Radio Currents Online - Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2007

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Radio Currents Online - Nov 26 - Dec 2, 2007

Nov 26, 2007 12:14 PM


Arbitron to Delay PPM Rollout in Nine Cities
New York - Nov 26, 2007 - Arbitron will delay the commercialization of its Portable People Meter (PPM) radio ratings service in nine markets. New York, Nassau-Suffolk and Middlesex-Somerset-Union will be delayed by nine months; Los Angeles, Riverside and Chicago by six months; and San Francisco, San Jose and Dallas by three months.

In these nine markets, the company will extend the use of the paper and pencil diary system that has been used since 1965. During the delay, Arbitron will continue to work with customers, the Media Rating Council, other industry organizations and community groups on the research and business issues related to the Portable People Meter radio ratings service in local markets.

Arbitron says it has a number of initiatives in the works for the first quarter of 2008 that the company believes will improve the performance of PPM samples. The revised schedule is as follows.

MarketFormer ScheduleNew schedule New YorkDecember 2007September 2008 Nassau-SuffolkDecember 2007September 2008 Middlesex-Somerset-UnionDecember 2007September 2008 Los AngelesMarch 2008September 2008 RiversideMarch 2008September 2008 ChicagoMarch 2008September 2008 San FranciscoJune 2008September 2008 San JoseJune 2008September 2008 DallasSeptember 2008December 2008

Arbitron intends to introduce the Portable People Meter service in Atlanta; Detroit; Washington, DC; and in subsequent markets, as originally scheduled. The ratings for the September 2008 PPM survey month (Aug. 21 to Sept. 17) are scheduled to be delivered on Oct. 8, 2008. The first currency survey month in Los Angeles, Riverside, Chicago, San Francisco and San Jose will be preceded by two pre-currency monthly PPM reports in July and August. In Dallas, the two pre-currency months will be October and November 2008. The first currency month in Dallas will be the December PPM survey month (Nov. 13 to Dec. 10) scheduled to be released on Dec. 31, 2008.

New York, Nassau-Suffolk and Middlesex-Somerset-Union pre-currency data will continue to be released through August 2008 but only as monthly reports for research and evaluation purposes, and not in a format that can be used by software systems that have a scheduler module, which is used for the buying and selling of radio station advertising.

This decision does not affect the PPM radio ratings services currently in operation in Houston and Philadelphia. Monthly, and weekly ratings reports based on the currently installed PPM panels in these two markets will continue to be issued.

FCC Adopts New LPFM Rules
Washington - Nov 27, 2007 - The Federal Communications Commission adopted a wide-ranging series of ownership, eligibility and technical rules and seeks comment on additional technical matters in the low-power FM Third Report and Order and Second Noticed of Proposed Rulemaking.

According to the Commission, the order is designed to "foster and protect LPFM radio service that creates opportunities for new voices on the airwaves and to allow local groups, including schools, churches, and other community-based organizations, to provide programming responsive to local community needs and interests." The order allows the transfer of LFPM licenses subject to significant limitations; reinstates the Commission's rule for all LPFM authorization holders to be local to the community and limits ownership to one station per licensee; clarifies that repetitious, automated programming does not meet the local origination requirement; encourages voluntary time-sharing agreements between applicants; imposes an application cap on 2003 FM translator window filers; limits the responsibility of LPFM stations to resolve interference caused to subsequently authorized full-service stations; and establishes a procedural framework for considering short-spacing waivers and a going-forward displacement policy for LPFM stations.

In the second notice of proposed rulemaking, the Commission seeks comment on technical rules that could potentially expand LPFM licensing opportunities; tentatively concludes that full-service stations must provide technical and financial assistance to LPFM stations when implementation of a full-service station facility proposal would cause interference to an LPFM station; tentatively concludes that the Commission should adopt a contour-based protection methodology to expand LPFM licensing opportunities; intends to address the issues in the FNPRM within six months, and that the next filing window for a non-tabled aural licensed service will be for LPFM; and recommends to Congress that it remove the requirement that LPFM stations protect full-power stations operating on third adjacent channels.


Jetcast Partners with Spacial Audio
New York - Nov 21, 2007 - Streaming provider Jetcast has added additional services to radio stations, including Sam Broadcaster software automation and Stream Ads spot insertion, both provided by Spacial Audio.

Stream Ads spot insertion software allows multiple advertising sources to be automatically inserted into a stream and targeted to specific demographic or lifestyle listeners desired by the advertiser. Sam Broadcaster automation manages all program elements including music, promos, voice tracks and commercials entirely on a software platform from a single computer. This program also handles Copyright Royalty Board-mandated song reporting and spot insertion.

Holophone H2-Pro Featured in Montreal Science Centre
Montreal - Nov 28, 2007 - After two months of renovation, the Montreal Science Centre will reopen with new, unique exhibits. Toronto-based Holophone is included in the museum's Technology Showcase with its H2-Pro surround microphone.

The idea behind the Technology Showcase is to explain the invention process along with how current innovations are shaping the way we live. The H2-Pro is one of 23 innovations included in the exhibit, which span a variety of functions from digitization to shape memory to sound recording. All inventions selected for the showcase were created by Canadians and were introduced within the last three years.

APT Earns Business Accolades
Belfast - Nov 28, 2007 - Belfast-based APT has been awarded the Export Excellence Award at the 2007 Belfast Business Awards. Organized by Belfast City Centre Management, the Belfast Business Awards showcase the best of Belfast talent, entrepreneurship, best practice and teamwork. The Export Excellence award was presented in recognition of the growth and international success that APT has achieved over the last few years, securing contracts worldwide including major deals in India, Australia, Germany and Korea.

APT was also recognized with other business awards this year. In October the company earned a place in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, which recognizes the fastest 50 growing technology companies in Ireland. 2007 also saw Managing Director Noel McKenna being nominated in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, which recognise world class entrepreneurs who demonstrate vision, focus and innovation.

ATI Digital Audio delivered 10 ADAC-2 Simultaneous A/D, D/A and Sample Rate Converters to Clear Channel Radio in New York City. Engineered by DaySequerra, the ADAC-2 supports two channels at up to 24-bit word length and 192kHz sampling rate. Three independent audio paths through the unit allow users to convert one stereo program from analog to digital, a second stereo program from digital to analog and a third digital audio program from one sample rate to another, all simultaneously and without interaction.

German public broadcaster Westdeustscher Radio (WDR) has implemented a Dalet Enterprise Edition solution to produce on-demand video programs for distribution via their online news services ( Deployed at WDR headquarters in Cologne, the Dalet Enterprise Edition system is used by the newly formed "Portal Redaktion" department, which is responsible for the recording and interactive distribution of all WDR programs.


Dielectric Taps Kutasi to Expand Mobile Media Operations
Raymond, ME - Nov 27, 2007 - Dielectric Communications has promoted Les Kutasi to the role of director, mobile media business development. In this position, he will oversee customer needs and business trends in the mobile media market and will help to foster new sales domestically and internationally.

Kutasi has 17 years of experience with Dielectric, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the business with roles ranging from production and project management to customer service and sales. He will oversee many of the company's key mobile media sales, including the current Mediaflo nationwide network, as well as the Hiwire installation in Las Vegas. Dielectric also has developed antennas and filters for the 1.7GHz frequency, controlled by Telecom Ventures, and has enrolled a number of businesses that are currently testing beta sites worldwide with Dielectric's equipment.

Huttenburg Joins Broadcast Electronics as VP
Quincy, IL - Nov 30, 2007 - Debra Huttenburg has been appointed the vice president of business development and marketing for the company. Effective Dec. 3, Huttenburg will oversee BE's international and marketing activities as a member of the company's management team.

Huttenburg was recently vice president and general manager of the radio business unit for Harris. Other career experience includes work in senior management for Channel Master, Andrew, and Galaxy Engineering Services.

Huttenburg will relocate to the Quincy area from Mason, OH.

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SESAC Promotes Riggle to Associate VP
Nashville - Nov 29, 2007 - Performing rights organization SESAC has promoted Greg Riggle to associate vice president, broadcast licensing. Formerly director, broadcast licensing, Riggle is responsible for directing strategic licensing initiatives within broadcast and digital media industries.

Riggle started his career with SESAC in 1986 in the broadcast licensing department before serving as vice president in the writer/publisher relations department. After a stint developing a full-service publishing department for New York-based Sweetfish Enterprises in 1997, Riggle returned to SESAC in 2001 and was named director, broadcast licensing in 2003. Riggle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in communications and recording industry management from Middle Tennessee State University.

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Harris Conducts Technology Seminars at Brazil HD Radio Broadcast Conference
Cincinnati - Nov 26, 2007 - Harris recently conducted technology seminars at the first HD Radio Conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Nov. 6-8, 2007. The Harris presentations, led by Hal Kneller, senior manager of business development, digital radio, and Tim Anderson, FM product line manager, covered a variety of current topics including digital FM and AM implementations, technology discussions, benefits and features, and future opportunities related to the technology. Attendees of the conference included Brazilian and other Latin American broadcasters.

The HD Radio Conference in Brazil is one in a series of international seminars and conferences featuring Harris presentations, including the Digital Radio Forum in the Dominican Republic last summer. Technology sessions also covered the evolution of HD Radio broadcasting products, requirements and options for HD Radio transmission, and data management. In addition to the technology seminars, Harris conducted a hands-on laboratory that allowed attendees to set up, configure and operate Harris HD Radio broadcasting equipment.

ITU Approves DRM for Tropical Band
Geneva, Switzerland - Nov 27, 2007 - The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the United Nations organization for coordination of the use of the radio spectrum, has completed its four-year review and modification of the regulations for the use of the radio spectrum, including broadcasting use. Since 2002, the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) system has been endorsed by the ITU for broadcasting over the world in the long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave frequencies, with the exception of the tropical zone bands. The tropical zone bands are the frequencies near the lower end of the shortwave spectrum that are reserved for domestic (national) broadcasting in countries located roughly in latitudes between 30 degrees North and South, such as Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Congo, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil.

At the last World Radiocommunicaton Conference (WRC) of the ITU in Geneva, the conference officially approved DRM in the broadcast spectrum between 3.2MHz and 5.9MHz for domestic coverage in the "tropical zone" countries.

Separately, the DRM Consortium has developed an adaptation of its system to the VHF bands I and II (the old TV and FM bands, respectively). It is currently being field tested and is in the final part of the standardization process. When completed, the DRM system will be available for use up to 108MHz.

Volvo Adds HD Radio as Standard Equipment
Boston - Nov 27, 2007 - Announced at the Boston International Auto Show, Volvo will be the first automotive manufactures in the U.S. to offer HD Radio on almost all its models. Volvo Cars of North America will offer factory-installed HD Radio receivers as standard and optional equipment.

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