RCS Technology Powers Web Service

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RCS Technology Powers Web Service

Jan 5, 2007 9:30 AM

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White Plains, NY - Jan 5, 2007 - Gcap Media has launched its Mi-Xfm service, which is described as a personalized online player branded by parent station Xfm and Microsoft's Xbox in a new cooperative project launched in December for UK listeners. A service of Xfm radio called Mi-Xfm, Gcap's user-customized player allows station listeners specify playlists.

Mi-Xfm features four musical flavors, all derived from Xfm and using the customizable Iselector software from RCS. A listener teaches the online player about his listening experience.

The Four X-Channels of Xfm are Xfm Chill, ballads and laid-back tunes; Xfm Loud, energetic music; The X-list, classic songs; and Xfm Hits, contemporary hits.