Sales Call for the Week of Dec 16- Dec 22, 2010

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Sales Call for the Week of Dec 16- Dec 22, 2010

Dec 16, 2010 8:00 AM, All

Triton Digital Media announced that Radio One has selected Triton Loyalty to engage and interact with listeners online. The broadcasting company will employ a number of tools including contesting, mobile, survey/research tools, the direct mail engine and analytics.

Touted as North America's most advanced broadcast facility, Corus Quay features a fully integrated digital infrastructure for broadcast and digital content creation. The stations feature Telex BTR-80N wireless base stations, each with 24 TR-82N dual-channel belt packs in operation working in conjunction with 20 wireless microphones and 16 wireless IFB systems. Bexel was contracted for the wireless engineering.

Ireland's national broadcaster, RT� Radio, upgraded its Studio 10 sports studio with Studer OnAir 3000 digital consoles. Now featuring 19 consoles total, 10 are located in the main RT� campus, one occupies an RT� studio in a nearby shopping center, and the other eight are distributed over five regional studio centers.

Sales Call for the Week of Dec 9- Dec 15, 2010

Clear Channel Radio has signed contracts for PPM, Continental Electronics is working with NASA, Radio Romania selected Netia, a Texas station chooses Omnia Audio, CBC Radio selects 2wcom, and Axia made sales to WDAC-FM....