Sales Call for the Week of Jul 11 - 17, 2013

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Sales Call for the Week of Jul 11 - 17, 2013

Jul 11, 2013 7:00 AM

Wheatstone has shipped consoles and routers to:
� Emmis in Austin, TX, ordered two G-4 control surfaces and TDM satellite cages to add to an existing Bridge TDM network.
� The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa ordered two E-6 control surfaces with WheatNet-IP Blades through GlobalStreams for a new media center designed by Beck Associates. The university will use a new MADI Blade to tie into a main router.
� Inland Northwest Broadcasting in Lewiston, ID, purchased an IP-12 digital control surface to replace an older analog board.
� Memphis City Schools in Tennessee purchased a WheatNet-IP system with three IP-12 digital control surfaces, one E-1 control surface and seven IP Blades to replace older standalone consoles.
� KBEM-FM in Minneapolis, MN, purchased LX-24 control surfaces with WheatNet-IP Blades, audio drivers and turret panels.
� KDUR-FM in Durango, CO, purchased a SideBoard rackmount unit for an existing WheatNet-IP network.
� Mesquite School District in Mesquite, TX, purchased a WheatNet-IP network including two E-1 control surfaces, Aura8-IP processing Blade, two M4-IP mic processing Blades, Glass-E remote console software and Navigator software through BSW.

Marketron has reached a milestone with Network Connect, a component of Marketron's Mediascape program that fully automates processing network orders, tracking creative media, managing revisions, and providing performance affidavits. The product is now actively being used by more than 1,000 stations, which represents 153,411 orders and 5.2 million radio spots. Marketron says that without the software, all those orders would have had to be manually entered if not for the service.

Axia has provided equipment for two facilities:
� Washington University's KWUR-FM in St. Louis is upgrading its studios with a 20-position Element console and PowerStation integrated console engine.
� Peak Broadcasting's cluster in Fresno, CA (KMJ, KGMV-FM, KSKS, KYWE-FM), has expanded its existing Axia network with an additional 24-position Element console.

Sales Call for the Week of Jul 4 - 10, 2013

Telos is outfitting several station for POTS, ISDN and IP audio, CBC/Radio Canada upgrades with Studer, Wheatstone consoles and routing are installed around the world, and Axia outfits the Cumulus Media Networks facility in New York....