Sales call for the week of Aug 13 - Aug 19

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Sales call for the week of Aug 13 - Aug 19

Aug 13, 2009 8:00 AM

Tieline Technology delivered a sports broadcast live via Wimax IP during a soccer match in Durban, South Africa. The broadcast was initiated by Siemens and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and conducted with partners Broadcast and Installation Engineering and Multisource Telecoms, who are testing the technology in the lead up to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa next year.

When planning the upgrade from analog to digital for its Studio 12 in Montreal, CBC/Radio-Canada chose a 48-channel Solid State Logic C200 HD digital console with two SSL Morse Stage Boxes. The C200 HD will be used for live to Pro Tools production and post production for radio and television presentations of music performances.

Audio-Technica is sending 3,000 of its microphones to the XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC, in February 2010. Audio-Technica has supplied mics to the Olympic games since the Summer Games in Atlanta in 1996. Olympic Broadcast Services Vancouver (OBSV) is the Host Broadcaster for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, responsible for producing and distributing audio and video coverage of the games. Among the mics being supplied are the AT4050, BP4025, AT4050 and BP4025.