RCS Brings Google Advertisers to Radio Stations

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RCS Brings Google Advertisers to Radio Stations

Apr 21, 2008 5:45 PM

Las Vegas, NV - Apr 14, 2008- RCS has empowered Nexgen Digital automation with Google's Ad Sense for Audio program. Ad Sense for Audio provides stations access to advertisers who are new to radio marketing by allowing them to easily place radio spots themselves. Ad Sense for Audio also enhances accountability by letting advertisers purchase and track their radio campaigns all the way from creation to play out.

Once a spot is purchased via the Ad Sense for Audio program, the request is sent to the station's automation system Nexgen Digital. Nexgen automatically pulls the spots from Ad Sense for Audio and then slots the spots into the appropriate day's log - providing a seamless process. In the next release of Nexgen, RCS will be one of the first automation companies to use the Google Ad Sense for Audio API.