Radio magazine Article Wins 2008 Society of Broadcast Engineers Award

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Radio magazine Article Wins 2008 Society of Broadcast Engineers Award

Aug 8, 2009 5:00 PM

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Overland Park, KS - Aug 1, 2009 - Each year, the Society of Broadcast Engineers holds an annual awards program to recognize the efforts of SBE members and chapters. Individual awards are selected by a committee that reviews the nominations. The 2008-2009 award for Best Technical Article, Book or Program by an SBE Member has been awarded to Tim Anderson, CSRE, for his article Considerations for Elevated IBOC Sidebands, which appeared in the August 2008 issue of Radio magazine.

The award recognizes the author of the best technical article, book or paper in its contribution towards the increase of scientific, operational, artistic or technical knowledge in broadcast engineering. This marks the seventh consecutive year that the winning article was published in Radio magazine, and the eighth time Radio magazine has been honored by publishing the winning article.

The winning article discusses the challenges that radio stations must consider when implementing digital radio technology, which is a current topic of concern for many radio station in the United States.

Radio magazine Editor Chriss Scherer commented on the recognition. "The SBE's Best Article Award fits well with the editorial mission of Radio magazine. We provide information to help readers and website visitors do their jobs better. Receiving a peer recognition such as this validates our editorial focus and mission."

Here are links to the Radio magazine articles that have previsouly received the SBE award for best article by an SBE member:

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The Florida broadcasters' recent experience during Hurricane Charley was a case study in how reaction and preparation can affect the outcome of a disaster plan.

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