Sales Call for the Week of Sep 12 - Sep 18, 2013

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Sales Call for the Week of Sep 12 - Sep 18, 2013

Sep 12, 2013 7:00 AM

Emmis' all-news station, WIBC-FM, Indianapolis, purchased nine Axia RAQ rack-mount mixing consoles with QOR.16 integrated console engines, along with 18 Mixed-Signal xNodes to outfit its news-gathering operations.

Wheatstone has posted several console and router sales in the US.
� Beasley Broadcast (Augusta, GA) purchased nine E-1 control surfaces, a SideBoard control surface and 15 WheatNet-IP Blades for an emergency rebuild after a lightning strike.
� Saga Communications (Bellingham, WA) purchased six E-6 control surfaces, two IP-12 console systems and ten WheatNet-IP Blades.
� U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (Washington, DC) purchase an LX-24 control surface and WheatNet-IP Blades.
� Voice of America (Washington, DC) purchased an LX-24 control surface and nine WheatNet-IP Blades.
� KENW-FM (Portales, NM) purchased an E-6 control surface and Bridge TDM E-SAT frame to add to an existing TDM network.
� Marshall University's WMUL-FM (Huntington, WV) added a second D-75 console.
� WUIS-FM (Springfield, IL) purchased a two SideBoard surfaces and a WheatNet-IP Blade for a remote newsroom.
� Alaska Public Radio (Anchorage) purchased a WheatNet-IP Blade and seven WDM-1 drivers to replace soundcards in an existing WheatNet-IP system.
� Skyview Networks (Scottsdale, AZ) added WDM drivers to an existing WheatNet-IP system.
� Univision (Albuquerque, NM) expanded existing E-1 control surfaces with 4-fader input panels.
� Minnesota Wild (St. Paul, MN) added four TS-4 Talent Stations and audio drivers to an existing WheatNet-IP system.
� Washington State University (Pullman, WA) added an Aura8-IP audio processor Blade to an existing WheatNet-IP system through BSW.

More than 100 Entercom Communications stations are live on WideOrbit WO Analytics. WO Analytics is providing the leadership team with a high-level view across all of the critical areas of Entercom's business and allows them to drill down at the most granular level to see a clear and detailed view of their business.

Broadcast equipment supplier Progressive Concepts has relaunched its website. A new feature allows visitors to request a quote on products.

Sales Call for the Week of Sep 5 - Sep 11, 2013

Wheatstone makes deals in Canada and China, Axia is now shipping the xSwitch, and 2Wcom supplies multiplexed encoders/decoders to Bayerischer Rundfunk....