Report says DAB+ Requires FM Shutdown to Succeed

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Report says DAB+ Requires FM Shutdown to Succeed

Aug 20, 2014 1:41 PM, Doug Irwin, CPBE AMD DRB

�Without the success of DAB+ there will be no FM shutdown; conversely, without a definite FM shutdown date, there can be no success for DAB+.� That is the basic conclusion of a new report on DAB+ and FM in Switzerland published by and available here.

2024 is the currently planned �sunset'' date for FM transmissions in Switzerland, as agreed by members of DigiMig (the Working Group Digital Migration). According to mediareports, �This will enable Switzerland to reap not only the digital dividend in the form of liberated frequency spectrum, but also to gain more programs with better technical quality.�

The report goes on to say that a �sunset'' for FM in Germany has not been agreed upon; and in fact, just last June leading private broadcasters there were against the establishment of such a date. The authors of this article went on to say that the end of FM across Germany needs to be planned, because only then will there be an earnest effort towards the replacement of radios, with a focus on DAB+. �It would be counterproductive to wait for a certain level of equipment in households and only then define a switch-over date.�

�In Switzerland, however, the proposed FM Abschalttermin (sunsetting) by 2024 from today's perspective is no problem. Germany could come close to that date, if it were possible to convince the reluctant part of the industry quickly. For Austria, however, there would be a time lag of up to ten other years, not surprisingly. There the scheduling of DAB+ has not yet begun.�