Radio Listening Remains High in SE Asia

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Radio Listening Remains High in SE Asia

Nov 11, 2014 11:03 AM

NEW YORK�According to recent Nielsen data, Southeast Asian countries still see an average weekly reach of 90 percent through radio. This number remains high, despite increasing competition from other types of media, according to Asia Radio Today.

In the Philippines, this number is as high as 98 percent, 94 percent in Malaysia and 92 percent in Singapore, as shown by the Radio Audience Measurement Survey Wave #2 conducted in September 2014. (The research covered all of Malaysia and Singapore but only shows data from the metropolitan area of Manila in the Philippines.) Only 44 percent of Indonesia tuned in weekly, and Bangkok, Thailand, was shown to have 78 percent of the population tune-in weekly.

Time spent listening in Manila stands at 9.54 hours per week, significantly lower than Bangkok''s18.47 hours TSL, Singapore''s 18.12, Malaysia''s 18.1 and Indonesia''s 15.59 hours.