Radio Currents Online - Sep 12 - Sep 18, 2005

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Radio Currents Online - Sep 12 - Sep 18, 2005

Sep 12, 2005 9:42 AM

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Next NAB Leader Possibly Chosen
Washington - Sep 15, 2005 - Several media outlets are predicting that the NAB has chosen David K. Rehr to be the next president and CEO of the NAB. Rehr is currently president of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), which represents more than 2,200 beverage distributors.

Part of Rehr's duties with the NBWA is serving as the group's chief lobbyist and implementing legislative strategies.

Some sources note that Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) opposes the decision, and instead wants to see Mitch Rose, a former Stevens aide and current lobbyist for Walt Disney, to succeed Eddie Fritts.

Rehr and Rose have experience working with the government, but Rehr has no experience in broadcasing, unlike Rose.

FCC Creates Website for Katrina Emergency Information
Washington, DC - Sep 14, 2005 - The FCC has created a website to provide crucial emergency information for consumers, communications industries, and state and local governments in the areas affected by the hurricane. Information is broken down by consumers, industry, and federal, state, tribal and local government resources.

Greater Media Participates in the NAB's Katrina Fundraiser
Boston - Sep 12, 2005 - Greater Media's 19 radio properties, based in the Boston, Detroit, New Jersey and Philadelphia radio markets, participated in the National Association of Broadcasters' (NAB) "Broadcast Unity for Katrina Relief" fundraising effort on Sept. 9, 2005. On that day thousands of local radio and TV stations "road blocked" specific times of the day for fundraising relief efforts, telephone banks, radiothons and telethons. Along with airing public service announcements and featuring information pertaining to the relief effort on their websites, Greater Media stations hosted a variety of events to raise funds for the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

For example, at Magic 106.7FM/WMJX in Boston, the station aired live promotional announcements encouraging listeners to donate $2 to the Red Cross. The theme of the campaign was that if every Magic listener donated just $2, the station would raise over a million dollars for hurricane relief. In addition, the station also conducted an online auction to benefit the hurricane relief effort.

WBOS-FM's (Boston) one-day auction raised nearly $10,000 for the relief effort to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina via the Red Cross.


Digigram's Senior Management Takes Major Share
Grenoble, France - Sep 9, 2005 - A holding company created by Digigram's senior management under the leadership of Digigram CEO Philippe Delacroix has acquired 10 percent of Digigram's shares, as the company's co-founders and majority shareholders have retired from operational tasks and have sold the major part of their shares. The sale of their interests has been part of the company's operating plan for several years.

Company co-founders Philippe Girard-Buttoz and Marian Marinescu have sold an additional 19.52 percent of Digigram shares to the investment company Alto Invest that will have no influence on Digigram's operations. In a separate move that happened simultaneously, Digigram has continued its strategy to concentrate on its core activities and has sold all of its subsidiary Innovason, a manufacturer of digital mixing consoles, to the Innovason management team.

The management holding company has been created by Philippe Delacroix, previously managing director and now CEO, Financial and Administrative Director Florence Marchal, Customer Service Director St�phane Bert, and Quality Manager and Industrial Director Gilbert Durand.

Investment company Alto Invest will have no seat on Digigram's supervisory board and no influence on Digigram's operations.

The two Digigram co-founders will maintain minority shares in Digigram for the time being. While Philippe Girard-Buttoz will retire completely, Marian Marinescu will maintain his role as president of the supervisory board.

2005 Digital Music Poll Launched
New York - Sep 14, 2005 - Billboard Radio Monitor, an industry publication for news, charts and analysis, and Musicrypt, a digital music distribution company, have launched the 2005 Digital Music Poll. Radio broadcasters and record label executives can now go online to to express their opinions and provide input about digital music distribution, music downloads, new technology requirements and to what degree this has impacted the music industry. Launched Sept. 12, the site seeks to seeks to tap the views of those who manage and control digital music distribution, technology issues, and the decisions and strategy of radio and broadcasting companies.

Audemat-Aztec's Goldeneagle HD Receives Ibiquity Certification
Miami, FL - Sep 12, 2005 - Ibiquity Digital has certified Audemat-Aztec's Goldeneagle HD monitoring unit. The Goldeneagle HD FM monitors the quality and continuity of analog and digital FM programs. The unit monitors QI, SNR, DAAI, SIS, RDS, analog audio levels, analog RF level and many other parameters. The equipment decodes SPS (Tomorrow Radio). It also measures time and level alignment to optimize the blend between digital and analog audio.

Sales Call

  • S4C, a public broadcaster for Wales, has chosen the Daletplus Media Library to manage media and programs for its broadcast operations. The implementation of Dalet''s Media Library solution will enable the broadcast operations team to more effectively organize programs and create promos.
  • As part of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR's new multimedia facility at �restaden in the Danish capital, the broadcaster has purchased 30 MSD200C audio meters from audio and video manufacturer DK-Technologies. The Master Stereo Display MSD200C is equipped with stereo analog and stereo AES3 inputs and outputs for analog and digital stereo signals. The MSD200C features a full colour VGA display and output to an external VGA monitor.
  • Platinum Broadcasting has consolidated on OMT's Imediatouch Digital Delivery Software. Platinum Broadcasting installed Imediatouch in its three stations, Power Hits 97.5, 1420 KJCK and Q 103.5 KQLA.
    PeopleLBA Names Brown VP of Sales
    Greenville, NC - Sep 14, 2005 - Jerry Brown has been named vice president of sales for LBA Technology. Brown will manage sales and distribution of LBA antenna system and related radio frequency products.Brown is a North Carolina native. He comes to LBA from Joyner Broadcasting group, where he was vice president and general manager. Formerly, he held senior sales positions with Shively Labs and Broadcast Electronics. His experience also includes director of engineering roles for several broadcast groups. He is a Certified Radio Marketing Consultant and holds the Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer designation from the SBE.SRS Labs Appoints Michael Franzi
    Santa Ana, CA - Sep 9, 2005 - Michael Franzi has joined SRS Labs as the company''s new vice president of sales for its licensing business. Franzi brings to SRS Labs more than 20 years of senior management experience in technical markets, as well as a strong passion for consumers, clients and business success to his role as vice president of sales for licensing at SRS Labs. Before joining SRS Labs, Franzi was chief marketing officer at THX.Changes in Executive Roles at OMT
    Winnipeg, MB - Sep 15, 2005 - Scott Farr, president of OMT, will assume the new roles of vice president of business development and chief technology officer. Marieke Wijtkamp, previously chief operating officer, has been appointed to the position of president and chief operating officer.A statement from Bill Baines, executive chairman of OMT, said that the changes were to better use the skills of the individuals and refines the company's market and organizational strategies. OMT previously added Walter Buller as chief financial officer and installed several new directors on its board.Farr created the Intertain Media division of OMT in 2004 to offer in-store custom radio and media retail preview systems. His new duties will allow him to focus on this division.ProductsDanagger Adds Emergency Feature to Existing Plan B Systems
    Vancouver, BC - Sep 15, 2005 - Danagger Audio Works has added an emergency announcement feature to many existing Plan B systems. Currently standard on all new Plan B Deluxe and Deluxe Plus models, the feature allows users to call the unit and make a live voice announcement directly to air. The password protected feature can be added to existing Plan B and Plan B Plus units with a field installable upgrade. Plan B owners are urged to call the factory's toll free number (1-888 892-8346) to determine whether their systems can be upgraded by this method. Earlier systems will require a factory retrofit at additional cost.WAMU Uses Digasystem to Broadcast Hearings
    Arlington, VA - Sep 12, 2005 - WAMU, the Washington, DC affiliate of National Public Radio that is owned and operated by American University, is broadcasting two channels of digital audio on a single frequency using D.A.V.I.D.'s Digasystem. The station''s regularly scheduled programming continues unaffected on 88.5, while NPR''s coverage of the chief justice confirmation hearings of John G. Roberts for the United States Supreme Court is being provided on a second digital channel multicast on the same frequency of 88.5MHz. Listeners who own a HD Radio receiver will be able to tune-up from the dial position for WAMU''s main channel to hear the confirmation hearings on WAMU2. The audio portion of the broadcast will be enhanced with the program associated data (PAD), which will appear on the screens of the HD Radio receivers.Digasystem, a digital audio storage and delivery system, is facilitating the operation of this second audio channel. Digasystem creates a separate schedule for WAMU2 using the same tools used for the main channel. Because Digasystem uses open architecture, PAD is shared throughout the entire workflow even as Digasystem interacts with third party software applications.OMT Adds Failsafe Feature to Imediatouch Software
    Winnipeg, Manitoba - Sep 9, 2005 - OMT will introduce a new failsafe feature to its Imediatouch digital audio delivery software at the NAB Radio convention. Non-Stop Broadcasting Failsafe protects stations from downtime by automatically switching to an alternate location for audio as soon as a hardware failure is detected.Click here to receive the Radio magazine Currents Online Weekly E-mail.