Radio Currents Online - Nov 6 - Nov 12, 2006

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Radio Currents Online - Nov 6 - Nov 12, 2006

Nov 6, 2006 9:55 AM


FCC Issues NPRM on Effects of Towers on Migratory Birds
Washington - Nov 7, 2006 - The FCC has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to seek comments on whether the agency should take measures to reduce the number of instances in which migratory birds collide with communications towers. In the Migratory Bird Notice of Inquiry (NOI), released in August 2003, the Commission launched an inquiry regarding the impact that collisions with communications towers may have on migratory birds. The NOI requested information supported by scientific evidence on a number of topics in three general categories: the number of migratory bird collisions with communications towers; the role that certain factors, such as lighting, height and type of antenna structure, weather, location and migration paths, might play in the incidence of such collisions; and the effectiveness of any measures to mitigate migratory bird collisions with communications towers. The Commission stated that based on the record developed in response to the NOI, it would consider whether further Commission action is warranted, including possible amendments of the environmental rules.

To assist the Commission in evaluating the existing research on the issue, the FCC hired Avatar Environmental to provide a report with its findings and recommendations.

Following this report, the FCC has tentatively concluded that towers regulated by Part 17 of the FCC Rules should use medium-intensity white strobe lights at night as a preferred system over red obstruction lighting systems.

The FCC seeks comment on whether scientific evidence supports such a requirement and, if so, how it should be implemented. The FCC also seeks comment on other measures that might be considered with regard to the effects of towers on migratory birds.

Read the NPRM at this link.

Adopted Nov. 3, 2006, released Nov. 7, 2006. Comments are due 60 days from publication in the Federal Register. Reply comments are due 90 days from publication in the Federal Register. WT Docket No. 03-187

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FCC Streamlines FM Allotment, AM Community of License Procedures
Washington, DC - Nov 3, 2006 - The FCC adopted a report and order that sets rules to revise and improve the FM Table of Allotments and AM community of license modification procedures. According to the FCC, the revisions are intended to streamline procedures; facilitate the expeditious licensing of proposals that advance the fair, equitable and efficient distribution of radio services; and reduce current backlogs. Specifically, the order compresses the two-step process for requests to change AM and FM station communities of license by eliminating the rulemaking step for FM requests and the auction application step for AM requests.

The Commission adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in June 2005 that sought comment on proposals to modify certain aspects of AM and commercial FM application processing. It also imposed a freeze on the filing of new petitions for rulemaking to amend the Table of Allotments. The freeze will be lifted on the effective date of this order.

The Report and Order adopts the following rule changes.

  • Permits Community of License Minor Change Applications - Allows AM and FM licensees and permittees to change their community of license by first-come first-served minor modification applications, streamlining the current two-step procedures.
  • Requires Simultaneous Filing of Form 301 with Petitions to Add New FM Allotments - Requires filing Form 301, and paying the required filing fee, with all petitions to add new FM allotments to the table. This will help ensure that parties who value new allotments most--those who participate in broadcast auctions-�will be the ones seeking to add new FM allotments.
  • Eliminates the Prohibition on Electronic Filing of Rulemaking Petitions to Amend FM Table of Allotments - Eliminates the current prohibition on electronic filing of petitions and other documents in proceedings to amend the FM Table of Allotments.

FCC 06-163, Docket 05-210.

Media Audit, Ipsos Plan Houston Rating Trials
Houston - Nov 8, 2006 - As part of the companies' joint effort to develop an electronic ratings survey system, the Media Audio and Ipsos are planning to conduct a market trial in Houston. The test will include an expert witness test in which a diary measurement and a metered measurement come from the same respondent in the same test. The two companies state that no other research company has done such a test.

The test announcement comes five weeks after the firms were named in a suit filed by Arbitron alleging patent infringement.

The Ipsos system uses a cell phone to gather data on a survey participant's listening habits, whereas the Arbiton Portable People Meter asks participants to carry a pager-sized monitoring device.

Inventor of the Web fears for its future
Broadcast Engineering - Nov 7, 2006 - According to an article on the Broadcast Engineering magazine website, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, developer of the Internet''s World Wide Web, is concerned about his invention being misused. He told the BBC that he was concerned the technology could be used to spread misinformation and "undemocratic forces." Berners-Lee said he feared that if the Internet was left to develop unchecked, "bad things" could happen. He wants to set up a Web science research project to study the social implications of the Web''s development.

Berners-Lee also said employers were now beginning to complain that there were not enough people who fully understood the Web. "There aren''t any courses at the moment and it hasn''t really been brought together. We''re hearing complaints from companies when they need people that really understand the medium from both the technological and social side."


Sales Call KVNE-FM,�a 50kW station based in Tyler, TX, has purchased a Jampro�eight-bay model JHPC to replace the Jampro antenna lost when the station's tower failed recently.�


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Crown Promotes Robbins to Senior VP of Worldwide Sales
Elkhart, IN - Nov 7, 2006 - Scott Robbins has been promoted to the position of senior vice president of worldwide sales for Crown International. Robbins previously held the position of vice president of worldwide sales for Crown.

Robbins has more than 17 years of experience with Crown, starting in the service department in 1987 and working his way up through progressively more responsible positions in sales. During that time, Robbins temporarily joined Bose Professional where he worked in sales management for a few years before returning to Crown.

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Rockie Thomas Joins Bid4spots
Encino, CA - Nov 6, 2006 - Bid4spots has appointed Internet radio broadcaster Rockie Thomas as business development manager. She will oversee the launch of the company''s new Internet radio division.

Thomas most recently served as director of sales and marketing for Spacial Audio Solutions, a supplier of Internet radio software and services. Thomas is also an independent broadcaster.

Before joining Spacial Audio, Thomas managed Internet strategies for several terrestrial radio companies, including NRC Broadcasting, Emmis Communications and AMFM/Chancellor Media, all based in Denver. She also helped build the businesses for Internet-only companies IM Networks/Sonicbox, Xact Radio and Spacial Audio.

In adapting the reverse auction model specifically for the Internet radio space, Bid4spots partnered with Spacial Audio and is implementing the company''s Stream Adz as its central platform to schedule, track and manage the advertising.


SM Pro Audio Ships M-Patch 2
Champlain, NY - Nov 7, 2006 - SM Pro Audio is now shipping the new M-Patch 2 passive volume control/switcher unit in the U.S. market through its distributor, Kaysound Imports. The M-Patch 2 is a compact desktop/rack-mountable passive volume attenuator and patch control device. The M-Patch 2 provides a stereo level control for any monitoring or distributed sound application. The front-panel rotary controls two input sources.

The unit features balanced combo XLR/TRS input jacks and XLR outputs, RCA and 3.5mm jack inputs, mono/stereo summing switch, mute switch, A/B output pairs, and a built-in stereo headphone amplifier.

Middle Atlantic Products Available in CSI Master Format
Fairfield, NJ - Nov 10, 2006 - Middle Atlantic Products' product line is now available in the CSI Master Format Three Part Specification. All Middle Atlantic Products specifications are available online and can be download.

The CSI Master Format Three Part Specification standard provides an organizational structure of specifications and other written information for any building project in the United States and Canada.