Radio Currents Online - Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2008

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Radio Currents Online - Oct 27 - Nov 2, 2008

Oct 27, 2008 8:36 AM


Opposition to FCC Nov. 4 White Spaces Vote
Washington, DC - Oct 29, 2008 - For the past few months Radio magazine has been covering the development of the use of white spaces for unlicensed devices. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has scheduled a Commission vote on the issue for Nov. 4.

Martin supports allowing unlicensed white space devices that meet certain criteria into spectrum used for TV and wireless mics.

Opponents to this issue are growing in number. Recently, Rep. John Dingell, chairman of the House of Representatives House Energy and Commerce Committee, sent a list of questions to Martin, including whether an FCC engineering report was peer reviewed, and how the agency would deal with interference from broadcast signals if it occurs. Martin is to respond by Friday, Oct. 31.

The NAB, RTNDA, NCTA and Dolly Parton, along with broadcasters, cable providers, public policy and government watchdog groups also have letters in to the FCC, urging them to delay the vote. Other corporations in protest include executives from News Corp., Walt Disney's ABC, CBS, General Electric's NBC, Major League Baseball and NASCAR. These organizations cite the need for further testing as well as an evaluation of potential harm and interference in their request for the delay. More on the opposition here.

Companies in favor of the releasing the unused spectrum include Google, Motorola and Microsoft.

Radio History: 'War of the Worlds' 70 Years Later
New York - Oct 30, 2008 - The 70th anniversary of the Mercury Theatre On the Air's presentation of War of the Worlds, the groundbreaking radio broadcast that terrified millions of Americans who thought that the fictional audio play was real and Martians were actually landing in Grover's Mill, NJ, is being remembered by the Radio Heard Here campaign. The original hour-long broadcast aired on the eve of Halloween, Oct. 30, 1938. During the CBS Mercury Theatre On the Air, the program was directed and narrated by Orson Welles, adapted from the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds, with the audio play written by Howard Koch (writer of Casablanca). It simulated a live news report of a Martian invasion with a series of realistic newscasts seeming to interrupt regularly scheduled programming.

According to Ron Simon, curator of radio and television at the Paley Center for Media, "Blurring reality and fiction so seamlessly, Orson Welles established himself as a major artist, and helped to legitimize radio as an artistic medium and major force in American culture."

The broadcast is said to have been heard by over 6 million people that night. According to historians, various factors contributed to the widespread reaction: Tensions were running high leading to World War II, the convincing natural delivery of the cast, long stretches of commercial free airplay and only three disclaimers during the broadcast clarifying its fictional nature. As a result, the show ignited a reaction of fear and confusion among listeners across the country. News reports cited people fleeing their homes, and police lines flooded with listeners trying to determine the validity of the Martian invasion.

The broadcast, considered one of the great moments in media history, continues to live-on through re-airings, live re-enactments and adaptations all over the world, introducing a new generation to the power of radio. Listen to the entire original broadcast at


Creative Licenses Apt-X for Consumer Products
Belfast, Northern Ireland - Oct 28, 2008 - APT has struck a technology agreement with Creative to facilitate the deployment of APT's Apt-x audio codec technology in new products for global consumer electronics markets. Potential applications of Apt-x in Creative products include stereo headsets, wireless speaker products and home entertainment systems.

Creative is best known for its Sound Blaster sound cards for personal computers.

Sonos Adds Radiotime Guide
Dallas - Oct 28, 2008 - Sonos has integrated the Radiotime Guide into its Sonos Multi-Room Music System via a free one-button software update in Sonos 2.7. Radiotime provides a way to search and find local and syndicated radio programming airing on more than 15,000 stations around the world. Listeners can browse by genre or location to see what is available to match their tastes any time of day or night.

Horizon Navigation Integrates Clear Channel Total Traffic Network Into Software
Cupertino, CA, and San Antonio - Oct 30, 2008 - Horizon Navigation will incorporate real-time traffic data from Clear Channel Radio's Total Traffic Network (CCTTN) into its Navmate software. Horizon''s Navmate software has powered navigation systems in the USA since 1989 and in Europe since 1997, providing support for 27 languages and more than 75 countries.

Throughout Horizon's history, its developments have resulted in more than 100 worldwide patents in car navigation.

Yangaroo, A-Ware Software Integrate DMDS and Musicmaster Scheduling
Toronto - Oct 30, 2008 - Digital media distribution company Yangaroo has integrated its Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) with the A-Ware Musicmaster Scheduling. The integration allows the more than 2,800 Musicmaster Scheduling software users at radio stations to import new music available through Yangaroo's DMDS directly into their music libraries. The new music imported from DMDS also includes the related track information.

The Yangaroo DMDS is a Web-based delivery system available free to radio stations. It replaces the physical distribution of music, allowing radio stations throughout North America to receive music and promotional materials digitally and securely from independent, as well as major, record labels.

Musicmaster users will now be able to import music and the associated metadata from DMDS directly into their scheduling systems.

Sales Call

Radio Lollipop, a charity that provides care, comfort, play and entertainment for children in hospitals in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. is using Sonifex equipment in its new studio HQ at the Evelina Children's Hospital in London. The new studio is set in glass walls, underneath the glass atrium of the hospital. The studio features Sonifex S2 Solutions range of furniture, the CD players are housed in a Sonifex SOL-T12 desktop pod, coated in white acrylic and supports a large translucent red sign housing the Radio Lollipop logo and an 'on air' light. Beneath the desk sit two Sonifex SOL-B12 base pods also housed in white acrylic which contain the amplifier, power supplies and other peripheral equipment. The centerpiece of the studio is a Sonifex S2 split-desk mixer. Split with five channels on one side and 10 channels on the other, it is configured with six stereo channels, one telco channel and three mic/line channels.

Greater Media Detroit has installed Burk Technology ARC Plus remote controls. The installations include the Plus-X AC-8 for remote 120V outlet control and the Plus Connect HZ, which provides a direct interface to the Harris Z transmitter at WRIF.

Engineers from Egyptian Radio & Television Union (ERTU) were at the BE plant in Quincy, IL, last week to finalize delivery of turnkey transmission and antenna systems valued in excess of $1 million. The engineers attended BE's three-day training class on solid-state transmitter operation and approved the equipment for shipment. The two customized, turnkey systems consist of five BE FM 2C solid-state FM transmitters in a 4+1 configuration. The equipment is bound for ERTU's transmission sites in Suez and Hurghada, Egypt.


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Yamaha Ships Pocketrak CX Pocket Recorder
Buena Park, CA - Oct 30, 2008 - Yamaha is now shipping its new Pocketrak CX. Yamaha's previous portable recorder offering is the Pocketrak 2G, an ultra-slim recorder with an omni-directional mic. The Pocketrak CX adds an upgraded stereo microphone system and expanded memory capability.

The Pocketrak CX supports a variety of different recording formats, an onboard speaker, stand adapter, and Cubase AI DAW software. The CX then adds a larger AA re-chargeable battery built in to allow up to 40 hours of continuous recording and playback, a 90-degree X-Y microphone and Micro SD card capability (a 2GB card is included).

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Inovonics Ships Model 730
Santa Cruz, CA - Oct 24, 2008 - Inovonics announced today that it has begun shipping its new flagship RDS encoder the Model 730. Building on the success of the Model 713 the 730 represents a giant leap for Inovonics in RDS technology.

New features include:

  • RDS tagging is the fast becoming the new hot profit center for radio broadcasters. The Model 730 has been fully tested with the new Microsoft Zune portable FM receiver/audio player.
  • The Model 730 can connect to everything via USB, COM, TCP/IP and UDP ports
  • The new bright display and digital jog wheel switch allows access to change nearly any setting from the front panel.
  • New field firmware updateable capabilities.
  • A Windows remote program is now included. Contact Inovonics for additional information.Internet WatchIndustry Marketers Launch Idea Blog
    New York and Rochester, NY - Oct 30, 2008 - Two innovators in the broadcast, professional audio and installed sound industries are helping companies survive the economic downturn with a new marketing blog, The Whizbang Pow Wow The blog launches this week to provide insights and advice from Bob Martin and Neil Glassman, whose marketing campaigns contributed to the success of companies such as Sennheiser, Neumann, Comrex, Broadcast Electronics, Telos Systems, Fiberplex, Anderson Stringed Instruments, BSW and others.Designed for companies that sell audio technology products and services, Glassman and Martin expect the blog's ideas and discussions to generate creative sparks. Upcoming topics include marketing in the recession, product naming, getting coverage in trade periodicals, electronic versus print advertising and a branding boot camp.Bob Martin is principal of RTM & Associates in Rochester, NY, and Neil Glassman manages his strategy and marketing consultancy from New York City.