Sales call for the week of Jan 7 - Jan 13, 2010

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Sales call for the week of Jan 7 - Jan 13, 2010

Jan 7, 2010 9:00 AM, Ward's Dealer Business Magazine

Radio Fana, Ethiopia's first national commercial broadcaster and multilingual radio station, has selected Netia's Radio-Assist digital audio software suite. This project is being conducted in collaboration with Fortune Enterprise in Addis Ababa and Radio Fana will represent Netia's first installation in Ethiopia.

FEMA has awarded a contract to Northrop Grumman with its partner Global Security Systems (GSS) to validate FM radio data chips plus RBDS-based protocol for cell phones and consumer electronics. GSS served on the FCC-established committee to develop Commercial Mobile Alert Standards (CMAS), in part because it had developed a technology, marketed as Alert FM, that emergency management officials can use to create and send digital alerts and messages.

The Citadel stations in Binghamton, NY, are using the Vcreative PPO system. The five stations are WAAL-FM, WHWK-FM, WNBF-AM, WWYL-FM and WYOS-AM.

Sales call for the week of Dec 17 - Dec 23

Radio France picked up 150 Mayah C1141 audio codecs, Airkast has launched a customized mobile application for Greater Media station WLNK in Charlotte, and Wireworks Lumavue Custom Panels have been installed in the STARS Launch Room at the Aerospace Corporations' Launch Operations Center....