Radio Currents Online - May 22 - May 28, 2006

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Radio Currents Online - May 22 - May 28, 2006

May 22, 2006 9:00 AM

Radio technology news updated as it happens.

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Free Internet for All?
Menlo Park, CA - May 23, 2006 - M2Z Networks has filed an application with the FCC to allocate 20MHz of spectrum between 2,155MHz and 2,175MHz for use in delivering free broadband Internet access. The company believes that doing so will promote broadband deployment and ensure near-certain access for everyone to have broadband access within 10 years. The service proposes a 384kb/s download, 128kb/s upload capacity through the use of an M2Z broadband radio, which the company says will be inexpensive and widely available.

The company's FCC application, available online at this link, includes 124 pages of documentation about the proposed service. M2Z is asking for the spectrum at no cost, which is not something the FCC has been known to accommodate.

Senate Votes to Increase Broadcast Indecency Fines
Washington - May 19, 2006 - The Senate has approved a bill to raise fines to $325,000 per violation, which is 10 times the current maximum of $32,500, for a broadcaster charged with airing indecent material. The house passed a similar bill earlier this year seeking to raise the fine to $500,000. Now the two sides have to compromise on a final version to send to the president for approval.


Harris Plans Western HD Radio Seminar
Mason, OH - May 24, 2006 - Harris has planned three HD Radio seminars to be held in California in June. The three dates include stops in San Francisco, Burbank and San Diego.

DateLocationAddress June 6, 2006June 7, 2006June 8, 2006 San Francisco MarriottBurbank CourtyardSan Diego Marriott 55 Fourth Street2100 Empire Avenue333 West Harbor Drive

The agenda for each event follows this schedule:

10:00 a.m. to noon
HD Radio Transmission with Geoff Mendenhall
Mendenhall will focus on the transmission schemes of HD Radio. He will introduce the new HT�HD+ transmitter from Harris, along with the new ZX line of rack mountable FM+HD transmitters. He will also discuss the Harris Flexstar exciter and multi-channel HD Radio STL requirements.

Noon to 1:00 p.m.
Lunch provided by Harris

1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
PR&E Studio Products, facility audio management/networking and consoles with Paul Barzizza
Barzizza will demonstrate the Harris Vistamax audio management and how it system handles the audio flow in radio facilities. He will discuss the latest Harris consoles such as the RMX Digital and the new Netwave networkable console.

To attend, RSVP by May 30 to Brian McConnell, western regional sales manager, at 702-897-0275 or

XM, WCS Wireless Terminate Agreement
Washington - May 22, 2006 - XM Satellite Radio and WCS Wireless have terminated their agreement for XM to acquire WCS Wireless. The principal assets of WCS Wireless are wireless spectrum licenses in various geographic areas throughout the United States.

At the time of the acquisition agreement between XM and WCS Wireless, announced July 13, 2005, the parties had expected to close their transaction by this time, with the timing dependent on receipt of necessary government approvals. Despite both parties' efforts to obtain that approval, it has not been forthcoming. Accordingly, XM and WCS Wireless have agreed to terminate the acquisition agreement to free WCS Wireless to pursue other alternatives for its spectrum licenses.

Arbitron PPM Selected for Radio and TV Panel in UK
New York - May 22, 2006 - RAJAR, the industry radio ratings consortium in the United Kingdom, has selected the Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) system for an electronic radio and TV audience measurement panel in London, a market of more than six million people. The contract for the PPM measurement panel in London was awarded to TNS, a global market information group that is a major supplier of consumer panel, media intelligence and TV and radio audience measurement services around the world. TNS is an international licensee of the Arbitron PPM technology.

TNS has been awarded a two-year contract to operate a PPM panel that will deliver weekly data for more than 50 national and local radio stations and TV channels across four platforms: analog, digital radio, digital TV and the Internet. This panel will operate in parallel to the current ratings system in the United Kingdom. Data from the two-year panel is to be analyzed separately and will not be integrated into the main system.

RAJAR is combining resources with BARB, the official UK TV measurement body, in commissioning the panel. Both TV viewing and radio listening will be measured by the PPM system.

Other countries that have already accepted the PPM for their measurements include Singapore, Belgium, Canada, Kenya, Norway and Kazakhstan.

Classic Communications, owner of KWFX-FM and KWDQ-FM in Woodward, OK, has purchased a Jampro JHPC-10 R 10-bay sidemount antenna with radomes and adding a Jampro master station RCCS-322-2.OH combiner. This configuration has allowed the two radio station's signals to merge on the same antenna.Roo, an online broadcast network and video company, is providing Citadel with online video content across a number of genres including news, music, business and fashion and the tools to sell online advertising targeted by demographic and location, for the Citadel Interactive network. Citadel Broadcasting owns 222 radio stations and their associated websites in 49 markets located in 24 states.


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Spahr Named as Sennheiser Manager
Old Lyme, CT - May 25, 2006 - Sennheiser Electronic has named Chris Spahr to the newly created position of northeast regional market development manager-installed sound. This became effective in March of 2006. Spahr reports to Eric Mayer, northeast regional sales manager.

Sennheiser recently decided to increase the number of market development managers in each of its three sales regions to two per region. Each region (northeast, south central and western) will have a dedicated person to cover professional products/music industry (Pro/MI) and another for professional products/installed sound.

Spahr's experience in the pro audio industry covers sales, support and training with various rep groups, consultants and contractors. Spahr is a graduate of the Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts in Orlando, FL. Spahr will work out of his New Jersey-based office and can be reached at 856-608-6958.


Symetrix Ships Lucid Genx192 Studio Master Clock
Mountlake Terrace, WA - May 23, 2006 - Symetrix has released its first shipments of the Lucid Genx192 master clock. The Genx192 provides a low jitter clock via its internal oscillator. It can also distribute an external word clock or AES (clock and audio) signal via its 14 outputs. Internally, it can handle the standard sampling frequencies up to 192kHz.

It can distribute external rates between 28Hz and 216Hz and correct external clocks with the company's Jitter Input Filtering to remove jitter before sending it to the outputs. The unit's 14 outputs are split into two groups of seven, each capable of generating an independent multiple of the base frequency. The unit is capable of generating two different frequencies, such as 96kHz and 192kHz, simultaneously.

Output termination is sensed to ensure proper termination via rear-panel LEDs.

The Genx192 won a Radio magazine Pick Hit Award at NAB2006.

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