Radio Currents Online - Nov 08 - Nov 14, 2004

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Radio Currents Online - Nov 08 - Nov 14, 2004

Nov 8, 2004 11:19 AM

Radio technology news updated as it happens.

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NAB Withdraws Petition to FCC on Satellite Radio
Washington - Nov 10, 2004 - The NAB withdrew its petition that requested the FCC to prohibit satellite radio from broadcasting local traffic and weather services. With this action from the NAB, satellite radio now has no content restrictions.

In the organization's formal request to dismiss the petition the NAB stated, "the FCC at this time cannot paint the full picture of the effect on localism and local broadcasters. NAB believes the Commission should not decide this issue without a full understanding of how this service is developing and what its true impact will be. Accordingly, NAB will continue to monitor the evolution of satellite radio and we intend to bring the matter before this agency when a fuller picture has developed."

Hearing Screenings Draw Crowd at AES
San Francisco - Nov 8, 2004 - There was a huge turnout for hearing screenings during the recent Audio Engineers Society Convention held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The House Ear Institute (HEI), a non-profit hearing health research organization based in Los Angeles, offered free hearing screenings and hearing health information to convention participants throughout the show. This was the eighth year HEI has offered the screenings, and the organization said demand was at an all time high.

Sound engineers and audio industry professionals should be particularly concerned about the hazards of noise induced hearing loss, or NIHL. When an individual is over-exposed to excessive sound levels, sensitive structures of the inner ear can be damaged. This can result in permanent hearing loss. More than 20 million Americans of all ages are regularly exposed to dangerous levels of sound.


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CBI Studies In-Car Listening During Election
Atlanta, Nov 9, 2004 - Navigauge, a media and market intelligence company, has released its monthly Consumer Behavior Index (CBI) results describing consumer in-vehicle listening behavior during the 2004 Presidential election.

The study concludes that during the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work day, FM radio listening increased by 13 percent during the election and on Nov. 3 the number of minutes tuned per person increased by 6 percent, from 48 minutes to 51 minutes.

"Radio clearly remains an important form of not only in-vehicle entertainment, but it also serves as an important source and destination for up to the minute news for consumer audiences," said Ted Hawthorne, senior vice president of research for Navigauge.

Columbia College Chicago Purchases 25 Nagra Recorders
White Bluff, TN - Nov 8, 2004 - Columbia College Chicago has purchased 25 Nagra ARES-BB digital solid state recorders for field recording of sound effects by film and video production students starting the 2004 Fall semester.

The ARES-BB records linear PCM up to 48kHz stereo 16 bits. Files are saved on PCMCIA, Compact Flash, or Microdrives as Broadcast WAV. Four templates can be set to store personalized settings. The auto record function allows unmonitored recordings and markers can be inserted during record or play.

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Audio-Technica Supplies Mics for Presidential Debates
San Francisco - Oct 28, 2004 - For the fifth election year in a row, Audio-Technica supplied the microphones for the United States presidential debates. The company provided wired and wireless mics for the debates in Coral Gables, FL on Sept. 30; St. Louis on Oct. 8; and Tempe, AZ on Oct. 13.

The company also provided on-site technical expertise at the vice presidential debate in Cleveland, OH.

Moseley and APT Sign Licensing Deal
Oct 31, 2004 - Moseley Associates and audio codec manufacturer APT have signed a licensing agreement whereby Moseley will be able to use APT's APT-x algorithm for three years.

The agreement covers standard and enhanced versions of the algorithm and was signed by APT's Licensing Manager John McCaffrey and Moseley's director of engineering Sunil Naik.

Sales Call

  • NPR's distribution divison has purchased Scheduall's interface software linking its existing Schedulink system to its new ContentDepot system. This allows NPR to further integrate its operations, building on the Schedulink core.
    PeopleSpennacchio Joins Fiberplex
    San Francisco - Oct 28, 2004 - Sam Spennacchio joins Fiberplex as national sales and marketing director for its professional audio product line. In this role, Spennacchio will be responsible for overseeing all marketing and sales activities for the fiber optic firm''s recently introduced Light Viper product line.Over the last 20 years, Spennacchio has held key sales and marketing management positions at several pro audio firms, including manufacturers Raxxess Metalsmiths, Crest Audio and Klark-Teknik Electronics. In addition, he served as the vice president of operations for SPL Integrated Solutions, a national A/V systems integrator. He has also been a manufacturer''s rep for pro audio product lines and holds a degree in Music Engineering Technology from the University of Miami.Jones is Appointed CEO of Prism Sound
    London - Oct 28, 2004 - Martin Jones has been appointed chief executive officer of Prism Sound."Martin's experience in achieving impressive business growth in professional audio and in instrumentation makes him the obvious choice to lead Prism into this new and exciting era of growth," said Graham Boswell, one of the founders of Prism Sound.Audio-Technica Appoints Market Manager
    San Francisco - Oct 28, 2004 - Steve Savanyu has been promoted to market manager, installed sound broadcast and theater by Audio-Technica. In this new position, Savanyu will explore market dynamics and trends to develop strategies for promoting brand recognition and loyalty. He will also work closely with the company's marketing, sales, engineering and product support teams to meet demands from contractors, consultants and end users.Savanyu joined Audio-Technica in 2000 and most recently held the title of marketing manager, training and seminars. He formerly owned and operated Stonwood Studios, an audio and video production company in Geneva, IL.Internet WatchEimac's Tube Performance Computer is Available Online
    San Carlos, CA - Nov 8, 2004 - The Eimac division of CPI has made its Tube Performance Computer available in PDF format under the applications section on its website at Included as part of Eimac Applications Bulletin #5, which explains how to use the characteristic curves for triodes and tetrodes, the performance computer can be printed on a transparency for use with curves that are available in Eimac''s detailed data sheets."The example of the 4CX20,000A/8990 that is included in Applications Bulletin #5 walks the user through the necessary steps and explains the theory behind using the curves," said Harry Schneider, Eimac''s broadcast manager. "The individual curves are available in the specific detailed data sheets, which can be requested at"ProductsTascam's Firewire Card Now Shipping
    Montebello, CA - Nov 12, 2004 - The IF-FW/DM from Tascam is now shipping. The IF-FW/DM adds 24 inputs and 24 outputs between a computer DAW and TASCAM''s DM-24 digital mixer. A studio can add the DM-24 and IF-FW/DM to its DAW system, providing mixing, automation and processing capabilities to virtually any computer recording system through a single Firewire connection.Acoustica to Release Beatcraft in December
    Oakhurst, CA - Nov 12, 2004 - Acoustica will release the Beatcraft music software application in December 2004. Beatcraft features an extensive library of professional drum sounds, sequencing, loop-creation tools and audio effects.Features of the interface include a 32 bit sound engine, hundreds of professional-quality drum sounds and patterns built in, and drag-and-drop interface for manipulating sounds and patterns.BE Upgrades its FXI Digital Exciter
    Quincy, IL - Nov 10, 2004 - The FXI digital FM exciter by Broadcast Electronics has been updated so that it is now possible to calibrate audio levels within a fraction of a decibel.This change is useful for broadcasters needing to fill-in licensed coverage areas with a booster or broadcasters seeking continuous program coverage along highways or within areas under-served by transmission sites. These broadcasters can now adjust two or more exciters' AES/EBU audio inputs within one-tenth of a decibel, resulting in better reception through booster or multiple-site networks broadcasting on the same frequency.Tap Auto Coverage Module to be Released in December 2005
    Aurora, CO - Nov 8, 2004 - Softwright is scheduled to debut its Tap Auto Coverage Module in December 2005. The new module can run 10, 20 or 50 coverage maps without having to set up each study individually with the normal Tap user interface. It can be added on to any current Tap system that already calculates radio coverage maps. Prepare an input file in an Excel spreadsheet or ASCII file and then import it into Tap and all the desired coverages will be calculated without setting up the details tasks manually and set them to run at a later time.As with all new modules, you must be on a current software maintenance subscription to add this new module. It relies on compatibility with the latest developments in the Tap software.Click here to receive the Radio magazine Currents Online Weekly E-mail.