Radio Currents Online - Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2006

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Radio Currents Online - Nov 27 - Dec 3, 2006

Nov 27, 2006 9:17 AM


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New National Symbol for Emergency Management
Washington - Nov 30, 2006 - The heads of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security Preparedness Directorate, and representatives of state and local emergency managers unveiled a new logo for emergency management. The new logo replaces the old civil defense symbol that was introduced in 1939.

FEMA states that the old civil defense symbols were used in public service campaigns for the same reason the new symbol is being introduced: to inspire people to become more involved in their own protection and preparedness. FEMA feels that it is important to have a "universal visual associated with the field that is so critical to life, safety and security."

Bloomberg: Merger of Sirius, XM likely?
New York - Nov 28, 2006 - Denver-based analyst Kit Spring of Stifel Nicolaus believes that a merger between Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio is likely to occur within the next 18 months. He put the chances of a bid by one side or the other at 75 percent.

Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin and XM Chairman Gary Parsons suggested the possibility of a merger, but both have also said that they think that regulators would block the action.

Radio magazine has pondered the viability of an audience supporting two satellite services, and it's not surprising that a merger could be considered. The two services each occupy 12.5MHz of adjacent spectrum, which would provide a substantial chunk of spectrum to a single entity.

FCC Orders Economic Studies as Part of Media Ownership Rules Review
Washington - Nov 22, 2006 - The FCC will conduct 10 economic studies as part of its review of its media ownership rules. Each of these studies will be peer reviewed. The announcement comes with separate statement from Democratic commissioners Adelstein and Copps.

  • Study 1: How People Get News and Information
    This study will survey consumers about their use of media. It will identify consumers' primary, secondary and tertiary sources of news and information; whether these sources change depending on the time of day or day of the week; and the frequency with which consumers access these sources.
    Author: Nielsen

  • Study 2: Ownership Structure and Robustness of Media
    This study will describe the ownership structure and robustness of current media, including broadcast TV, cable TV, satellite TV, broadcast radio, satellite radio, newspapers and the Internet. The information gathered concerning the current media marketplace will be compared to the state of the media marketplace when the Commission last reviewed its ownership rules in the years 2002-2003.
    Authors: C. Anthony Bush, Kiran Duwadi, Scott Roberts and Andrew Wise, FCC

  • Study 3: Effect of Ownership Structure and Robustness on the Quantity and Quality of TV Programming
    This study will analyze the effect of ownership structure and robustness (as described in Study 2) on various measures of the quantity and the quality of different types of TV programming, including local news and public affairs, minority programming, children's programming, family programming, religious programming and violent and indecent content.
    Author: Gregory Crawford, University of Arizona

  • Study 4: News Operations
    This study will collect data on the size and scope of the news operations of radio and TV stations and newspapers. It will also analyze the relationship between the nature of the news operations and market characteristics, including ownership structure and robustness.
    Authors: Kenneth Lynch, Daniel Shiman, and Craig Stroup, FCC

  • Study 5: Station Ownership and Programming in Radio
    This study will use station-level data to examine how ownership structure affects the programming and audience of radio stations.
    Author: Tasneem Chipty, CRAI

  • Study 6: News Coverage of Cross-Owned Newspapers and TV Stations
    This study will examine the effect of newspaper cross-ownership on TV news coverage using matched pairs of cross-owned and non-cross-owned TV stations.
    Author: Jeffrey Milyo, University of Missouri

  • Studies 7 and 8: Minority Ownership
    These two studies will examine levels of minority ownership of media companies and barriers to entry.
    Authors: Arie Bersteanu and Paul Ellickson, Duke University
    Authors: Allen Hammond, Santa Clara University and Barbara O'Connor, California State University, Sacramento

  • Study 9: Vertical Integration
    This study will examine levels of vertical integration in the media industry.
    Author: Austan Goolsbee, University of Chicago

  • Study 10: Radio Industry Review: Trends in Ownership, Format and Finance
    This study will update a study completed during our last review of the media ownership rules. That study was titled "Radio Industry Review 2002: Trends in Ownership, Format and Finance."
    Author: George Williams, FCC

Adelstein and Copps believe that the announcement raises more questions than it answers. Adelstein's statement said, "The descriptions of the studies are scant, lacking any sense of the Commission's expectations for scope, proposed methodology and data sources. In certain instances, the truncated period of time to complete the studies is an ingredient for a study that doesn't engender public faith and confidence."

The statement from Copps said, "How were the contractors selected for the outside projects? How much money is being spent on each project-and on the projects collectively? What kind of peer review process is envisioned? Why are the topics so generalized rather than being targeted to more specific questions?"

Additional details of the studies are not available on the FCC website.


Las Vegas Pro Audio Adds Digital Audio Denmark to Roster
Las Vegas - Nov 29, 2006 - Digital Audio Denmark (DAD) is the latest manufacturer to join the Las Vegas Pro Audio dealership ranks. Digital Audio Denmark manufactures analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog (A/D-D/A) converters. Its new AX24 modular audio converter system is capable of 24-bit depth and sample rates ranging from 44.1kHz to 384kHz, DXD and DSD. Special features, such as optional internal mic preamps, on screen integration with a Pro Tools DAW and remote control from a high-end console via DAD software, make this a unique digital solution.

Las Vegas Pro Audio, the direct-sell division of Transaudio Group, is the exclusive U.S. source for Digital Audio Denmark A/D-D/A converters.

Burk Class Certifies 18
Littleton, MA - Nov 29, 2006 - Burk Technology recently completed a factory training session on its remote control systems. Eighteen broadcast engineers, contractors, managers and dealer representatives completed the course.

Attendees received knowledge on each of Burk Technology's transmitter remote control systems, software and accessories. In particular, attendees were trained for using software tools and TCP/IP connectivity to complement a station's existing control, monitoring and logging procedures. The seminar also discussed new system capabilities and tips and tricks designed to save time and increase operating efficiency.

Attendees included employees of New Hampshire Public Radio, WEQX, Giesler Broadcasting Systems, Tribune Broadcasting, KPWR, WBUR, Bonneville International, Hall Communications, Nassua Broadcasting and Saga Communications.

Training sessions are held twice a year at Burk Technology's facility in Massachusetts.

D&M Holdings to Acquire Philips Sound Solutions
Tokyo - Nov 28, 2006 - D&M Holdings has signed an agreement to acquire Philips Sound Solutions (PSS) of Royal Philips Electronics. PSS manufactures hi-fi audio products for the automotive and consumer electronics markets, including BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota Europe, Seat and Jaguar.

D&M Holdings will re-name the company D&M Premium Sound Solutions. D&M, based in Kawasaki, Japan, owns the Denon, Marantz, McIntosh Laboratory, Boston Acoustics, Snell Acoustics, D&M Professional, Denon DJ, Replay TV and Escient brands.

This transaction is expected to close by the end of this year.

Klotz Digital Sells 1,000th Vadis D.C.II Console
New York - Nov 27, 2006 - Klotz Digital has sold its 1,000th Vadis D.C.II console to National Public Radio (NPR). The 1,000th console is part of an NPR project to expand its New York City bureau. In total the facility's two technical centers and the main control room will be equipped with two Vadis D.C.II consoles and a router system comprising six Vadis 888 frames with AD, AES/EBU and Octo-Bus I/O. The system also includes control panels and amplifier modules from Klotz Digital's Varizone product range for five production studios that interface with each technical center as shared resources.

The New York facility connects to NPR's headquarters in Washington and the West Coast Production Center in Culver City, CA, which was completed in 2002. Read about that installation in the July 2003 issue of Radio magazine. The expansion of NPR's New York City Bureau is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2007.

Sales Call Radio BGM at the Prince Philip Hospital Llanelli in Wales recently upgraded its main on-air studio with an S2 mixing console from Sonifex. Logitek Electronic Systems has sold a multi-console Remora to Salem's KCRO Radio in Omaha, NE; a Mosaic console system to World Evangelistic Enterprise's WEEC Radio in Springfield, OH, and an order for Mosaic and Artisan consoles to Youth Radio in Berkeley, CA.


Greater Media Creates Digital Interactive Division
Nov 21, 2006 - Braintree, MA - Greater Media has hired Paul Krasinski to be the director of the company's new Digital Interactive Division. He will begin his new position in January.

Krasinski currently serves as vice president of sales and marketing of the New England region for Westwood One. Prior to that, he was director of business development for the company.

In his new position with Greater Media, Krasinski will be responsible for developing Web-based programs to complement Greater Media's broadcast advertising products and work with the company's sales departments to develop marketing plans using digital and interactive technologies.

A native of Newton, MA, he received a bachelor of arts degree in organizational behavior and management from Brown University in 1998 and an MBA from Columbia Business School in 2004.

Eye on IBOC

Honda to Offer XM in Vehicles for 2007
Washington - Dec 1, 2006 - XM Satellite Radio announced that American Honda Motor has agreed to factory install its satellite-radio service in more than 650,000 of its 2007 model-year vehicles. According to XM, American Honda is an original strategic partner when XM was launched. Honda unveiled its first factory-installed XM vehicles in 2003. Honda produced about 200,000 vehicles with XM in 2004, about 400,000 in 2005 and about 550,000 in 2006.

Internet Watch

Clear Channel Online Teams With Reuters to Power News On Demand
New York - Nov 28, 2006 - Clear Channel Radio''s Online unit has added news and video content from Reuters to its News on Demand service. News on Demand combines on-demand video and text feeds from Reuters with Clear Channel''s existing coverage of news. The service also allows Clear Channel radio stations to upload their own local news to their sites.

FRC Launches Interactive Public Safety Map
Washington, D.C. - Nov 28, 2006 - The First Response Coalition (FRC) has unveiled an interactive 50-state map of the United States designed to provide residents in every state instant access to up-to-date local public safety news and information. The map is online at

The FRC map provides residents, first responders and policymakers with customized state-specific information on public safety news and developments, first responder contacts and actual locations. Visitors can enter their ZIP code and locate the closest fire station, read state-specific news about first responders, access via Web links first responder and homeland security agencies in their community, and view emergency weather alerts for their neighborhood. Over the next several months, the FRC plans to add more state-specific information to the website.