RAS Opens New South Tyrol Broadcast Center

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RAS Opens New South Tyrol Broadcast Center

Oct 20, 2014 1:50 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

TYROL, ITALY�Rundfunk-Anstalt S�dtiro (RAS) has opened a new broadcast center for digital radio.

South Tyrol is a province of Italy, but German is spoken there, so RAS is carrying many public stations from Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria. Many of these stations still use the old DAB standard, and the new broadcast center was built to help phase-in the DAB+ standard in 2017, according to Radio.nl.

The new broadcast center is airing 16 radio programs of RAS, four from RAI, and those of 13 commercial stations. Italy has three �nationwide'' multiplexes�but none really cover the entire country. The networks are working hard to expand though.

Across south Tyrol, network 10B includes: RAI Radio 1, RAI Radio 2, RAI Radio 3, RAI S�dtirol, Bayern 3, BR Klassik, B5 aktuell, Kiraka, Deutschlandradio Kultur, Radio Swiss POP, Radio Swiss Classic, ASI Rete Due.

Network 10D includes: Radio �sterreich 1, Radio Tirol, Hit Radio �3, Radio FM4, Bayern 1, Bayern 2, Radio Swiss Jazz, R. Romansh RTR, RAI S�dtirol.

Network 10C includes: Radio 2000, Radio Gherd�ina Dolomites, Radio Gr�ne Welle, Radio Holiday, Radio Tirol, S�dtirol 1, Radio Vinschgau, Antenne, ERF, Radio Edelweiss, Radio Maria, Radio Sacra Famiglia, Stadt Radio Meran.