RDS Forum Updates UECP Spec

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RDS Forum Updates UECP Spec

Jul 14, 2010 10:00 AM

Information from the NAB TechCheck July 12, 2010

July 14, 2010 - The RDS Forum recently posted an online version of its SPB 490 Universal Encoder Communication Protocol (UECP) Specification (Version 7.05/February 2010). This document, first published in 1994, helps manufacturers of RDS system components achieve interoperability by harmonizing various RDS encoder communication protocols.

The UECP specification describes a universal layered protocol, based on ISO/OSI recommendations, which encompasses all current RDS features described in the most recent version of the RDS Standard (IEC/EN 62106 Ed.2 :2009-07). The model and protocol provided by the UECP specification provides a template upon which new RDS system components may be based. An encoder or network server does not need to implement all the features described, but any feature implemented should be made in accordance with the UECP specification.

UECP messages are categorized into various groups including: RDS message commands, transparent data commands, paging commands, clock setting and control, RDS adjustment and control, control and set-up commands, bi-directional commands (i.e., remote configuration commands) and specific message commands. In the latter category, manufacturer specific commands are possible using a manufacturer ID, which can be obtained from the RDS Forum. The UECP specification is available on the RDS Forum website.

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