Sales call for the week of Jan 14 - Jan 20, 2010

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Sales call for the week of Jan 14 - Jan 20, 2010

Jan 14, 2010 9:00 AM, Ward's Dealer Business Magazine

The Corus Entertainment Group is constructing a 500,000 square foot multi-media complex dubbed Corus Quay to serve as its new headquarters. Wheatstone will provide the audio infrastructure for facility's radio stations CILQ (Q107 FM), CFNY (Edge FM), and CFMJ (640 AM). The Bridge-based system is the first to integrate the E-Series control surfaces into a TDM platform. It consists of eight Evolution 6 control surfaces, two Evolution 4 control surfaces, nine Evolution 6 VMI-E Virtual Mixer Interfaces, and 12 Glass E Remote Control Surface Software bundles. The backbone of the system consists of two Wheatnet 4864s (48 port TDM switches) in a dual-redundant configuration interfacing to six 22-position Bridge I/O frames and 20 ten-position Bridge Satellite I/O frames, creating a 1,000 x 1,200 audio I/O matrix and 552 x 552 GPI logic matrix. Shipment is scheduled for early February.

Broadcasters from Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation and Independent Television Network stopped by the Broadcast Electronics factory in Quincy, IL, in December to learn more about their new BE STX LP low power transmitters.

The Newtek Tricaster is being used at the 2010 NAMM Show to stream several events live from Dean Guitars. The guitar manufacturer presented a concert from Collective Soul and a Midnight All-star Jam on Jan. 15. Both events were streamed using the Newtek equipment.

Sveriges Radio Foervaltnings (SRF), which provides technical services to Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio AB (SR), has added four NOA Record stations to its existing NOA Mediarc system. The broadcaster is using its extended NOA Record system, part of the NOA Ingest Line, for a new project that will migrate approximately 200,000 hours of analog audio recordings to enable much more readily accessible digital storage over a two-year period.

Toronto''s CHUM-FM 104.5 and CP24 Radio 1050 have taken delivery of a Lawo Nova73 HD router, a Nova 17 router, a Zirkon radio console, and 13 Crystal radio consoles. Installation was completed in October 2009. The Zirkon console serves as the primary on-air desk for the station while the remaining Crystal consoles are used for other on-air studios, production rooms, vocal booths and similar production-related functions.

U.K. radio broadcaster The Lincs FM Group has selected Platformic to design and manage content on its radio websites and interact with listeners. The stations using the Platformic system include Compass FM, Dearne FM, Lincs FM, Oak FM, Ridings FM, Rother FM, Rutland Radio and Trax FM.

International Datacasting Corporation has been awarded a $5.3 million contract by National Public Radio (NPR) to update and refurbish the Public Radio Satellite System (PRSS). The PRSS transmits programming to more than 800 public radio stations throughout the United States. NPR's Distribution Division has managed system since the PRSS' inception in 1979. The project is known as PRSS Forward. IDC provided the infrastructure currently in use and will be updating the current Network Operations Center (NOC) equipment as well as augmenting it with IDC's Production Manager to provide advanced functionality for region-specific programming.

IDC will also deliver an upgrade to satellite receivers. The SFX4104 pro audio model includes dual tuners (to receive content from multiple satellites), DVB-S2 for bandwidth efficiency, integrated store and forward capability (with an expanded hard drive/server built in) as well as support for four live stereo streams.

Sales call for the week of Jan 7 - Jan 13, 2010

Radio Fana taps Netia, FEMA awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman and partner Global Security Systems, and Citadel stations in Binghamton, NY, are using the Vcreative PPO system. ...