Radio Currents Online - Oct 9 - Oct 15, 2006

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Radio Currents Online - Oct 9 - Oct 15, 2006

Oct 9, 2006 11:33 AM


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SES Americom Surveys AMC-8 Receive Sites
Trenton, NJ - Oct 10, 2006 - SES Americom is surveying all radio network users of AMC-8 to determine the condition of all AMC-8 satellite dishes in use. The survey was prompted by problems that the satellite experienced several months ago. Read that story in the archived Radio Currents at this link.

A letter with a URL, code and password has been sent to all radio stations who are listed as affiliates of Premiere, ABC, WW1 or Jones to gather the information. The networks are working together for the benefit of all the users.

It is important for stations to complete the survey so that appropriate actions can be taken to minimize disruption of service when any changes are made. Stations that did not receive the survey should contact the appropriate network.

The AMC-8 radio neighborhood survey can be accessed at Use the station's five-digit Zip code for the ID and 9999 as the password.

Public Radio Celebrates 25 Years in New Hampshire
Concord, NH - Oct 2, 2006 - New Hampshire Public Radio signed on the air 25 years ago. Now with more than 21 news staffers and 10 regional transmitters, NHPR will celebrate its silver anniversary on Oct. 11 at the future site of its new 20,000 square foot studio at 2 Pillsbury Street in Concord.

NHPR serves more than 140,000 listeners each week through a network of nine stations and transmitters. In August 1981, NHPR began broadcasting in the Concord-Manchester area as Granite State Public Radio. In 1981, the station had 500 members; today NHPR has more than 13,000. NHPR offers newscasts and feature reports on local and statewide news to New Hampshire, as well as two daily interview programs, The Exchange and The Front Porch.

NHPR broadcasts in Concord and Manchester at 89.1 FM, in Nashua at 88.3 FM, in Dover at 104.3 FM, in Hanover and Littleton at 91.3 FM, in Keene at 90.7 FM, in Berlin at 107.1 FM, in Jackson at 99.5 FM, in Portsmouth at 103.9 FM, in Plymouth at 97.3 FM and online at


Buckley Will Use PPM in NYC
New York - Oct 9, 2006 - Buckley Radio, a top 50 radio broadcasting company that owns 20 stations and the WOR Radio Network, will begin using the Portable People Meter (PPM) for audience measurement in a multi-year agreement with Arbitron for its audience measurement services.

MPEG Surround Technology Showcased at AES
San Francisco - Oct 5, 2006 - Agere Systems, Coding Technologies and Fraunhofer Institute showcased their MPEG Surround audio compression technique at the Audio Engineering Society's 121st show Oct. 6 through Oct. 8.

MPEG Surround is a compression technique for multi-channel audio signals. The system provides full backward compatibility to stereo equipment and scalability in terms of the bit rate used for describing the surround sound image. Other features include a matrix surround mode for multi-channel audio based on a stereo signal, and a binaural mode for spatial rendering and reproduction of multi-channel audio on stereo playback devices.

Dynamic Mics is Heil's Topic at Lecture
London - Oct 12, 2006 - Alchemea College of Audio Engineering recently invited Bob Heil to London as a guest lecturer. Heil's presentation focused on dynamic microphone technology. Heil compared his company's PR20, PR30 and PR40 to the college's industry-standard mic collection.

Alchemea College is one of the world's leading colleges of sound engineering, music production and post-production training. The college is one of only two Digidesign Pro schools in the United Kingdom and is also an Apple Certified Training Center. The school offers courses on Pro Tools, Logic Pro 7, Reason, Ableton Live 5, mastering and music composition.

Corbett Studio Taps VTG for Opera Festival
Cincinnati - Sep 26, 2006 - The Corbett Studio recently facilitated the sound recordings of the 2006 Cincinnati Opera Summer Festival, and used the Digiphy 8 Mic system from VTG, the parent company of Horizon Music and Rapco International. To preserve the sound integrity for future radio broadcasts on Cincinnati Classical Public Radio WGUC-FM and WVXU-FM, the Corbett Studio reviewed a number of options before deciding on Digiphy as the ideal system for recording this year''s series, comprised of operas Tosca, L'Etoile, A Masked Ball and The Tales of Hoffmann.

The Ethersound-based professional audio networking device under the Digiphy model features an eight-channel design in a metal 1RU enclosure. Each input features 48V phantom power, programmable input gain ranges from 0dB to 66dB in 0.5dB steps, with a maximum input levels of +10dBu/2k, and 80Hz low cut and 12kHz high-cut filters.

Alex Kosiorek, audio recording and mastering engineer for the Corbett Studio, used two of the Digiphy input modules and were able to connect 16 channels of 24-bit audio directly to the Yamaha DM1000 console via an AVY16-ES Ethersound card through one CAT-5 cable.

Audemat-Aztec Obtains 400-license Agreement with Clear Channel
Miami - Oct 6, 2006 - Audemat-Aztec has signed a contract with Clear Channel for the delivery of 400 licenses of the IP2Choice V2 software. That software and firmware package will be embedded and will operate in the hardware designed and manufactured by Sealevel Systems following Clear Channel specifications.

This transmitter remote control unit will include all the features of the existing IP2Choice V2 and will integrate some specific requirements from the Clear Channel engineering team working on that project. The roll-out is expected to begin early in 2007. This software/firmware package will be available for the IP2Choice or the Sealevel platforms.

Clear Channel wanted to enable scripts for automatic multimode failover protection in a system that could be standardized throughout the company.

Sales Call Fraunhofer has licensed its MPEG-4 audio codec to NXP Semiconductors. NXP will incorporate the codec in its Nexperia multimedia system solutions.


APT Unveils New Algorithm
San Francisco - Oct 9, 2006 - APT has launched Apt-x Live designed specifically for live performance situations. Apt-x Live enables the user to stream digital audio in real time over a wireless link.

Symetrix Ships Symnet Cobralink Units
Mountlake Terrace, WA - Oct 11, 2006 - Symetrix is now shipping all Symnet Cobralink units with 64 Cobranet channel counts (32x32).

Sony Ships Next-generation Recorder
San Francisco - Oct 12, 1006 - The USB 2.0-equipped MZ-M200 Hi-MD recorder from Sony is now shipping. The recorder accepts removable 1GB mini discs for as long as 94 minutes of linear PCM uncompressed recording time and as long as 34 hours in the ATRAC3 plus format. The Hi-MD media enables users to archive original recordings and makes data transfer easier.

Eventide Upgrades H8000FW Software
San Francisco - Oct 10, 2006 - Available in October, Eventide's software upgrade for its H8000FW digital processor will offer users 100 new programs and additional tools for sound creation. Version 5.2 also offers seven new modules, which brings gives the total number of effects modules for this software to 249.

The Audiomux module is an audio crossbar router for surround sound. The Compressor module offers enhanced performance capabilities, while the Delay_XF module is a crossfading multi-tap delay with modulation and gain. The EQS module offers filter shapes for EQ. The H3000OSC function provides modulation sources such as ramp, sine, triangle, peak, square, S&H, random and MIDI. Moddetun is a pitch detune module, and Overload is an indicator for detecting overloads from within a signal path.

Eye on IBOC

Ibiquity Offers HD Radio Rebate Program
Columbia, MD - Oct 12, 2006 - A new HD Radio holiday rebate program from Ibiquity will provide as much as a $50 rebate on certain HD Radio receivers. The program applies to 20 HD Radio receivers that will bring the cost to less than $200. The rebate begins Oct. 12, 2006, and runs through Jan. 14, 2007.

National HD Radio retailers include Radio Shack, Tweeter, select Circuit City stores, Amazon and Crutchfield. There are also hundreds of other regional and specialty retailers who carry HD Radio products.

The following HD Radio products are eligible for a $25 rebate.

  • Accurian (Radio Shack) (HDTTR)
  • Dice (HD-BMW-T, HD-Toyota, HD-GM-R, and HD-Honda-R3)
  • Directed (DMHD-1000)
  • JVC (KD-HDR1)
  • Kenwood (KTC-HR100TR)
  • Metra (AHOT-01)
  • Peripheral (PHDR2)
  • Sangean (HDT-1 component HD Radio tuner) The following HD Radio products are eligible for a $50 rebate.
  • ADA (Suite 8100 receiver, Tunesuite Duotune AM/FM tuner and Tunesuite Quadritune) with HDM-1 module
  • Alpine (DVA-9965 and TUA-T500HD)
  • Boston Acoustics (Recepter Radio HD)
  • Cambridge Soundworks Radio (820HD and 850 HD)
  • Denon Electronics (DRA-697CI HD)
  • Directed (DHHD-1000)
  • Integra (TUN 3.7, DTR 10.5 and Onkyo NR-1000) with C-HDXM HD Radio card
  • Niles Audio (Intellicontrol) with ICS TM-HD/R
  • Panasonic (CQ-CB8901U)
  • Polk Audio (I-Sonic)
  • Rotel (RT 1084)
  • Sangean (HDR-1 tabletop radio) Full details and complete rules about this rebate offer and specific instructions and mail-in requirements are available at Engineers Attend Broadcast Electronics HD Radio Boot Camp
    Quincy, IL - Oct 13, 2006 - Four of Brazil's top broadcast engineers attended a training course on HD Radio sponsored by Broadcast Electronics. The engineers returned to Brazil certified to provide factory support of BE's digital RF technology after the three-day training on digital signal implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting. BE customized the sessions to address the unique needs of the market base in Brazil. Broadcast Electronics installed the first FM HD Radio transmitter on KISS-FM in Sao Paulo in Sept. 2005.