RTW Appoints Michael Kahsnitz to CTO Position

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RTW Appoints Michael Kahsnitz to CTO Position

Apr 25, 2008 10:32 AM

Cologne, Germany - The management of RTW has appointed Michael Kahsnitz as the new chief technical officer of the Cologne-based manufacturing and retail company. Kahsnitz has been working for RTW since 1989, and during this time his comprehensive expertise, particularly in areas relating to instrumentation, has made him very popular with RTW customers. In addition to his work in technical support, which he will continue to perform, Kahsnitz will now assume responsibilities for the company''s technology strategy and will coordinate RTW''s technology departments, including R&D, production, support, and sales.

Before joining RTW, Kahsnitz''s career included a position as the technical director of a large recording studio operation in the greater Cologne area. At RTW he played a key role in the German launch of the U.S. company Audio Precision''s computer-assisted audio instrument systems, which RTW has been marketing with great success since 1985. Kahsnitz also made a key contribution to the development of RTW''s DistriCon series. He conducts regular training courses and seminars on audio instrumentation subjects, including at the ARD.ZDF Media Academy (formerly SRT) in Nuremberg.