RTW Upgrades Three Metering Products

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RTW Upgrades Three Metering Products

Apr 21, 2011 4:27 PM

Cologne, Germany - Apr 14, 2011 - RTW, manufacturer and distributor of audio metering and control devices, has released critical loudness upgrades for its DigitalMonitor 10500X-PLUS, SurroundControl 31900/31960 and SurroundMonitor 11900 lines of products. The upgrade adapts the loudness functionality of those instruments to current guidelines and standards and is expected to be released in July 2011. All units shipped after that time will implement the upgrade.

The two-channel DigitalMonitor 10500X-PLUS features a PPM display, a vectorscope, an RTA, an AES/EBU status monitor and is also used for visualizing digital signals. Except for true peak and LRA, the unit's loudness functions will comply with EBU R128 in the future. In addition, the 10500X allows formulating other loudness standards by editing various default parameters. All 10500X units shipped so far can be upgraded with the new firmware version. The DigitalMonitor 10500X-PLUS processes AES3 signals with sample rates of up to 96kHz.

Similarly, the firmware upgrade noticeably enhances the loudness features of the SurroundControl 31900/31960 and SurroundMonitor 11900 multichannel units. Those 8-channel systems offer several instruments for comprehensive analysis of analog and digital signals and are highly customizable. In addition, the SurroundControl 31900 and 31960 versions include built-in surround-monitoring controllers and provide enhanced routing options. The two ranges will implement all metering functions specified by ITU BS.1770/1771 and EBU R128 (including the EBU Mode). The units display PPM and loudness bar graphs for each channel as well as momentary, short-term and integrated measurements such as summing bar graphs. In addition, they support true-peak and LRA metering.

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