Rosenworcel Considers 5G at Mobile World Congress

She says good spectrum policies are key to our increasingly connected future
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BARCELONA�Federal Communications CommissionerJessica Rosenworcel addressed the future of mobile spectrum at theMobile World Congressin Barcelona this week.

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�5G services are poised to provide speeds more than 10 times faster than today�s 4G networks, with lower latency � and as a result, a whole new world of wireless opportunities,� Rosenworcel said.�

However, she noted that there are both technical and regulatory challenges standing between consumers and this cool future.

�To get from here to there will take, you guessed it, spectrum,� she said. �More than that, it will take new, creative ideas about spectrum policy that have not always been front-and-center in the 4G past.

Rosenworcel proposed three principles to move forward to 5G.

  • Currently, the bulk of 4G networks are built on spectrum frequencies from 600 MHz to 3 GHz. Rosenworcel says the U.S. will need to bust through the 3 GHz ceiling and create possibilities for millimeter wave spectrum in the airwaves at 24 GHz and above.
  • Good spectrum policy involves a mix of licensed and unlicensed airwaves. �
  • It�s time for creative licensing policy as demand for our airwaves grow.

��5G technology can help us get there. That is, if we get our spectrum policies right,� Rosenworcel said. �And that strikes me as worth the effort.

�Read her full remarkshere.