Radio Currents Online - Sep 10 - Sep 16, 2007

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Radio Currents Online - Sep 10 - Sep 16, 2007

Sep 10, 2007 9:22 AM


NAB Radio Show to Feature Career Fair
Washington, DC - The National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation (NABEF), Broadcast Education Association (BEA) and Radio-Television News Directors Association (RTNDA), will host the 2007 Radio Show Career Fair featuring opportunities for careers in radio broadcasting. Sponsored by Bonneville International Corporation and Radio One, the event will take place during The NAB Radio Show on Sept. 26 at the Charlotte Convention Center.

The NABEF-BEA-RTNDA Radio Show Career Fair is open to both registrants and non-registrants, will include recruiters from the broadcast industry and feature a special session titled "Careers in Radio," led by Steve Warren, president of MOR Media and author of Radio the Book.

FCC Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau Launches Disaster Information Reporting System
Washington - Sep 11, 2007 - The Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) of the Federal Communications Commission has launched an automated Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS). DIRS is a voluntary, web-based system that communications companies can use to report communications infrastructure status and situational awareness information during times of crisis. The goal of the system is to better streamline the reporting process and enable communications providers to share network status information with the Commission quickly and efficiently.

The FCC notes that this database operation addresses many of the recommendations submitted by the independent panel reviewing the impact of Hurricane Katrina on communications networks regarding the collection of disaster-related outage and other situational awareness information. DIRS includes data templates for different communications sectors, such as wireless, wireline, broadcast and cable. Participating communications providers will initially log onto the system to input their emergency contact information. Once this is done, participating communications providers that serve areas affected by disasters will be able to voluntarily submit information regarding the status of their communications equipment, restoration efforts, power and access to fuel.

Because the information that communications companies input to DIRS is sensitive, for national security and commercial reasons, DIRS filings shall be treated as presumptively confidential upon filing. DIRS filings voluntarily report weaknesses in and damage to the national communications infrastructure. The release of this sensitive information to the public could potentially facilitate terrorist targeting of critical infrastructure and key resources. Further, the DIRS filings contain internal confidential information that constitutes trade secrets and commercial or financial information. Public availability of these reports, which contain information the filers themselves do not routinely make public, could competitively harm the filers by revealing information about the types and deployment of their equipment and the traffic that flows across their networks. DIRS filings will, however, be shared with the NCS on a confidential basis.

The Commission requests that communications providers choosing to participate in DIRS provide contact information for any and all individuals in each company who would be providing information on the status of communications equipment in the event of a disaster. Contact information includes contact name, company name, phone number, cell phone number, Blackberry/pager number and e-mail address. This information will be secured by the Commission and protected from public release. Communications providers can access DIRS at and obtain a user ID. Providers can also access DIRS under e-filing on the Commission's main webpage or on the PSHSB webpage.

When this disaster data collection system is activated in response to a crisis, all contacts in DIRS will be sent an e-mail letting them know the disaster area and the communications providers that are requested to provide data on the status of their communications equipment.

NAB Announces HD Radio Multicast Award Winners
Washington - Sep 13, 2007 - The NAB announced the two winners of the NAB HD Radio Multicast Award. "The Studio C Channel" from KBCO-FM Denver and "Riff2" from WRIF-FM Detroit are the first stations to receive the award. The awards will be presented during the keynote address on Sept. 27 at The NAB Radio Show.

The HD-2 programming for WRIF-FM Detroit (owned by Greater Media) and KBCO-FM Denver (owned by Clear Channel) can be heard on the stations' respective websites.
The Studio C Channel

The NAB HD Radio Multicast Award was established to recognize stations utilizing HD Radio through innovative or groundbreaking programming on a multicast channel. Stations were asked to submit information including programming, on-air personalities, promotions and branding elements, as well as anything else that established the multicast channel with a separate identity from the main station. The winners were selected by a special task force, whose decision resulted in a tie for top honors.

Itunes Tagging to Make Acquiring Music Easier
Columbia, MD - Sep 6, 2007 - Apple, Ibiquity Digital and major radio broadcasting groups have unveiled the result of an industry-wide initiative to create a new, free service called Itunes Tagging.

Itunes Tagging enables consumers using HD Radio receivers equipped with a special Tag button, to tag songs they hear on the FM dial for subsequent purchase via Itunes.

Several major broadcasters will implement Itunes Tagging, initially across hundreds of stations. Additional stations and broadcast groups are expected to join soon, with a formal announcement of participating groups planned for the NAB Radio Show, Sept. 26-28.

Clear Channel has announced it will offer HD digital radio broadcasts for devices supporting Apple's implementation of a new tagging feature. The I-Sonic Entertainment System 2 from Polk Audio is the first to offer a buy button for songs broadcast in HD digital radio. The RCS HD Importer also supports the HD Radio tagging application.

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SBE Announces National Award Winners
Indianapolis - Sep 11, 2007 - The Society of Broadcast Engineers has announced the winners of its 2006 National Awards. Award recipients will be recognized during the SBE National Awards Dinner, held during the SBE National Meeting, Oct. 10 - 11, 2007, in Monroeville, PA.

The recipient of the SBE Broadcast Engineer of the Year Award for 2006 is John Lyons, CPBE, of New York City. Lyons' career in broadcasting has spanned 41 years, having spent time in AM and FM radio as well as TV. He is assistant vice president and director of broadcast communications for The Durst Organization. Lyons has been responsible for the design of many transmitter facilities at the World Trade Center and the Empire State Building in New York, as well as studio and station design. He's worked for major broadcasting companies including Sonderling Broadcasting, Bonneville, RKO General, Viacom, Sony and Clear Channel Communications. A member of the SBE for 36 years, he's an SBE Fellow and SBE life certified as a certified professional broadcast engineer.

The SBE Educator of the Year Award goes to John Bisset of Manchester, NH. Bisset is the northeast regional sales manager - RF for Broadcast Electronics. Bisset has written the Workbench column in Radio World newspaper for 17 years.

Winner of the SBE Technology Award for 2006 is Ross Video of Iroquois, ON, for its Open Gear Terminal Equipment. Ross Video is a producer of video switching, processing and distribution technologies.

The award for Best Technical Article, Book or Program by an SBE Member goes to Doug Irwin, CPBE, AMD for his article, "100 Years, 100 Innovations," which appeared in the December 2006 issue of Radio magazine

Local chapters earning awards include:

  • Best Regional Convention or Conference: Chapter 22, Central New York - 34th Annual Broadcast and Technology Expo; Thomas C. McNicholl, CBTE, convention chairman.
  • Best Chapter Newsletter (Class B): Chapter 66, Fresno, CA. - Newsletter: Central Valley Signal; Dennis W. Thompson, editor.
  • Best Chapter Frequency Coordination Effort (Class B): Chapter 54, Hampton Roads, VA. - Ted Hand, CPBE 8-VSB, frequency coordinator.
  • Best Chapter Website: Chapter 36, San Diego - Gary Stigall, webmaster.

The following awards were determined using statistical information based on Dec. 31, 2006, figures on file at the SBE National Office.

  • Most Certified Chapter (Class A): Chapter 126, Saipan - Robert L. Springer, CPBE, chapter chairman.
  • Most Certified Chapter (Class B): Chapter 131, Inland Empire, CA - Robert G. Dawson, CTO, CBNT, chapter chairman; Paul E. Claxton, CPBE, CBNT, certification chairman.
  • Greatest Percentage Growth in New Members (Class A): Chapter 101, Columbia, SC - David R. Tancig, chapter chairman.
  • Greatest Percentage Growth in New Members (Class B): Chapter 62, Utah - Michael L. Hansen, chapter chairman.
  • Highest Percentage Member Attendance at Chapter Meetings (Class A): Chapter 136, Rio Grande Valley - Harry M. Thielemann, chapter chairman.
  • Highest Percentage Member Attendance at Chapter Meetings (Class B): Chapter 118, Montgomery, AL - Larry J. Wilkins, CPBE, AMD, CBNT, chapter chairman.

FCC Chairman Martin to be Featured at NAB Radio Show
Washington, DC - Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin will speak during the FCC breakfast on Sept. 27 at 7:30 a.m. during the NAB Radio Show in Charlotte, NC.

FCC Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Deborah Taylor Tate will also attend this year's show.

President Bush appointed Martin to the FCC in 2001 and elevated him to the FCC chairmanship in 2005. Before joining the FCC, Martin was a special assistant to the President for economic policy. He served on the Bush-Cheney Transition Team and was deputy general counsel for the Bush campaign. Prior to joining the campaign, Martin was an advisor to FCC Commissioner Harold Furchtgott-Roth. He has also served in the Office of the Independent Counsel and worked as an associate at the Washington, DC, law firm of Wiley Rein LLP.

Martin received a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Masters in Public Policy from Duke University, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar and the Federal Communications Bar Association.

AES Platinum Mastering Panel to Address Level Wars
New York - Sep 10, 2007 - Bob Ludwig, president of Gateway Mastering and DVD will moderate Level Wars And Other Mastering Issues in the Context of the New Record-Business Paradigm. The all-star panel will address the always-controversial issue of recording levels.

Ludwig has developed a panel featuring Paul Stubblebine, Greg Calbi, Europe's Tim Young, Gavin Lurssen, and Brad Blackwood.

AM IBOC Takes to the Overnight Airwaves
Sep 14, 2007 � Sept. 14 was the first night that AM stations were allowed to commence overnight HD Radio operations as per the FCC's second report and order on IBOC. Radio magazine has received reports that some stations decided to operate in the hybrid IBOC mode after midnight when the rules took effect.

This raised some controversy for those who object to the new digital carriers that can be received on analog radios. Kent Winrich posted his listening experience to an e-mail list. Winrich lives near Raleigh, NC.

I received HD Radio carriers from 710 WOR New York, 760 WJR Detroit, 1100 WTAM and 1210 WPHT Philadelphia. I actually decoded WPHT for a while.

With all of those stations I looked for interference to neighbors. While decoding WPHT (about 420 miles) I was still able to pick up 1200 WOAI San Antonio (about 1,300 miles away) without any hash. Likewise, 700 WLW Cincinnati (about 500 miles away) was clean with the WOR (about 520 miles) carriers, 1110 WBT Charlotte, NC (which does not come in well here), was clean with WTAM's (550 miles away) HD Radio carriers, and 750 WSB Atlanta (390 miles away) and 770 WABC New York(520 miles away) were clean with WJR's HD Radio signal (710 miles away).

For the AM listening, Winrich used a GE Super Radio III and a Kenwood TS-940S. For the HD Radio listening, he used a Radiosophy HD100 with stock AM loop.

While this listening experience is not scientific, it is a good example of typical consumer listening.

Radio magazine wants to hear about your AM HD Radio night-time listening experiences. Send them to

AES Convention Featuring Workshops, Tutorials and Tours
New York - AES 123rd convention workshop and tutorial chair Alex Case invited THX design engineering manager Steven Martz to develop a triathlon of events to provide attendees with a crash course in creating sound for interactive gaming. Game workshops and tutorials include: Adaptive music for games, audio for games and developing audio for games.

Other workshops at the convention include: Evaluation of surround main mikings for classical orchestra, recording large ensembles in multi-channel, concert halls and their acoustics, mastering for new media, user-centered design of pro audio controllers and uneven bass reproduction in automobiles.

The convention will also feature technical tours including: Tisch School of the Art's Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, Avatar Studios, Klavierhaus, Legacy Recording Studios, 4 Times Square Broadcast Communications, The Blue Man Group Lab, New York Times Radio Station WQZR, Quad Recording Studios, Sear Sound Studios, Brooklyn Phono and Broadway Sound.

The convention will be held in NY's Jacob Javits Convention Center, Oct. 5-8, 2007. For registration and housing information and for a detailed preliminary calendar of events and tours visit


Broadcast Electronics, Jump2go Complete Itunes and HD Radio Connection
Quincy, IL - Sep 11, 2007 - Completing the Ipod and HD Radio connection, Jump2go and Broadcast Electronics have announced a new service application for the broadcast studio that makes it possible for FM listeners to buy Itunes clips using their HD Radio tuners. The application was developed by Jump2go and is the latest in a list of options available through Broadcast Electronics' TRE Message Manager, a suite of studio applications for radio datacasting and advanced features such as creating messages on HD Radio tuners.

Jump2go is a BE partner formed last year to connect listeners with exciting new interactive content and features online and over the air. The joint announcement comes just a week after the introduction of the next generation Polk Audio I-Sonic and JBL Ihd receivers with Apple's Itunes Tagging technology, which enables FM listeners to mark their favorite songs playing on the air and then purchase them later via Itunes. The new radios store information about the tagged songs and transfer the tags to an Ipod when docked. BE's TRE Message Manager with Jump2go Go Commerce embeds the correct Apple tags and provides the synchronization required for earmarking songs in real-time as they're played over the air.

BE's TRE Message Manager software feeds on-air song lists to the Jump2go data center for tagging. The Jump2go service assigns the unique Itunes identifier to each song that is selected by the listener. The data is inserted into the IBOC bitstream, transported to the receiver, and then to the Ipod. Tagged songs can then be reviewed and purchased through Itunes once the Ipod is docked to the radio.

Burk Technology Launches Custom Views Championship Contest
Littleton, MA - Sep 10, 2007 - Burk Technology has announced the first Custom Views Championship contest, where broadcasters are invited to create custom views in Burk's Lynx 5, Auto Pilot 3 or Auto Pilot Plus software and submit their designs to be judged on functionality, visual appeal and engineering innovation. Radio magazine editor Chriss Scherer is the contest judge.

The contest winner receives a choice of the Burk Watchband Remote AM/FM/RDS receiver or a pair of Burk Technology AFD-1 Arc and Flame Detectors. Watchband was the recipient of a 2007 Radio magazine Pick Hit award.

Custom views are a core feature in each of Burk Technology's remote monitoring and control solutions. With custom views, broadcasters design software screens tailored for their own operational requirements. Designers can place customized meters, status indicators and controls anywhere on the screen, and operators can access multiple sites on a single display. Map images are included for creating geographic views of the operation with drill-down alarm management.

Entries are accepted until Nov. 30, 2007. More info is available at

Coaxial Dynamics Appoints Y C International as Rep in South Korea
Middleburg Heights, OH - Sep 12, 2007 - Coaxial Dynamics has appointed Y C International as its representative in South Korea. Based in Seoul, Y C imports and distributes electronic equipment such as RF microwave, wireless communication and broadcast engineering products.

Jampro Antennas announced�the delivery of�its model JMPC FM Penetrator antenna and its Pro Line transmission line to Radio Press in Portugal. Jampro's Penetrator antenna is the only U.S.-made FM antenna awarded a U.S. patent. A customer since 1990, Jampro has previously provided Radio Press with more than 25 antenna systems.

Cable and Wireless of the UK has committed to purchase five Prism Sound Dscope Series III audio test, measurement and analysis systems. Since BBC Technology, the broadcast network arm of the BBC, was sold to Siemens in 2004, Cable and Wireless has supplied broadcast network infrastructure to Siemens for the BBC's audio and video networks. Sneaker Radio of Wilmington, DE, an in-store radio station featuring promotional advertising messages custom made for New Balance retail stores, has standardized on Barix IP audio decoders to make its IP in-store media program available in retail outlets throughout the U.S. Stream Guys acts as the service provider.


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Cumulus' Wilkins Retires
Larry Wilkins, assistant director of engineering for Cumulus Broadcasting, retired Aug. 31, after 47 years in full-time broadcast engineering. Wilkins served as market engineer of Cumulus 7 stations in Montgomery, AL.

The SBE selected him as broadcast engineer of the year for 2005 and he also serves on the National Board of Directors and Certification committee with the Society.

Wilkins will continue to be involved in broadcasting, handling the alternative broadcast inspections in Alabama and South Carolina.

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SSL Names VP of Sales and Sales Manager
Oxford, UK - Sep 12, 2007 - Solid State Logic has appointed Jerry Berger and Pete Wood as vice president sales and sales manager, respectively, media production systems. Berger will be based in SSL's New York office and Wood will be based at SSL in the UK.

Berger joins SSL after having most recently served as vice president and general manager for Microfirst Engineering. During his tenure with Microfirst, he directed the company's introduction into the broadcast TV market. He was previously at Sony Electronics, Broadcast and Professional Group and NBC TV Network, where, combined, he worked for nearly two decades.

Prior to joining SSL, Pete Wood led sales efforts for several broadcast technology companies, including Sony Broadcast and Professional Group, Avid Technology Europe, Encoda Systems and Autocue Systems. Most recently, he was sales manager for Omnibus Systems, where he developed direct and channel relationships with major broadcasters in the Middle East market.

Radio Club of America Honors Cronkite
Littleton, CO - Aug 31, 2007 - The Radio Club of America has conferred honorary membership upon Walter Cronkite. Cronkite is best known as the anchor of the "CBS Evening News" program from 1962 to 1981 and as America's eyewitness to history.

In its nearly 99-year history, the RCA has given only 26 honorary memberships. It is the highest distinction given by the RCA, which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2009. Among previous honorary members were Paul F. Godley, 2ZE, a participant in the first transatlantic communication by amateur radio, and Harold A. Wheeler, known for broadcast receiver development and tracking and guidance radar in missile systems.

Along with John S. "Jack" Belrose, Ph.D., VE2CV, Cronkite also has been selected to receive the RCA's Armstrong Medal, the organization's foremost achievement award. The presentation is scheduled for Nov. 16, 2007, during the RCA's annual banquet.

Cooney Joins Beasley Broadcast Group
Naples, FL - Aug 5, 2007 - Beasley Broadcast Group has appointed Michael Cooney as vice president and chief technology officer. Cooney will be responsible for the general supervision and oversight of all engineering and technology matters for Beasley's 44 radio station portfolio and will be integrally involved with the company's HD Radio initiative.

Cooney is a certified engineer for the Society of Broadcast Engineers, Federal Communications first class license holder and certified electronic technician. He studied electrical engineering at South Dakota State University and has additionally undergone extensive industry training from Harris Broadcast Schools, Broadcast Electronics and Wheatstone Corporation.

For the past eight years, he has served as director of engineering/IT for Entercom Radio in Kansas City, where he was the design engineer and project manager of one of the largest radio facilities in the United States. Prior to that, he served five years as manager and assistant vice president of Engineering for Video Masters.

Prism Sound Adds to Team
Cambridge, UK - Sep 7, 2007 - Prism Sound has boosted its technical and sales teams by announcing a number of staff appointments.

Simon Woollard, previously employed as senior acoustics engineer at PC peripherals developer Saitek, has joined Prism Sound as sales engineer for its Test and Measurement division. While at Saitek, Woollard helped develop PC peripherals and consumer audio products such as wireless headphones and loudspeaker systems. Prism Sound's Dscope Series III audio analyzer played a role in Saitek's new product research and development.

The second appointment to the Prism Sound team is Chris Allen, who joins the company as recording hardware sales and support engineer. Allen has spent the last five years studying audio and recording technology, completing Btec and HND music technology courses at Confetti Studios in Nottingham and studying for a bachelor of science in audio recording and technology at De Montfort University, Leicester. He has also worked as a freelance audio production engineer in live and studio environments.

The final Prism Sound appointment is Karen Hunt, who joins the sales and marketing team as sales and marketing administrator. After working in sales and marketing in the UK, Hunt moved to Thailand and worked as a teacher. Hunt is now responsible for processing new orders across Prism Sound's Recording and Test and Measurement divisions. She will also handle trade show exhibition support and Internet marketing.

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Comrex Upgrades Access
Devens, MA - Sep 6, 2007 - Comrex Corporation has just released a firmware upgrade for its Access line of codecs. The new Version 2.3 firmware release for both the Access Portable and Access Rackmount offers a USB-based 3G modem, compatibility with other industry IP codecs using AAC, support for a greater range of 3G PC cards and USB modems, and enhanced network diagnostics.

Existing users of Access codecs can receive the free upgrade by contacting Comrex at 800-237-1776 or 978-784-1776.

Dalet and Creative Network Design Streamline Workflows
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Sep 7, 2007 - Dalet Digital Media Systems is showcasing seamless integration of Digidesign Pro Tools with Dalet Radio Suite at IBC 2007. This integration is made possible by MetaPlug Broadcast 2.0, an Audio Suite plug-in developed by Creative Network Design (CND). MetaPlug Broadcast 2.0 for Dalet Radio Suite gives Pro Tools users the ability to save complex mixes with associated metadata to a Dalet content catalog. These mixes are then instantly available to all Dalet users. This integration merges post-production workflows based on Digidesign Pro Tools with integrated production, scheduling and play-outworkflows powered by Dalet Radio Suite, as well as with digital archives based on Dalet Media Library.

Jump2Go Providing Tagging Technology for HD Radio
Bellevue, WA - Sep 11, 2007 - Jump2Go announced the availability of the Go Commerce service to support Apple's radio tagging feature for HD Radio and RDS-equipped radio stations.

Radio stations that subscribe to the Go Commerce service are able to embed rich data into the FM signal, which they can then use to help monetize their programming. Listeners are able to immediately buy the song playing on their favorite radio station.

Go Commerce also empowers device manufacturers with the opportunity to design advanced features into their products.

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Neumann Releases U 87 Anniversary Set
Old Lyme, CT - Sep 12, 2007 - On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Neumann U 87, the company has released an Anniversary Set. This special edition is packaged in a robust, retro-style case, is offered with unique product features. In addition to an elastic suspension and a signed, already framed certificate of authenticity, the set includes a new pop screen for that 60's feel. The set also includes a dust cover embroidered with the anniversary logo, and a pair of white gloves with which to handle the mic. The mic body is made of polished nickel.

Harris Introduces DMB 670 Transmitter at IBC 200
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Sep 6, 2007 - Harris Corporation introduced its DMB 670 transmitter to international broadcasters at the IBC convention. The transmitter is the company's first all-Harris digital audio broadcasting (DAB) transmitter for broadcasters seeking to deliver both digital radio and Mobile TV programming over the same transmitter to mobile, handheld consumer devices.

The transmitter is designed for the terrestrial digital multimedia DAB standard, which supports the delivery of multiplexed digital audio and TV channels in its specifications. Launches New RSS Center
State College, PA - Sep 11, 2007 - announced the launch of its new RSS center featuring syndicated feeds for current conditions, weather forecasts, news and entertainment.

Viewable through the most popular RSS readers or web pages, including Yahoo!, Google, MSN and AOL, the feeds dynamically update, offering headlines and clickable summaries every time news, blog, or forecast items are changed or added.

Avlex Ships Superlux R102 Ribbon Mic
Kansas City - Sep 13, 2007 - Avlex is now shipping the the Superlux R102 aluminum ribbon microphone. The mic features the sensitivity of a condenser microphone, but with the frequency response and transient response characteristic of a ribbon microphone. The mic includes a field-replaceable modular ribbon assembly.

The R102's active aluminum ribbon consists of two parts: an electro-magnetic transducer and an impedance converting circuit. The electro-magnetic transducer applies a magnetic circuit field while the 2.5 micron-thick aluminum alloy ribbon is suspended between two poles and vibrates in synchronization with the incoming acoustical energy. The low ribbon mass allows the mic to provide a rapid transient response. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 15kHz with a figure-8 polar pattern.

Internet Watch

Chicago Public Radio Launches Vocalo
Chicago - Sep 1, 2007 - In planning its on-air, online community called Vocalo, Chicago Public Radio planned to reach a diverse audience through both channels. The effort also includes a new broadcast format that touts the cultures and communities of the Chicago region. To accomplish the online portion, Chicago Public Radio contracted Optaros to help bring its vision to life. Optaros developed a social networking site that targets all population segments.

The site was developed using the Drupal content management system and the Optaros video Web service plug-in for Drupal. The Optaros Integrated Assembly Environment (IAE) provided for a seamless transition from solution assembly to support and ongoing enhancements.

Available at and at WBEW-FM 89.5 (Chesterton, IN), radio programming consists of a collage of commentaries, personal stories, local satire, music and other content originally uploaded to the website.

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