Radio Currents Online - Sep 18 - Sep 24, 2006

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Radio Currents Online - Sep 18 - Sep 24, 2006

Sep 18, 2006 8:30 AM


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FCC Slates FM Auction for March 2007
Washington - Sep 21, 2006 - The FCC issued a Public Notice announcing a new FM Auction to be held on March 7, 2007. Designated Auction No. 70, this auction will offer 124 construction permits for new FM allotments. Read the Public Notice at The 124 available allotments are posted in the Notice's attachment A, available at

Auction No. 68, which was announced in August, lists nine construction permits that were not sold after two previous FM auctions, and these allotments are not a part of Auction 70. Auction 68 is slated for January 10, 2007.

The FCC seeks comments on Auction 70 to determine the auction rules and opening prices. Comments are due by Oct. 5, 2006.

More than 3,000 Attend NAB Radio Show
Dallas - Sep 21, 2006 - The NAB Radio Show held in Dallas Sept. 20-22 was a success by NAB standards. Registered attendance at the show was 3,099, not including the R&R registration.

2007 NAB Radio Show Heads South
The 2007 NAB Radio Show will be held in Charlotte, NC, Sept. 26 to Sept. 28, 2007. Save the date.

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121st AES Convention Announces Historical Events
San Francisco - Sep 20, 2006 - Honoring and learning from the past is a long-standing AES tradition. The 121st Convention, scheduled for Oct. 5 to Oct. 8 in the San Francisco Moscone Center, will provide many opportunities of these pursuits. Here are some of the scheduled presentations.

Historical events
Soundman Jack Mullin - From WWII to MP3
KNTV Reporter Scott Budman will present a documentary film by Don Hardy. Friends and associates including Les Paul, Greg Kihn, Chuck D and Stephen Stills will discuss Mullin's pivotal contributions from the early days of tape recording to the origin of Ampex in Silicon Valley.

Digital Restoration of Mechanical Recordings
Dr. Carl Haber, senior scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, will present New Imaging Methods for Mechanical Sound Carriers. A variety of optical scanning methods have been applied to imaging the delicate or damaged audio surface of discs, cylinders and other media. Haber will discuss digitized mapping and processing of surfaces to repair damage. Sound clips will be played to illustrate this process.

From Carbon to Computers - The Evolution of the Broadcast Audio Chain
Mike Adams, chairman, Department of Television, Radio, Film and Theatre, San Jose State University, will trace the evolution of broadcast audio equipment from Lee deForest, and Charles Herrold's use of carbon to tube amplification in the early 1920s, early Western Electric mixing boards, and electronic recording and disc playback. Adams will explore audio technology of the 1930s and 1940s and include lessens from his own 1960-1975 radio experience.

Disc Cutters
Highland Laboratories principal Barry Brose will present a narrative history of the Western Electric disk recorder head from the first cutter used in talking motion pictures circa 1930, to the achievement of full-fidelity disk recording and the world-standard 45-45 stereo system. His film on the evolution of these heads features close-up photography of disassembled units to illustrate principals of their operation in actual use.


News/Talk Stations Choose 25-Seven
Boston - Sep 21, 2006 - Bonneville's WTOP in Washington, DC, Clear Channel's WLW in Cincinnati and WBUR in Boston have chosen 25-Seven's Audio Time Manager (ATM). Described as an "audio Tivo on steroids," the ATM allows stations to manage time to introduce random starting events, drop IDs and create breaks in the middle of continuous programs.

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The Sangean HDR-1

Sangean to Debut HD Radio Products
Los Angeles - Sep 19, 2006 - Sangean America is developing two HD Radio receivers to be available to consumers for the 2006 holiday season. The HDT-1 radio component tuner will be priced under $200, and the HDR-1 tabletop radio will be priced under $250. Both receivers are multicast capable.

The HDT-1 tuner offers a PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning System, backlit LCD Display and available FM RBDS capabilities with PS, PTY, RT and CT features. The HDR-1 features an auto-tuning system, remote control and a digital output that allows it to be extended to an existing home theater system. The HDR-1 also includes a plug-in to accommodate an MP3 player.

Both units will display scrolling text, and each unit will receive analog signals from local AM and FM stations who have yet to upgrade to HD Radio broadcasting.

Liquid Compass Launches New Ad Sales Division
Denver - Sep 20, 2006 - Liquid Compass launched its Ad Sales Division today. This newest offering for Liquid Compass clients aggregates unsold streaming ad inventory and matches it with national advertisers seeking local radio ad placements.

Liquid Compass assists stations by selling the station's unsold streaming advertising inventory and packages it with other clients' inventory for sale to national advertisers. The Ad Sales Division of Liquid Compass handles the sales process, all spot scheduling, tracking and follow-up reporting, which includes total impressions, total time spent listening, average listenership and other pertinent data.

Sales Call Triad Broadcasting Company has selected a Jampro JCPB-2 bay antenna as the key component in a new emergency backup system for KVOX-FM, KEGK-FM, KQWB-FM, KLTA-FM and KPFX-FM in Fargo, ND.� Neutrik has provided Pod Squad with its XX series and EMC-XLRs connectors to eliminate EFI and RFI. Pod Squad is a podcast dedicated to demonstrating real-world broadcasting techniques including software and hardware equipment demos as they apply to podcasting. Sandusky Radio Seattle chooses Lucid's Genx6-96 Word/Super Clock Generators for KWJZ 98.9, KQMV 92.5, KRWM 106.9, KIXI 880 and KKNW 1150. The Dave Ramsey Show has upgraded its facilities to include a new Axia IP-Audio network based around the Axia Element modular broadcast console.


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Tim Schweiger of BSW (right) takes some time to honor Lynn Cheney (seated) at her reception.

Cheney Retires from Comrex
Devens, MA - Sep 15, 2006 - After 32 years with the company, Lynn Cheney has retired as the president of Comrex. John Cheney founded the company in 1961. Lynn, then Lynn Distler, started working for the company in 1974. She and John married several years later.

The first Comrex product was a wireless mic system that operated in the 450MHz band. These systems were used by theaters and broadcasters for many years. Later, Comrex moved into telephony, and since then the company's technology has evolved beyond phone couplers and single-line frequency extenders for POTS lines, to a range of POTS, ISDN and IP codecs. Comrex also manufacturers a line of telephone hybrids and a complete on-air telephone system.

Lynn Cheney was joined by several broadcast manufacturers and dealers as well as Radio magazine on her last day in the office. During the reception, several calls were taken via Comrex products to extend well wishes to Cheney in her retirement. Cheney plans to travel with her family and enjoy the outdoors, including kayaking.

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Wheatstone Appoints Seidler as International Director of Sales for Vorsis, Audioarts
New Bern, NC - Sep 20, 2006 - Wheatstone has added Mary Ann Seidler as the international director of sales for Vorsis and Audioarts Engineering products. Prior to joining Wheatstone, Seidler was the director of international sales at Telos/Omnia/Axia for 11 years. She also worked previously as European director of sales for CSS (Musicam) and Accu-Weather all in the area of equipment sales.

The author of several articles on the subject of DAB, Seidler has also presented technical papers on audio coding to AES and IBC audiences. In 1997 she was recognized as Nordic Soundman of the Year; the second woman ever to achieve the award.


Neural Audio Ships Pre-Conditioning Software
Kirkland, WA - Sep 15, 2006 - Neural Audio is now shipping Neustar SW4.0, the digital audio pre-conditioning software package. Neustar codec pre-conditioning/audio processing was built from the ground up specifically for low-bit-rate audio transmissions. It features Neural's Coding Load Analysis System (N-CLAS), which allows real-time visual monitoring of audio vs. codec performance. Neustar SW4.0 also offers a complete suite of audio management tools to address volume and spectral consistency.

Neustar SW4.0, the software version of Neustar 4.0, can be run directly on the HD Radio Importer, offering multiple audio channels of processing within one computer. The software and hardware versions of Neustar are designed to be placed in-line ahead of Internet streams, DAB, DRM, satellite, compressed STLS, ISDN and other signal paths for codec improvements and audio processing.

BE, Linear Acoustic Partner on Integrated HD Radio Processing
Quincy, IL - Sep 18, 2006 - As part of its work to enhance HD Radio multicasting, Broadcast Electronics (BE) is releasing the Aeromax-HD2SC audio processor, which is specifically tailored to HD Radio multicasting. The audio processing is embedded into the BE IDI 20 data importer.

Integrated into IDI 20 multicasting functions and designed specifically for Ibiquity's low bit-rate HDC codec, the application provides processing control on the same screen as the IDI 20 dashboard. Stations can control all multicasting functions from a single seat. The Aeromax-HD2SC combines multiband gain control, compression and limiting with advanced psychoacoustic control.

The Aeromax-HD2SC is available now as an upgrade option for new IDI 20 data importers and units already in the field.

Burk, Nautel Ship One Connect
Dallas - Sep 20, 2006 - Burk Technology and Nautel announced that the One Connect for Nautel V5 and V10 transmitters is now shipping, and all backorders have been released. The One Connect connects the Nautel V5 or V10 directly to the GSC3000 broadcast facility remote control system to provide access to all remote control parameters without external parallel wiring or additional wiring interfaces and command relay units.

The One Connect for the V5 and V10 adds more than 90 transmitter parameters to the GSC3000, all of which are accessible via software, dial-up telephone control, TCP/IP and Web-based access.

Tunefly to Provide Alerts for Radio Contests
Dallas - Sep 20, 2006 - Tunefly, a software service that is synchronized with the Broadcast Electronics Audiovault via BE's the Radio Experience, has released text and e-mail contest previews at the NAB Radio Show. This new feature will allow stations to send contest information immediately to listeners before it's broadcast so listeners know to listen. This ensures the station's top listeners are listening when cue to call and other contests are run.

Tunefly provides radio station listeners the ability to bookmark their favorite songs and artists so they don't miss them the next time they play. Additional features include off-air dedications and contest previews.

Airshift Studio Now Available for Free Trial
NAB Radio Show - Dallas - Sep 20, 2006 - Airshift Studio, an automation software package for radio stations, is on display at the NAB Radio Show. The software is backed by an SQL database, a built-in music scheduling subsystem that supports most audio formats and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The software is available as a trial download from the Airshift website at

Dalet Enhances HD Radio Support
Dallas - Sep 21, 2006 - Dalet's 5.1 and Dalet Plus Radio Suite now support the Ibiquity encoder enabling Program Associated Data (PAD) or Main Program Service data to be automatically transmitted during broadcast. Programs broadcast with Dalet 5.1 and the radio suite can update HD Radio receiver screens to inform listeners of what is currently playing. This on-air plug-in also supports RDS for FM, PAD for DAB and XML for Web streaming platforms.

Also, Dalet Plus Radio Suite users can now "click and cast" any audio asset from their digital audio library. Format conversion and associated metadata insertion are automated and the resulting MP3 file is pushed to a predefined directory over the LAN or WAN.

ERI's ACS-100, VPS-100 Shipping
Dallas - Sep 21, 2006 - Electronics Research's (ERI) antenna control system and its VSWR monitor interlock control system are now shipping. The ACS-100 can be programmed to handle switch position requirements for a particular antenna configuration. A one-button control allows the ACS-100 to provide all of the steering logic, interlock and status for multiple switch applications.

The VPS-100 integrated VSWR monitor/interlock system provides as many as eight simultaneous sets of form C contact closures for multiple transmitter control in the event of an antenna fault. The system is user programmable from the front panel or through an optional network interface.

Eye on IBOC

Continental Lensa Signs HD Radio License Agreement
Columbia, MD - Sep 20, 2006 - Ibiquity Digital has licensed Continental Lensa to develop, manufacture and market HD Radio exciters for AM and FM broadcasters who are converting to digital broadcasting. Continental Lensa is the first licensed HD Radio broadcast equipment manufacturer outside of North America.

HD Radio technology is now being tested and adopted in many other countries, including Canada, France, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland and Thailand.

Continental Lensa is based in Santiago, Chile, with an additional facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ibiquity Offers Promotional Radios to Stations
Dallas - Sep 21, 2006 - NAB Radio Show - HD Radio broadcasters across the country will begin new promotions this winter by giving away thousands of new radios. The HD Radio receivers span three product categories, highlighted by a connector that quickly upgrades listeners' current car radios to receive all HD Radio programming. In addition, a tabletop radio and component tuner for home audio systems will be made available, providing broadcasters with the ability to appeal to a range of market segments. Ibiquity Digital is making these products available to HD Radio stations at $99 or more.

Robert Struble, president and CEO of Ibiquity Digital, said, "This is a unique opportunity to accelerate consumer adoption of the technology, build listenership and grow stations' ROI." Ibiquity expects to see a proliferation of creative promotions across the country that leverage these products over the next six months.

Broadcasters can order new radios at the exclusive, broadcast-promotion prices by visiting The three products are:

  • A car connect adaptor from Directed Electronics. MSRP is $199.
  • A tabletop unit from Directed Electronics. This three-piece tabletop radio offers two detached stereo speakers in a compact frame. External AM and FM antennas are provided. MSRP is $249.
  • HDT-1 Tuner from Sangean . This is a component receiver for home use. MSRP is $299. Radios will ship from their manufacturers directly to stations with expected delivery at the beginning of December.