,2004Hazardous MaterialsWarningHMWNWS implementation June30, 2004Law Enforcement WarningLEWNWS implementation June 30,2004Local AreaEmergencyLAENWS implementation June30, 2004911 Telephone OutageEmergencyTOENWS implementation June 30,2004Nuclear Power PlantWarningNUWNWS implementation June30, 2004Radiological Hazard WarningRHWNWS implementation June 30,2004Shelter in PlaceWarningSPWNWS implementation June30, 2004Volcano WarningVOWNWS implementation June 30,2004
AdministrativeEventsNWR-SAME CodeStatusAdministrativeMessageADROperationalNational Periodic TestNPTOperationalNetwork MessageNotificationNMNNWS implementation June30, 2004Practice/Demo WarningDMOOperationalRequired MonthlyTestRMTOperationalRequired Weekly TestRWTOperational

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Senator Gregg Finds Flaws in MITREStudy

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March 3, 2004 - New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg, the chairman ofthe Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, wrote a letter onMarch 2 to FCC Chairman Michael Powell outlining his concerns with therecent MITRE report that was release by the FCC regardingadjacent-channel interference to radio receivers.

The letter states, "The conclusions in the report are based almostentirely upon one study conducted by the MITRE corporation on behalf ofthe FCC. The MITRE study contained several technical and methodologicalerrors that adversely and prejudicially affected its results. Moreover,assuming findings from this flawed study led MITRE to disregardCongress� specific request for an economic impactassessment."

Senator Gregg went on to outline the problems he sees, which includethe following:

  • The MITRE study disregarded accepted scientific methods. MITRE usedjust six radio receivers in its tests when the FCC had earlierindicated that 21 receivers was a statistically insignificantamount
  • MITRE offered no public disclosure of the technical characteristicsof the receivers, making it impossible to evaluate how the performanceof these receivers relates to the measured interference.
  • MITRE failed to use a common antenna in the test vehicle to ensureconsistent reception.
  • MITRE did not test any lower-adjacent channels for interference.Only the upper-third adjacent interferes were used in its study (inevery instance, the frequency of the LPFM interfere was 600kHz greaterthan the full power FM signal). Previous research by the ConsumerElectronic Association (CEA) shows that different receivers rejectinterference to varying degrees, and that many receivers reject upperand lower adjacent channel interferes by vastly differentamounts.

    Gregg also pointed out that the MITRE test used only six test markets,rather than the nine authorized by Congress. Within these markets,MITRE analyzed only a handful of locations. Properly conducted fieldtests typically select numerous sites throughout a service area tocharacterize interference on a radio station because of the tremendousvariability of reception based on terrain, environmental interferenceand other factors.

    Finally, the MITRE report did not include an economic analysis. Greggstated that he assumes that there would be no measurable economicimpact on broadcasters because of the faulty technical evaluation,which he states is in contrast to Congress' express direction.

    From the letter:

"In fact, even with this litany of technical flaws thatprejudiced MITRE's findings, the study still found significantinterference. MITRE tested six sites [that] the FCC would have licensedto LPFM applicants were it not for Congressional intervention. For eachof these sites, by MITRE's own admission, 'significant interference' tofull-power FM stations from LPFM stations operating on third-adjacentchannels was observed. MITRE, in its study, apparently declined toconduct an economic analysis because it assumed that the purported lackof interference demonstrated that there would be no measurable economicimpact. That assumption is false and irrelevant. Congress did not linkthe requirement of an economic impact study to any finding ofinterference. Congress simply wanted to know what the effect on smallmarket and minority broadcasters would be, should third adjacentchannel protections be altered and hundreds or thousands of new LPFMstations authorized."

Senator Gregg has requested that Chairman Powell provide the reasonsfor the mandated provisions, along with the scientifically acceptedtesting methodologies were eliminated from consideration of thisstudy.

Worldspace Launches GlobalSubscription Campaign

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Washington, DC - Mar 4, 2004 - Worldspace has made its multinationalsatellite radio subscription plan available across the WorldspaceSatellite Radio global footprint, which covers Europe, Asia, the MiddleEast and Africa. The initial target market for phase one of the globalsubscription roll out will be American and British expatriates livingand working abroad, including the U.S. military.

The subscription offering will be available for US$9.99 with specialadditional receiver subscription and multi-year incentives.

Worldspace Satellite Radio began broadcasting in 1999 with all channelsfree to listeners with the purchase of portable digital satellite radioreceivers. Worldspace says that the programming it will offer with thispackage is largely unavailable from the terrestrial radio present inthe countries it will serve.

New EAS Event Codes Take Effect inJune

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Mar 4, 2004 - On Feb. 26, 2002, the FCC issued a Report and Orderamending the Emergency Alert System (EAS) rules. The R&O becameeffective May 16, 2002. As part of the R&O, the FCC adoptednumerous new civil emergency, weather and natural disaster event codesand National Weather Service's (NWS) marine area location codes. Thecomplete list of EAS event codes (also known as NWR-SAME Codes) isshown below. The codes are distinguished between those in use today andthose the NWS will implement on NOAA Weather Radio on June 30, 2004.NWR and the EAS use identical digital protocols, and NWR is the primarymeans for NWS alerts to activate the Emergency Alert System.

The reason for the delay between the effective date of the R&O andthe NWS implementation of the new codes is that broadcasters neededtime to upgrade their EAS encoder/decoder equipment to implement manyof the changes in this R&O. If EAS equipment is not upgraded, thenew event codes being implemented by NWS on June 30 will cause unknownevent code operator alarms. Most broadcasters have upgraded theirequipment, so NWS is making final preparations to proceed.

The FCC Report and Order that became effective May 16, 2002,establishes naming conventions for the new and future EAS event codes.In most cases, and for all future codes to be approved, the thirdletter of all hazardous state and local event codes is will be limitedto one of four letters:

  • "W" for warnings
  • "A" for watches
  • "E" for emergencies
  • "S" for statements

    The existing event codes for Tornado Warning (TOR), Severe ThunderstormWarning (SVR) and Evacuation Immediate (EVI) will not be changed toconform to this naming convention.

CBI Announces Student Production AwardCompetition

Mar 1, 2004 - Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) has announced thatentries are now being accepted through May 21, 2004, for the thirdannual national Student Production Awards in radio and television for25 different categories.

CBI has added four new award categories this year (Best StationPromotion and Best Regularly Scheduled Program for radio andtelevision) to its lineup, which features entries for Best Newscast,Best Promo, Best Sports Reporting, Best DJ/VJ and Best Public ServiceAnnouncement. A list of all category descriptions, details a list ofthe 2003 finalists and winners can be found

As many as four finalists in each category are named by judging panelsmade up of professionals and advisors. CBI recognized more than 65student TV and radio stations in 2003.

For further information, call Awards Coordinator Warren Kozireski at(585) 395-5626 or e-mail

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Orban Announces Spring MBL TourDates

Tempe, AZ - Mar 4, 2004 - Orban/CRL has announced the dates andcities for the Orban/CRL Mobile Broadcast Laboratory (MBL) USA Tour2004 second quarter visits. Radio stations, TV stations, SBE meetingsand state broadcast conventions will host the traveling exhibition.Broadcasters will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of Orbanand CRL broadcast equipment in their home town as the Orban/CRL MobileBroadcast Laboratory goes from city to city throughout 2004.

The MBL unit is a fully-equipped 33-foot mobile vehicle that has beenconverted to permit testing and demonstrations of Orban and CRLproducts and provide comparisons with other products. The MBL alsocarries kiosks with rack-mounted displays of Orban/CRL's entire productline.

DateLocationMarch 4-5TallahasseeMarch 8-10TampaMarch 12-16MiamiMarch 17-19OrlandoApril 1-3OklahomaCityApril 5-6AlbuquerqueApril 17-22LasVegas/NABMay 17-18AmarilloMay 20-24DallasMay 26-28HoustonJune 7-8MemphisJune 10-14NashvilleJune 16-18Birmingham

Air Tools DealersAnnounced

Mountlake Terrace, WA - Feb 24, 2004 - Symetrix has appointedbroadcast dealers who will represent the Air Tools line ofaudio-for-broadcast products. Symetrix added these dealers to addressthe rapidly growing needs of broadcasters coping with streaming Webmedia, direct satellite broadcasting and increased complexity intraditional radio and TV broadcasting.

The dealers are:

  • Bradley Broadcast - Frederick, MD
  • Broadcast Supply Worldwide - Tacoma, WA
  • Broadcasters General Store - Ocala, FL
  • Crouse-Kimzey Company - Dallas, TX
  • Dale Pro Audio - New York, NY
  • Giesler Broadcast Supply - Houston, TX
  • Harris - Mason, OH
  • RF Specialties of Missouri - Kearney, MO
  • SCMS - Pineville, NC

Cincinnati Gets BPL Service

Cincinnati - Mar 2, 2004 - Cinergy Broadband and CurrentCommunications Group are beginning to offer broadband over power line(BPL) services in the greater Cincinnati area. A subsequent expansionis planned for Northern Kentucky and Indiana.

Cinergy Broadband and Current have formed a joint venture that willroll out broadband services under the brand Current Communications.Initially, these services will consist of high-speed Internet and willeventually be bundled with voice over IP (VoIP).

The companies have also created a second joint venture to pursue thedeployment of BPL to targeted municipal-owned power companies and ruralelectric cooperatives across the United States.

Independent Audio AppointedNorth American Distributor For Pyramid Speakers

Portland, ME - Feb 23, 2004 - Independent Audio, a distributor ofEuropean professional audio products, has added a Made-in-Americaproduct to its line-up for the first time. Triple P Designs hasselected Independent Audio as the exclusive North American distributorfor the Pyramid Reference Monitors manufactured in Washington,DC.

The Pyramids are studio reference speakers that emulate the effects ofconsumer playback systems with limited frequency response such as TVs,boom boxes, computer speakers and car stereos. They allow mixingengineers to compensate for the difference in sound between highfidelity studio speakers and the end user's playback system.

Texas Instruments and Radioscape Hot inEureka Chip Sales

Dallas - Mar 1, 2004 - According to the latest figures from GfK,independent auditors of the home electronics market, Texas Instrumentstechnology is showing consistent acceptance of its DAB radio designs bymajor companies, such as Hitachi, Roberts Radio, Acoustic Solutions andIntempo Digital. Spurred by the availability of receivers based on theTI-based Radioscape modules in September, the UK DAB radio market sawtremendous growth leading up to the Christmas 2003 holidayseason.

In December, there was a major peak in demand with 133,000 UK DAB radiosales, accounting for more than 44 percent of the total year's sales of300,000.

Clear Channel Installs MoreIBOC

Cincinnati - Mar 2, 2004 - Clear Channel has tapped Harris to supplydigital-ready DAX AM low-power transmitters to five stations: WDOV-AM,Wilmington, DE; WCHV-AM, Charlottesville, VA; WMXF-AM, Asheville, NC;and Montana stations, KBUL-AM, Billings and KGVO-AM, Missoula.

WDOV and KGVO will install DAX 6kW transmitters, while WCHV and KBULhave chosen DAX 5kW transmitters. WMXF will install a DAX 1kW. With theDAX AM transmitters, the stations can broadcast an analog signal nowand upgrade to IBOC by adding the Harris Dexstar HD Radio AM exciter ata later date.

Studer Sells Largest On Air 5000System

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Lugano, Switzerland - Mar 1, 2004 - The Studer On Air 5000 is thelargest in the company's range of radio consoles, and Radio SvizzeraItaliana, part of Swiss Public Broadcaster SRG, has recently installedone of the largest On Air 5000 systems to date in its Luganostudios.

The system comprises a master control room with a Studer Route 5000switcher and five on-air/production studios with On Air 5000 consoles,as well as a single Studer Vista 7 digital production console forpost-production. The broadcaster operates three networks using StuderDigimedia playout systems, while a remote news studio for parliamentaryreports uses a Studer 928 analog console.

Esoteric Audio Research TapsIndependent Audio as Distributor

Portland, ME - Feb 17, 2004 - British professional audio productmanufacturer Esoteric Audio Research (EAR) has appointed IndependentAudio as its exclusive distributor for the United States. EAR has madetube-based professional audio products in Cambridge, UK, for more than25 years.

The products are designed by Tim de Paravicini. One unique element tothe products are the custom-designed audio transformers.

The company's present line-up includes a stereo mic preamplifier, threePultec-type equalizers, a Fairchild-type compressor/limiter and somecustom-built analog tape machines.

Sonotechnique to Distribute AirrSupport

Toronto - Mar 1, 2004 - Airr Support, a manufacturer of large studioboom microphone stands for the recording and broadcast industries, hasappointed Sonotechnique as its exclusive distributor in Canada.Sonotechnique will handle distribution of the complete line of Airrmicrophone stands. The stands are available in three different modelsizes. All Airr Support stands come with removable wheel tri-pod, twosandbags for extra counterweight and a gig bag for locationprojects.

XM Launches Traffic And WeatherService

Washington D.C. - Mar 1, 2004 - XM Satellite Radio has introduced aninstant traffic and weather service for major markets nationwide. TheXM Instant Traffic and Weather service provides 21 channels of trafficand weather information for the nation's most traffic-congestedmetropolitan areas. The information is updated continuously for eachmarket.

Each major metro market has its own dedicated channel that will providetravel times and average speeds for major roadways provided by TrafficPulse technology. In addition, the system will display AMBER Alerts andother public safety notifications on air and printed on the radiodisplay.

The service will employ a dedicated staff of more than 40 traffic andweather personnel supported by a nationwide network of traffic datacollectors.

In the first phase of a national rollout of 21 Instant Traffic andWeather channels, XM launched its Washington, DC, channel on Feb. 28and will launch 14 additional channels with dedicated traffic andweather information for the following metro areas: New York City, LosAngeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Chicago, Houston, Detroit, Philadelphia,Phoenix, San Francisco, Tampa, Orlando, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and St.Louis. Channels for the six remaining markets -- Boston, Atlanta,Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle and San Diego --will be introduced later in 2004. XM's Instant Traffic and Weatherchannels are broadcast nationally and available to all XM subscribersat no additional cost.

Dielectric Acquires Kline Towers

Charlotte, NC - Mar 2, 2004 - SPX has announced that its Dielectricdivision has acquired the assets of Kline Towers, a division of KlineIron and Steel. Based in Columbia, SC, Kline Towers had annual revenuesin 2003 of more than $10 million.

Kline Towers engineers, designs, assembles, fabricates and installstowers for the global broadcast markets. With 40 years of experience,Kline has recognized expertise in engineering tall and multi-arraytowers and platform structures.

Quantec Appoints IndependentAudio as North American Distributor

Portland, ME - Feb 27, 2004 - German pro audio manufacturer Quantechas selected Independent Audio as its exclusive North Americandistributor for its entire product range of effects processors.Independent Audio will also provide support and service for the NorthAmerican customers.

Quantec manufactures the Yardstick room simulator, and will soon debutthe Yardstick 2496 six-channel audio effects processor in March2004.

Arbitron to Revamp InternetBroadcast Services

New York - Feb 27, 2004 - Arbitron has announced plans to revamp theofferings of its Internet Broadcast Services division. The company willcease monthly and weekly Measurecast ratings, which measure theaudiences of audio content on the Internet, on Sunday, March 28, 2004.Arbitron plans to offer a revised service for Internet broadcastersthat will be better aligned with the needs of the market.

Arbitron will continue to document the size and growth of the Internetbroadcasting audience through its Internet studies. It will also offerconsumer lifestyle and shopping data from Scarborough Research.Additional plans are to offer custom research options to help bringInternet broadcasting into advertisers' media plans.

Sirius to Provide Traffic andWeather to Top 20 Markets

New York - Feb 27, 2004 - Sirius Satellite Radio will providearound-the-clock traffic and weather reports for the top 20 trafficmarkets, beginning with New York and Los Angeles on Feb. 29 on Siriusstream 150. Sirius First Traffic will broadcast traffic conditions frommonitoring centers located around the country.

The Sirius resources include a fleet of helicopters, fixed-wingaircraft, ground monitors and traffic cameras. Sirius First Trafficwill be presented in conjunction with Smart Route Systems, a WestwoodOne company. Weather information will come from The WeatherChannel.

By the end of March 2004, traffic and weather for Chicago,Philadelphia, San Francisco-San Jose, Boston, Dallas-Ft. Worth,Washington, DC, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Seattle, Tampa-St.Petersburg, Phoenix, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Pittsburgh, St.Louis, Baltimore and San Diego will be added to the Sirius lineup.Reports for all markets will be available to all Sirius subscribers viathe Sirius national satellite broadcasting system at no additional costover the basic monthly subscription.


  • The Cedar Cambridge system, which waslaunched less than a year ago, has recently been installed at SonyStudios in Burbank, CA, Golden Era Productions in Palm Desert, CA, andAudio Rents in Los Angeles, CA.

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Avcom Names Director of Sales

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Richmond, VA - Feb 20, 2004 - Avcom of Virginia has appointed PatPiper as director of worldwide sales. Piper brings more than 20 yearsexperience in the satellite industry to Avcom, including 16 years withMidwest Communications/Harris Broadcast, designing, building andselling SNG trucks and satellite earth stations. In addition, he wassales manager for MCL and ETM selling satellite transmitters, and mostrecently served as satellite product manager for RichardsonElectronics.

Nevens Joins Digidesign

Daly City, CA - Mar 2, 2003 - Digidesign has hired Rich Nevens asdirector of worldwide console sales. Nevens is based in Los Angeles andwill oversee the sales for Digidesign's mixing systems. In addition, hewill contribute to marketing and development for the productline.

Previously, Nevens worked at Euphonix for 12 years and ended his tenureas executive vice president of sales for the Americas.

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Internet Watch

Sennheiser LaunchesRedesigned Website

Old Lyme, CT - Mar 5, 2004 - A new online experience now greets thevisitors who log on to the Sennheiser Electronic website each month,including enhanced functionality, improved navigation and a colorful,eye-catching design. The new site ( features informationdownloads, an online store and a more robust search engine.

Other key updates:

  • Application-orientated navigation that allows visitors to gather keyinformation based on their unique audio application needs.
  • Power Search that enables site searches by partial words, productmodels, press releases, PDFs and high-resolution images.
  • Instant Zoom function that provides a pre-loaded, two-level,close-up view of many parts and products.
  • Improved media collection that addresses the increased need forproduct media and documents.
  • New database-driven information structure that provides quickerproduct access and modifications, and advanced applications such asproduct comparison and customization.

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RF Software Offers Free Software

Gainesville, FL - Mar 1, 2004 - FM engineers and station owners cannow download a professional quality frequency search tool, called RFDetective-FM, for free from the RF Software website. RF Detective issuited for studies to move or modify existing stations or petition theFCC to add new stations. This program graphically displays the resultsof each channel searched and includes sophisticated features such as anautomatic open-channel finder.

RF Detective-FM features an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Thecompany is offering the software to increase awareness of the company'sproduct line.

All RF Software programs are written specifically for Windows.Up-to-date FCC databases for RF Detective can be purchased from RFSoftware. Details on the offer are available at

Mackie Tracktion Now AvailableOnline

Woodinville, WA - Mar 1, 2004 - Mackie's music production software,Tracktion, is now available for purchase from the Mackie website at Tracktionis an audio/MIDI workstation that uses a single-screen interface toprovide instant access to functions.

Tracktion, which was originally developed by UK-based Raw MaterialsSoftware, is now part of a collaborative effort in which Mackie ishandling all marketing and distribution activities as well asconsulting on features and future releases. Mackie is also bundlingTracktion with select hardware products beginning with the SpikePowered Recording system, a 24-bit/96kHz music production system thatincludes all of the hardware and software necessary to track, mix andrecord music on a Mac or PC.

Also newly available at the Mackie website is a Tracktion registrationand updates page, as well as a demo version of Tracktion thatinterested users can download for free and audition the software ontheir own system. Tracktion is compatible with Windows 98 and above andMac OSX 10.2 and above.

Burk Technology Extends Trade-InOffer

Littleton, MA - Feb 27, 2004 - Broadcasters using VRC1000 andVRC2000 transmitter remote control systems now have more time to tradethem in for $400 cash back. Because of the offer�s popularity,Burk Technology is extending the trade-in deal available with newGSC3000 and VRC2500 transmitter remote control purchases. Customersreplacing VRC1000 and VRC2000 systems now have until June 1, 2004, topurchase a new Burk Technology transmitter remote control system andtrade in their old unit for $400 cash back from the factory.

The VRC1000 and VRC2000 were discontinued by the original manufacturer.Many replacement parts are no longer available.

The trade-in offer is available through any Burk Technologydistributor. Full details are available at

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