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Radio Currents Online - Sep 30 - Oct 13, 2002

Oct 1, 2002 12:00 PM

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FCCApproves Ibiquity's IBOC Technology

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Washington - Oct 10, 2002 - The FCC has approved the in-bandon-channel digital broadcasting technology developed by IbiquityDigital Corporation for use by stations. Following an extensive review,the FCC's decision will allow radio stations to begin immediatelybroadcasting digitally using the Ibiquity-developed IBOC technology,which has been branded HD Radio.

FM stations will be allowed to transmit IBOC signals any time of theday. AM station will only be allowed to transmit IBOC signals duringthe day. This is due to the skywave interference that was shown toexist in the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC) tests earlier thisyear.

Ibiquity previously announced that consumer electronics manufacturersutilizing HD Radio technology will debut products at the upcomingInternational Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January.

This ruling allows for broadcasters to proceed immediately with IBOCbroadcasting on an interim basis while the final IBOC standards areestablished. Digital FM has been approved for both daytime andnighttime broadcast, AM digital for daytime broadcast. Ibiquity isworking closely with the NRSC, co-sponsored by the National Associationof Broadcasters (NAB) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA),to develop final FM and AM IBOC standards.

During the interim IBOC operations, stations will broadcast the samemain channel program material in both analog and digital modes.

Ibiquity and the NAB have touted the improved audio and additionaldatacasting capabilities of IBOC as being the key to radio stationacceptance and implementation of the technology. The broadcastcommunity is split on its feeling. Those opposed to it feel that theaudio improvement is marginal at best, and the data services are notenough to propel consumer desire. One example is that RBDS, which hasprovided a data stream for FM radio for 10 years, never became popularin the United States. Ibiquity is quick to point out that the RBDS datarate is very low compared to IBOC, but the example at least shows thatsong title and artist information is not enough for a dataservice.

Other technology elements would allow listeners to replay audio andaccess additional data services.

Ibiquity held a telephone press conference following the FCCannouncement, which was listened to by Radio magazine. Thepublications that cover the consumer audience posed lots of questionsthat dealt with very basic details of digital; details that aRadio magazine reader should already know. These questions showthat consumers will also require a great deal of education tounderstand what HD Radio is and what it can do.

The FCC Vote
The commission voted 4-0 for the adoption of IBOC. The commissionersendorsed the technology, saying that it will benefit the industry andconsumers. Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy said, "We don't get manyitems where it's a win-win for everyone. There's no down side."

FCC Chairman Michael Powell said that he is looking forward to such adramatic leap forward in technology. "I'm thrilled and excited to seethe radio wagon train finally get to the other side."

While the ruling will not take effect until 90 days after the ruling isplaced in the Public Register. Until that time, stations will stillneed to apply for an STA through the commission.

The FCC claims that IBOC is spectrum efficient, allowing digitaloperations for all existing broadcasters with no new spectrumallocation requirements. The FCC noted that although it is no longerconsidering the proposed approach of requiring new spectrum in TVChannel 6, this ruling does not categorically foreclose new spectrumoptions. In the event that new spectrum is identified for broadcastuse, further consideration of both IBOC and non-IBOC out-of-banddigital audio broadcasting approaches may be warranted.

Redesigned FCC ULS Search Debuts Oct17

Washington - Oct 3, 2002 - As part of a continuing effort tostrengthen the Universal Licensing System (ULS), the FCC's WirelessTelecommunications Bureau (WTB) will debut an extensive redesign of theULS License Search. Users can access the new site via the SearchLicenses link on the ULS homepage at

The new layout and functionality of the ULS License Search provides FCCcustomers more search options, better control of search criteria, andfaster, easier navigation of displayed licensing information.Enhancements include customizable views of locations and frequenciesassociated with a license, printable page formatting, printablereference copies of authorizations and other new features that willimprove performance and provide greater access to the WTB�slicense database.

Links to the old system will no longer work after Oct. 17.

FCC To Issue IBOC Decision on Oct10

On Thursday, Oct. 10, the FCC is expected to pass a ruling allowingbroadcasters to begin transmitting the Ibiquity in-band on-channeldigital format. Radio broadcasters have very mixed feelings on thechances of success for IBOC, but this step will help IBOC further itsprogress.

Several public comment periods and NRSC reviews have provided aconsiderable amount of data to the FCC. Ibiquity has stated that it hasanswered the FCC's questions to allow the commission to issue aruling.

The action taken on Oct. 10 should be one permitting broadcasters tobegin broadcasting IBOC signals. A subsequent ruling would likely namea standard, which, at this time, only the Ibiquity system has beenproposed.

Webcaster Royalty Bill Pulled fromHouse Agenda

Washington - Oct 1, 2002 - On Oct. 1, the U.S. House ofRepresentatives was scheduled to review and vote on H.R.5469, a billthat would help webcasters remain in business while the commercialdispute with record companies and the RIAA is resolved. House JudiciaryCommittee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) released thefollowing statement:

"I requested the House leadership pull today's scheduledconsideration of H.R. 5469 at the request of the interested parties.The parties involved have assured me they will reach a comprehensiveagreement by Friday that will be fair to webcasters, record companies,and recording artists as well as provide the economic certainty andstability necessary for webcasters large and small to succeed. Ianticipate legislation codifying this agreement will be considered bythe House next week."

The Sensenbrenner bill would have delayed the Oct. 20 royaltypayment deadline by six months, allowing webcasters to completenegotiations with the record companies. Sensenbrenner has indicated hisintention to reintroduce his bill next week if no progress is made inthe IWA/RIAA negotiations.

For a viewpoint on the issue from a non-commercial webcaster, see Reader Feedback online with the September issue ofRadio magazine.


Eventide AnnouncesDistribution Agreement

Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - Eventide, a developer of digital audioprocessing equipment, will distribute audio products from PrincetonDigital and Manifold Labs through its worldwide dealer network.

Princeton Digital and Manifold Labs were founded by past and currentEventide employees.

Denon Appoints SalesRepresentatives

Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - Denon Electronics has appointed the TKGroup as its sales representatives for the Rocky Mountain territory.The TK Group will represent Denon in eastern Montana, eastern Idaho,Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and El Paso, TX. Based in Salt LakeCity, the TK Group represents other broadcasting companies, such asElectro-Voice, Furman Sound and Telex Communications.

Crown Turns 55

Elkhart, IN - Oct 10, 2002 - Crown International, a manufacturer ofpower amplifiers, system control products and microphones, began in1947 as the International Radio and Electronics Corporation (IREC). Thecompany�s early reputation was built on a family of compactopen-reel tape recorders designed for use by by missionaries in remote,often-primitive regions of the world. Moore obtained a patent in 1949for the first tape recorder with a built-in power amplifier(15W).

In the 70s, Crown focused on professional audio by launching the PSA-2power amplifier with built-in computer technology to maximizeperformance of its output transistors. In 1997, the company introducedthe K2 amplifier featuring balance current amplifier circuitry,offering thermal and energy efficiencies.

Fairlight Joins AAF

Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - To reinforce its commitment to open fileformats and independent file exchange, Fairlight has joined theAdvanced Authoring Format Association (AAF). While Fairlight has alwaysworked with open file format standards, General Manager ofInternational Technology Andrew Brent said he believes this will givethe company the opportunity to help shape the future of software.

Waves Celebrates its 10thBirthday

Knoxville, TN - Oct 5, 2002 - Waves, a supplier of software-basedaudio signal processing, was founded 10 years ago by Gilad Keren andMeir Shashua. The company began with the introduction of the Q10Paragraphic equalizer audio plug-in. Later, Waves found continuedsuccess with the creation of the L1 Limiter. Waves current product lineincludes more than 30 processors and the company has more than 150,000users worldwide.

Fairlight Expands its NYCOffices

Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - Fairlight has expanded its Manhattansales and support center at 2 West 45th St. The new center housesmultiple product training and demonstration studios, where clients canlearn how to best take advantage of the company's products.

Patriot Enhances Design and TestCapability

Albion, MI - Oct 7, 2002 - Patriot Antenna Systems recentlypurchased a new anechoic chamber, as well as high frequency test gearfor satellite feed and antenna development in its factory headquarterslocated in Albion, MI. The completed test facilities are planned to beopen by the first week of December 2002.

The chamber will feature a 10'x10'x20' room with 12" and 18" broadbandpyramidal absorber-lined walls. An Agilent 8722 Vector Network Analyzerwill drive test capabilities. Measurement capability will range fromC-band frequencies up to 40GHz. Patriot has developed a number ofKa-band products and will now be able to use its own chamber.

Combined with recent software purchases, the chamber and test equipmentwill allow Patriot to supply feed patterns, xpol data, axial ratio dataand feed phase center as well as small antenna patterns. The facilitywill be used to support Patriot internal product development, but willalso be open to other companies with design and test needs on acontract basis.

The company has also begun installing a new wind tunnel for antenna andmount "wind survival" testing at the same facility.

Audio-Technica Celebrates 40 Years

Los Angeles and Stowe, OH - Oct 5, 2002 - From its early beginningsas a manufacturer of phonograph cartridges, Audio-Technica has expandedover the years to become a company in the design of microphones,wireless microphones, headphones, mixers and electronic products.Audio-Technica continues to advance the art and technology ofelectro-acoustic design with the manufacturing of products for theprofessional recording, broadcast, live sound, and fixed installationaudio markets.

The company began in 1962 when Hideo Matsushita founded Audio-TechnicaCorporation in Tokyo, Japan, and introduced a moving-magnet stereophonograph cartridge, which was sold to major audio manufacturers inJapan. During the 1960�s, A-T gained a reputation producinghigh-quality phono cartridges for some of Japan�s leadingcompanies, including the legendary NHK broadcast organization. It wasduring that period that A-T received an award from the director of theNational Industrial Research Institute, part of the Ministry ofInternational Trade and Industry (MITI) in Japan, for the company'sAT1001 tone arm. The company continued to grow and became a majorproducer of phono cartridges, with its moving magnet (MM), proprietarydual magnet (VM), and moving coil (MC) types, becoming the cartridgesof choice for leading hi-fi consumer turntable manufacturers. To meetthe market demand, Audio-Technica built a new headquarters and factoryin Machida, Tokyo - a facility that remains in operation today.

During the 1970�s and 1980�s, the company continued todevelop critically acclaimed phono cartridges, stereo headphones, andmicrophones that received rave reviews and awards from leading industryorganizations, journalists, and audiophiles worldwide. In 1993, HideoMatsushita assumed the position of chairman and Kazuo Matsushita becamepresident of Audio-Technica Corporation, a title he holds to thisday.

In 1992, Audio-Technica launched its groundbreaking AT4033 condensermicrophone. The AT4033 received numerous awards and accolades from theindustry and is credited as being the first high-quality, studio-grademicrophone available at a price within the reach of the growing homeand project studio market. The AT4033 was the cornerstone ofA-T�s renowned 40 Series line of microphone and headphoneproducts, which was augmented by the recent launch of the AT4040cardioid condenser studio microphone in 2002. The 40 Series representsthe benchmark in studio microphones for leading producers andengineers, as well as high-profile artists in all genres ofmusic.

During the 1990�s, wireless systems became a significant productcategory for Audio-Technica in the MI, live sound, and fixedinstallation markets.

Sadie Expands and Moves to newFacilities

Nashville, TN - Oct 5, 2002 � Sadie, the audio workstationmanufacturer, has completed its move to larger facilities in Nashvilleand added several new staff members. The new offices are located justminutes from Nashville�s famed Music Row, home to some of thenation�s most prominent recording studios and record companies.The facility�s layout, designed by the Sadie staff, serves as thecompany�s headquarters for North and South America. The newNashville facility, which is double the size of the previous location,is also home to a specially designed, acoustically-treateddemonstration room, which will additionally serve as a showcase forSadie�s complete range of digital audio products.

With the new facilities, Sadie has also expanded its staff with newpromotions and added personnel. Gary Rosen has been named vicepresident of Sadie U.S. Rosen has extensive experience in audio andvideo production, in addition to his audio and video sales managementbackground. Prior to joining Sadie, Rosen held key management positionswith Sony Electronics Corporation for over 15 years.

Michael Porter has been named senior sales manager. An industry veteranwith over 25 years experience in the professional audio industry,Porter previously held positions with Sony and Mitsubishi, and workedat leading Nashville recording facilities Sound Stage Studios andWoodland Sound Studios. Brady Sharp has been promoted to the positionof technical marketing. Sharp formerly worked in Sadie�s techsupport department, where he was a key contact for customerservice.

left to right: Geoff Calver, Mike Porter, BradySharp, Gary Rosen, Sandra Srygley, and Keith Rogers stand in front ofthe company�s new headquarters.

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Audemat and Aztec RadiomediaJoin Forces

Montbonnot, France - Sept 23, 2002 - Audemat, Aztec Radiomedia andDigigram have merged Audemat with Aztec Radiomedia, a subsidiary ofDigigram, effective Dec. 31, 2002. This merger will result in theformation of a new company within the Digigram group: Audemat-AztecSolutions. Audemat shareholders will own 60 percent of the new companywith the remaining 40 percent held by Digigram.

Audemat-Aztec Solutions will be directed by the current Audematmanagement: Daniel Werbrouck, as chairman and product director, andBruno Rost, as managing director. Even though the merger won't becompleted until Dec. 31, 2002, the Audemat management team has assumedcontrol of Audemat and Aztec Radiomedia so that Audemat-Aztec Solutionswill be operational from the outset.

Marantz Japan Acquires NorthAmerican Distribution of Marantz

Tokyo and Aurora, IL - Oct 1, 2002 - Marantz Japan, a subsidiary ofD&M Holdings, has acquired the North American distribution businessof Marantz Professional audio and video products from SuperscopeTechnologies, a distributor and developer of audio and video productsworldwide. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Superscope, a privately held company based in Aurora, IL, was theexclusive distributor for Marantz Professional in North America, whichincludes markets in Mexico, Central and South America and theCaribbean. Superscope will continue to develop and market its own lineof professional audio and video products, which are manufactured byMarantz Japan.

The North American distribution business of Marantz Professional willmove operations to Itasca, IL, where Marantz America is headquartered.M. Mehdi Alister, vice president of Superscope, has been named vicepresident of Marantz America, and he will oversee the MarantzProfessional division of Marantz America.

XM Exceeds 200,000 Subscribers

Washington - Oct 1, 2002 - XM Satellite Radio ended the thirdquarter with 201,500 total subscribers, hitting the company'sprojections despite an unusually soft consumer electronics market inthe third quarter. XM also initiated its factory-installed rollout in25 General Motors 2003 models and unveiled its second-generation radio,the Delphi XM SKYFi. XM's subscriber goal for the end of 2002 is350,000.

Stanton Acquires Assets ofCerwin-Vega

Hollywood, CA - Oct 3, 2002 - The Stanton Group has purchased theassets and brand name of Cerwin-Vega. The Stanton Group already ownsseveral professional audio lines including Stanton, Pickering andKRK.

During the course of this year Cerwin-Vega�s management hadalready reduced the company's head count from more than 250 people toabout 80 people. Once the acquisition is complete, Gene Czerwinski, whofounded the company in 1954, is expected to retire from thebusiness.

Cerwin-Vega will continue operating from its main Simi Valley facility,with Stanton Group introducing new management.

Stanton Magnetics was founded in 1946, with its roots in the cartridgeand styli industry.


Goodwin Appointed by HMG

Harman Music Group has expanded its sales team by appointing BuzzGoodwin as vice president of worldwide sales. In this position, Goodwinwill be directing global sales of all HMG's brands, which include DBX,Digitech, DOD and Johnson Amplification.

Prior to joining HMG, Goodwin was vice president of professional andconsumer sales-Nort America, for Lexicon, which is also a HarmanInternational company.

Maxwell Named a VP forEventide

Little Ferry, NJ - Sept 25, 2002 - Ray Maxwell has been named vicepresident of sales and marketing for Eventide. Maxwell will beresponsible for overseeing all aspects of Eventide's worldwide salesand marketing efforts.

Maxwell is a 19-year veteran of the professional audio industry, withexperience in audio engineering, sales, marketing and operationalmanagement.

Amlen Named President of SPARS

Memphis, TN - Oct 5, 2002 - Dave Amlen has been named as presidentof the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS). Amlen,president of Sound On Sound Recording in New York City, previouslyserved three one-year terms as SPARS treasurer. He succeeds FredGuarino, president of Tiki Recording Studios in Glen Cove, NY.

Bracho Appointed Director of Salesfor Fairlight

Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - Rodolfo Bracho has been appointeddirector of sales and support for the Southeast U.S. and Latin America.Bracho will be operating out of a new office in Orlando, FL.

Bracho's background includes 12 years of experience in the professionalaudio industry, as well as working in a technical support role forAMS/NEVE.

ERI's Beeler Dies in Auto Accident

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Cincinnati - Oct 3, 2002 - Scott Beeler, director of worldwide salesfor ERI Inc., died October 3 in a car accident near Morrow, OH, acommunity about 20 miles northeast of Cincinnati. He was on his wayhome following a business meeting when he lost control of his SUV, hita guard rail and some trees, then went airborne over a creek hitting abridge abuttment. His vehicle then landed in the creek.

Beeler joined ERI in 2001 after many years of working for HarrisBroadcast and Allied Broadcast. He was the director of North Americansales when he left Harris. He was known by many people in radio throughhis numerous contacts in broadcast equipment sales.

Beeler died at the scene. October 3 was Beeler's 38th birthday.

The funeral will be held October 7 at 1 p.m. in Richmond, IN. In lieuof flowers, contributions can be made to the Junior Golf Richmond ElksClub; 2100 U.S. 27 S.; Richmond, IN 47374.

Digigram Promotes McClellan,Adds Butts

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Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - Digigram announced at AES 2002 that PaulMcClellan has been promoted to the position of worldwide marketingdirector. McClellan, currently business development manager for theNorth America-based Digigram Inc., will direct the marketing departmentat the company�s headquarters in Montbonnot, France, in charge ofstrategic marketing and product planning.

McClellan has been with Digigram for four years and has been in theaudio technology sector for more than eight years. Previously he was aproduct manager for digital audio and computer control products forPAVO, Inc. in Seattle, and he ran his own consulting business, CORVUSConsulting. McClellan earned a degree in composition from MarylhurstCollege. After receiving his Master�s degree from the New EnglandConservatory in Boston, he spent two years in postgraduate studies andteaching at the University of Washington, with work in computer-baseddigital audio synthesis and control protocols.

Alsoannounced at AES, George Butts, Jr. will serve as OEM sales manager.Butts comes to Digigram with a strong background in OEM and directsales. A former field engineer, Butts has a wide technical knowledgebacked by 20 years of experience helping customers design and buildnetwork solutions. For the past four years, he was national accountmanager for Network Access Solutions.

Butts previously worked as an account manager for NetLOCK and AMPIncorporated. On the engineering side he had stints with C-CORElectronics, AM Communications, and Interactive Networks. Among otherresponsibilities, Butts will serve the clients of Paul McClellan. TheNorth American region continues to be served by Business DevelopmentManager James Lamb, who focuses on the professional audio, systemsintegration, sound reinforcement, and related industries.

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Digigram Adds Three to DistributionNetwork

Los Angeles - Oct 5, 2002 - Digigram has added three newrepresentatives to its distribution program for Digigram products forthe systems contractor, installation and pro audio market in theU.S.

The new reps and the areas they will cover are:

  • Sonic Sales, El Segundo, CA: Southern California, southern Nevadaand Arizona.
  • Lienau Associates, Inc., Columbia, MD: Virginia, Maryland, easternPennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware and the District ofColumbia.
  • Techrep Marketing, Nashville, TN: Alabama, Georgia, Indiana,Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, western Pennsylvania, South Carolina,eastern Tennessee, and West Virginia.

    Earlier this year Digigram established manufacturer�srepresentation with Dobbs-Stanford Corporation, Dallas, Texas andMainline Marketing, Melbourne, Florida. Sennheiser Canada will continueto distribute Digigram products to these same markets in Canada.Digigram continues to directly serve its OEM customers.

    Shown here, Lienau Associates' Tom Marci and Eric Schwartz with TechrepMarketing's Ted Bahas take a break during hands-on training forDigigram's NCX Suite. Camera shy Digigram Product Support Manager CyndiHall lead the sessions.

Ibiquity Names Walsh as CFO

Columbia, MD and Warren, NJ - Oct 3, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital hasappointed Patrick M. Walsh as chief financial officer. Walsh had been avice president at Ibiquity, responsible for business and financialplanning and business development activities. Additionally, Walsh wasan integral part of the company�s fundraising activities,interfacing with investors and financial analysts. Prior to his newrole as CFO, Walsh was instrumental in the development of the wirelessdata business, including the management of the recent Command Audioacquisition. Ibiquity�s future wireless data efforts will be ledby Thomas Linden, Command Audio�s former CTO who was recentlynamed Ibiquity�s vice president of data development andarchitecture and Joseph D�Angelo, director of wireless databusiness development.

Before joining Ibiquity, Walsh was a management consultant withMcKinsey & Company. He was a leader in the McKinsey�sautomotive and financial services practices. Prior to joining McKinsey,Walsh, a certified public accountant, served in a variety of financialmanagement roles at General Motors and Deloitte & Touche. Walshearned a bachelor of business administration degree in finance andaccounting from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from HarvardBusiness School, where he was a General Motors Fellow.

Joe D�Angelo, director of wireless data and PAC businessdevelopment, will assume the business responsibilities vacated by Walshfor developing Ibiquity�s role in the data services market. He isalso responsible for strategic planning and licensing of Ibiquity's PACaudio compression technology to satellite radio providers, audioequipment manufacturers and music content distributors. D'Angelo isalso involved with commercializing the wireless data capabilitiesassociated with Ibiquity's technology working specifically withinformation and content providers, broadcasters and devicemanufacturers.

Prior to joining Ibiquity, D�Angelo was a principal atPricewaterhousecoopers in its information, communication andentertainment consulting practice. During his tenure, he worked closelywith telecommunications and entertainment companies assisting withstrategic planning, corporate restructurings, global expansion andmergers and acquisitions. Prior to joining Pricewaterhousecoopers,D�Angelo gained experience in marketing, business development andtechnology as a manager with Andersen Consulting and a consultant toA&E Networks.

Walsh�s management of the Command Audio acquisition resulted inthe hiring of Thomas Linden as the vice president of data developmentand architecture. Linden will lead the development of the Ibiquity'sdata architecture and implementation of all data products and services.He will also manage the company�s Redwood City, CA, office.

Linden brings more than 25 years of experience in product developmentand technology deployment to Ibiquity. Prior to joining the company,Linden was the vice president of engineering at Command Audio, where hedeveloped advanced data applications for the XM satellite andEureka-147 digital audio broadcast systems. He has also served as chiefarchitect and senior director at Oracle, and as director of advancedsystems, networks and telecommunications at Advanta Financial inPhiladelphia. He also held a number of senior management positions withIBM and directed several product groups worldwide. Linden has been acorporate technical authority to several standardization bodiesincluding WorldDAB, TV-Anytime, ISO and ANSI working groups. Lindenholds a M.S. in computer science from Stanford University.

Orban/CRL Appoints New COO

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San Leandro, CA - Oct 1, 2002 - Circuit Research Laboratories hasappointed Phillip T. Zeni Sr. as chief operating officer. Zeni has beena member of the company's Board of Directors for the past twoyears.

CRL has made two major acquisitions in the past two years: Orban of SanLeandro, CA, and Dialog4 System Engineering GmbH of Ludwigsburg,Germany. Part of Zeni's immediate duties will be to consolidate andstreamline the integration of these divisions into the parentcompany.

Zeni is the founder of Transcontinental Publishing based in Scottsdale,AZ. The firm publishes periodicals, hard cover books and collateralmaterial in the building and construction fields. It is now in its 17thyear. Zeni's experience in broadcasting station and network managementincludes executive positions with the NBC Radio and Westinghouse, GroupW Broadcasting; both posts were in Chicago. He was also a vicepresident with Multimedia Radio. He has served as a consultant toseveral stations, has presented seminars for the National Associationof Broadcasters and the Radio Advertising Bureau and has been publishedinternationally on the future of communications.

Zeni holds a multi-disciplinary Bachelor's Degree in BusinessAdministration from the University of Illinois.

Internet Watch


Sonic Foundry Offers Acid Pro4.0

Madison, WI - Oct 7, 2002 - The 5.1 Surround Plug-In Pack for AcidPro 4.0 allows users to encode Acid mixes to 5.1 multichannel surroundor stereo Dolby Digital AC-3 files, and burn them to DVD. The plug-inships with two components AC-3 Encoder plug-in and the AC-3 DVD burner.Accessed through Acid Pro 4.0, the Dolby Digital encoder providesoptimized templates for creating DVD-compliant AC-3 files (5.1 surroundor stereo). The DVD burning utility for allows users to burn 5.1 orstereo AC-3 files to DVD (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW).

Ibiquity Digital Announces .PAC DigitalAudio File Format

Los Angeles, CA - Oct 5, 2002 - Ibiquity Digital announced theavailability of a new digital audio file format based on itsproprietary Perceptual Audio Coder (PAC) audio compression technology.Ibiquity's .PAC file format has been designed to support emergingtrends in digital music distribution and comply with industry supportedcopyright protection technology.

Ibiquity has been working closely with copyright owners, broadcastersand consumer electronics manufacturers to ensure that the needs of eachinterest group have been considered during the development of its .PACformat. As a standards-based encoding technology, Ibiquity's PAC willprovide a first line of protection for copyrighted content as it hasbeen designed to integrate sophisticated encryption, watermarking andpermissions management as required by various distributionsystems.

Ibiquity's PAC compression software is currently implemented in theSirius Satellite Radio service and is being deployed in HD Radiotechnology for AM and FM broadcasters.

Motorola Debuts DSP Radio Design

Austin, TX - Oct 1, 2002 - In an effort to provide improvedterrestrial radio reception, Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector hasdeveloped digital radio technology that provides enhanced sound qualityand improved signal reception for existing analog broadcasts. Designedfor home and automotive stereo systems, Motorola's Symphony DigitalRadio chipset reduces static, fading, pops and hisses, and provideautomatic tuning to eliminate adjacent-channel interference. Thetechnology acts on the receiving end of the transmission chain, soradio stations will not have to install any new equipment.

Designed from the 24-bit DSP Symphony Digital Audio architecture,Symphony Digital Radio uses software algorithms to tune, filter andimprove the signal in place of methods that are impossible to implementvia analog circuits. Software can be downloaded to incorporate newradio features and improvements. The Symphony Digital Radio chipset canbe used in any number of radio models, from the feature-rich, high-endsystems to entry-level, lower-feature versions.

The FM demodulator algorithm used in Symphony Digital Radio, whichseparates the FM signal from the carrier, provides range extension andimproved signal-to-noise ratio under weak signal conditions overtraditional digital demodulation techniques. The variable intermediatefrequency filter algorithm used in the Symphony chipset automaticallyadjusts itself to 100kHz and 200kHz band channel spacing. TheSymphony's channel effects equalizer minimizes the effect of multipath,which is further reduced by a diversity antenna system.

The Symphony Digital Radio is expected to provide more than 40dB ofstereo separation. Symphony-enabled radios are scheduled to bedelivered to the consumer market at the end of 2003.