Radio Currents Online - Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2003

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Radio Currents Online - Oct 6 - Oct 12, 2003

Oct 1, 2003 12:00 PM

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NAB and Saga Communications Speak Outon FCC NPRM

Washington � Oct. 9, 2003 - In the an NPRM, the FCC proposedto create a geographic radio market definition based on counties. TheCommission also asked for comment on two pre-existing marketdefinitions, the Metropolitan/Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MA),defined by the Office of Management and Budget based on population andcommuting patterns, and the Cellular Market Areas (CMA), defined by theCommission for the granting of cellular licenses. The NAB and SAGACommunications responded to the NPRM by urging the Commissionreconsider its proposal to create a county-based geographic market forradio in areas of the country not located in Arbitron metromarkets.

Based on research by the NAB and outside consultants, theorganization�s conclusion is that �these various geographicmarkets do not reflect radio service in a consistent, predictable oraccurate manner. Each of these options would result in far more�anomalies� and distortions than would retaining themodified contour overlap market definition recently approved by theCommission in its biennial review of the broadcast ownershiprules.�

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WLW Tower Dedicated as HistoricalMarker

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Mason, OH - Sept 24, 2003 � The WLW radio tower in Mason, OH,has been marked as a historical sight. Built in 1927, the tower isknown as the Blaw-Knox antenna.

Located 20 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, WLW played a role in thedevelopment of American broadcasting. On the air, the station was oneof a handful of prominent programming sources not tied to the coastsand the big networks. During the 1920s and 1930s, WLW and founder PowelCrosley worked to advance the state of radio engineering, includingseveral years as the only U.S. station ever to operate with 500kW ofpower and many years as one of the few U.S. stations to operate aninternational shortwave plant in addition to domestic AMbroadcasting.

FCC Opens Reservation Window for NCE FMAllotments

Washington - Sept 30, 2003 - The FCC's Media Bureau will acceptreservation showings until Nov. 21, 2003, for all vacant FM allotments,except those for which a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) wasreleased on or after Aug. 7, 2000. In the Report and Order inReexamination of the Comparative Standards for NoncommercialEducational Applicants, the Commission relaxed the standards forreserving an FM channel for noncommercial educational (NCE) use. Underthese revised standards, a reservation proponent must demonstrate thatit is technically precluded from using a reserved channel and wouldprovide a first or second NCE radio service to at least 10 percent ofthe population within the 1mV/m contour of its proposed station. TheCommission limited this reservation policy to future allocationproceedings. The staff has reserved several allotments under theserules.

In the NCE Second Report and Order, the Commission extended therevised reservation policy to existing, vacant FM allotments for whichit initiated an allocation proceeding, as determined by the release ofa NPRM, before the effective date of these standards, Aug. 7, 2000.There are about 500 such FM channels, including about 350 that werepreviously scheduled for auction.

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BE�s HD Radio SeminarSuccessful

Quincy, IL � Oct 9, 2003 � Forty-five broadcastersattended the Broadcast Electronic�s HD Radio seminar inPhiladelphia during the NAB Radio Show. Held on Oct. 1, the seminardetailed design criteria and implementation methods, including FMhigh-level combining, low-level combining and separate antennasystems.

Harman Pro North AmericaRelocates

Northridge, CA - Oct 7, 2003 - Harman Pro North America (HPNA), theUnited States distributor for AMEK, BSS Audio and Soundcraft, hasrelocated all of its operations from Nashville, TN, to Northridge,CA.

Coincident with this relocation announcement, Harman Pro North Americaalso said that it has now added a fourth Harman International companyto its portfolio: Studer.

New contact information for Harman Pro North America and its brandsis:
Harman Pro North America
8500 Balboa Boulevard, Northridge, CA 91329
Tel: 818-920-3212
Fax: 818-920-3208

Pulizzi Obtains ISO 9001:2000Certification

Santa Ana, CA - Oct 6, 2003 - The certification body of TUVManagement Services has certified that Pulizzi Engineering hasimplemented a Quality Management System in accordance with ISA9001:2000. This standard is a transition from the previous ISO9001:1994. The new standard places emphasis on upper managementinvolvement and customer involvement. The new system also provides abetter vehicle for implementing customer-driven changes.

Pulizzi manufactures ac power distribution, ac power sequencing,redundant power and remote reboot power management systems.

CCA Parts and Schematics NowAvailable

Acworth, GA - Oct 6, 2003 - For more than 30 years, CCA was amanufacturer of FM transmitters. Recently, the company fell victim to aslow economy and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

VBEngineering has been authorized to sell replacement parts for allCCA, CSI and SI transmitters. Many parts are in stock now and ready forshipment. Also available are all of the schematics and manuals for theequipment.

For more information, contact Vernon Boyce at 770-529-6777 or info on the transmitter parts service and other broadcast productsis available at

BBC Technology Expands Consulting forNPR

London � Sept 12, 2003 - BBC Technology has expanded itsstrategic consulting project for the distribution division of NPR. Thefocus of the project is to create a new digital distribution system forNPR�s Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS) unit, responsible fornetwork management of more than 400 interconnected U.S. public radiomember stations. The PRSS� new system is called the Content Depotand will facilitate the distribution of content from producers tointerconnected stations by streamlining how these stations select,send, acquire and automate programming. BBC Technology has beenselected to be a part of the team that will now be responsible forturning the extensive Content Depot research, plans, and models into arobust and flexible system for stations and producers.

The Content Depot will allow PRSS to increase its efficiencies byshifting the management of content back into the hands of radioproducers and stations. Producers will be able to upload their owncontent to the Content Depot without having to mail hard media to PRSS.Stations will be able to manage their own content subscriptions via theContent Depot Web portal. Content Depot also automates much of theprocess between the intake of content and its distribution tostations.

Auralex Acoustics, TerrasondeForm Audio Training Organization

Indianapolis and Boulder, CO - Oct 1, 2003 - Auralex Acoustics andTerrasonde have announced a strategic alliance to form the Institutefor Audio Excellence (IAE). The IAE is a professional trainingorganization specializing in the delivery of educational programs forthe prediction, measurement and treatment of acoustics and audiosystems.

According to the partnering companies, there are several resourcesavailable for high-level technical training in systems and acoustics,but there remains a need for affordable "entry-level" education formany in the industry. The IAE was formed to meet this need by offeringstructured programs focused on practical techniques and methods thathave immediate application, as opposed to other audio seminars thatfocus on theory and technical specifications.

The IAE workshops are eight-hour sessions that are tailored to meet theneeds of a specific audience. They will be regionally based,eliminating the need for costly travel expenses. The classes willinclude:

  • Entry-level workshops for systems installers that enable them toquickly diagnose and solve common acoustical problems.
  • Workshops specifically tailored for educational institutions as partof an established pro audio and acoustics curriculum.
  • Workshops for manufacturer-specific system setups.
  • Workshops for trade-specific audiences, such as NSCA, NAB, AES,CEDIA, NAMM and InfoCOMM.
  • Technology-focused workshops.

    For more information including class content, registration and seminarschedule, logon to or

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Internet Watch

BRS Renews .FM Partnership

Federated States of Micronesia and San Francisco, CA - Oct 2, 2003 -BRS Media's dotFM, the exclusive worldwide registry for Web addressesending in .FM, and FSM Telecom, the telephone, wireless, Internet andcable service provider for the Federated States of Micronesia, havesigned an agreement to continue the partnership to register and marketthe top-level domain .fm to the Internet and broadcast industryworldwide. BRS has offered the dotFM registry since 1998.

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Patriot Announces AntennaUpgrade Offer

Albion, MI - Oct 6, 2003 - Patriot Antenna Systems has unveiled itsplan to provide an upgrade path for its commercial-grade receive-onlyoffset antennas to become transmit dishes at any time in the future.Users can purchase a tx/rx feed assembly and to upgrade the antenna inthe field. The upgrade can be used on Ku, Ka or C-band systems.

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